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Name: Izzy (Isabella Marie - haha I have Bella's first and middle name.)

Nicknames: Iggi, Iza, Ig, Ranga, shmizzy

Location: Australia

Age: 13

Random Facts About Me:

Music is love.

I'm quite reserved and shy around new people

I swear too much

I can be completely random and stupid at times


I am a twin with a guy. zomg.

I have a cat named Max.

I have had other pets but have all died :(

Used to play maple story xD

School is a waste of time.

Chocolate is yummy.

I'm a ranga and proud of it :)

I have a red guitar.

I personally think that Jacob isn't that bad. -cringe-

I learn Japanese at school :)

I like to read Fanfics, Manga and watch Anime.

I have never found the Exorcist scary like some people -coughJessecough-

Wants to go to America one day...sigh.

Believes Bananas start fires - inside joke.

Is currently being spammed with homework from school.

Likes to spamm people in many ways.

I'm in love with my Mp3 xD.


Worthless by A Thorn For Every Heart

Lapse by Envy On The Coast

Go listen to them.

(of course my type of music isn't for everyone..)

SPOILERS (well not really but here are some theories on what might happen in Breaking Dawn - read at your own expense)

I was told a theory by a friend.

Ok think of Edward as the Moon, Bella as the Earth and Jacob as the Sun. In the first book, Twilight, it is when the Earth meets the Moon (Edward and Bella). In New moon it is when the Moon disappears so then Jacob and Bella are left. In Eclipse its the other way round with the Sun disappearing (Jacob) and then in Breaking Dawn it is the Sun meeting with the Earth (Jacob and Bella)

- this makes total sense if you get where I'm going but i don't like the outcome. Jacob and Bella? No way !

- And this is probably an old theory that I bet everyone has already realised but anyway...

Second Theory

- Well this idea will be used for a fanfiction so don't try and steal it :P

-When I first read Twilight this theory got me straight away. What if Bella was in fact partially Vampire.

For eg. - She can smell blood, and apparently humans can't.

- She is pale (Renee is too so this could maybe from her side?)

- Her mind is different from both humans and vampires (in between both?) and this explains Edward's inability to hear her thoughts.

- I'm not really sure about this point, but it never stated that Vampire's can't have children, maybe it was just Esme that couldn't. Well if that doesn't work I'm pretty sure they haven't said anything on human x vampire children.

- I had another point which is supposed to go here, but I've forgotten. Silly me. Dx

I LOVE REVIEWS - so go review me ;)

I'm new to this whole fanfiction thing - feel free to call me a noob :P

And the moral to all of this endless typing is that i have updated my profile xD

My Projects:

I'm currently writing a couple of Fanfics at the current moment:

Naruto stuff YAY

Edward Cullen becomes Bella's music teacher. This is my idea no stealies xD

Thinking of Truth and Dare

Possibly a couple of oneshots

Will soon start an awesome fanfic, but I don't want to give to much away so I just won't say anything here - Twilight.

My friend Marli and me are making a Harry Potter fanfic and it's about us Rangas (red heads) taking over the world. The characters are based on our real friends and it will be funny xD

I've also started a fanfic for Twilight. I'm doing this competition with my friend Meg to see who can get the most good reviews between us. Of course you have to review me ;) - I will post chapter one the same time she does, however if she doesn't in about a week, I'm posting my one anyway. I've been waiting ages Dx

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