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Errr... yeah... I suck at writing about myself so lets just forget it for now and move onto the magnificent world of fanfiction...

Althought I have written fanfiction myself, you are probably never going to see anything from me in this site. It's simply because those fics have been written in my native language. They also tend to be very humorous and the humor just doesn't work when translated. I do have written some pretty angsty stories in english though but since those ones aren't exactly fanfiction I doubt I'll ever upload them anywhere. Besides, my narrative writing skills in english kind of suck. I need more practise with my voculabry.

So... the reason I registered in the first place, is because I wanted an easier method of following fics and also give people some constructive feedback. I really try to avoid giving any "Update lol" reviews. I'll also never flame anyone. If I find some total garbage fic I can't bear to read more than two sentences, I won't even bother to comment. My rule of thumb is that if I have nothing positive to say, then I won't say it at all.


- My favorite fanfiction genres are hurt/comfort, angst and drama, plus occasionally I just grave humor. Though the canon material I follow is usually pretty action/adventure filled, I prefer fanfiction to focus on the character interaction and these genres tend to offer the best exploration possibilities. I don't require romance. In fact I think friendship and family fics are underrated.

- I often fall in love with villains and secondary characters so you who write good quality fics of these often ignored fellows can expect to hear from me.

- I read both slash and het.

- I'm not a fan of gratuitous explicit sex. The tension of a still developing relationship is far more interesting to me which is why I strongly prefer slow burn fics. Sex scenes I like to be written tastefully and serve a purpose other than being there for the sake of some smut. I get nothing out of these scenes without emotional context so some randomly added porn is one big *skip this scene* button for me.

- When it comes to pairings, I like the strange and difficult ones. You'll never see me reading something like Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach). It's just... boring. I see it everywhere. I prefer reading something more exciting, something which can surprise me. This is also why I really tend to dislike canon pairings. The interesting part has already been done with them so there's nothing for me to read.

- The most common trait of my favorite pairs (both in platonic and romantic fiction) = the persons in question DIFFER from each other. Whether it is because of status, role, age (NO pedo!), looks, personality, etc. This is why I pretty much never go with the most obvious choices. For example: Zoro and Sanji from One Piece are way too similar kind of characters for me to find them interesting as a pair. But Zoro/Luffy or Sanji/Luffy... bring it on!

- I dislike one-dimensionally written characters. Nobody is 100 percent evil (unless it's some classic creature of darkness like the Devil himself or something). Likewise, nobody is 100 percent good. Fanfiction gives us a great opportunity to explore characters and that's something I always seek out, no matter how one-dimensional the canon material is.

- I HATE Mary Sues.

- I hate high-school AU fics. I couldn't care less about the usual teen-drama and I have always disliked movies/animes/etc which focus on school life. (I'm actually very surprised that I love Harry Potter.) The only thing that might interest me are some teacher-student dynamics.


Original characters / self-inserts / Mary Sues - Let's make one thing clear; I'm not saying all OCs are crap. I have actually read some excellent ones and undoubtedly will read in the future too but in overall I'm wary about the idea of OCs. You know, there's a reason why it's called FANfiction. I read fanfiction because of being a fan of the canon material, because I want to see my favorite characters in new situations. When the fic turns into an OC show where everything revolves around this brave, beautiful and like totally awesome girl... well... someone called Creeper-X will back away really quickly. Fortunately this isn't always the case but I have seen too many fics where the writer just wants to worship her characters or have an excuse to pair her self-insert up with the hottest guy of the fandom. Too often the OC ends up being a terribly annoying Mary Sue while canon characters act completely out of character AND on top of that: the inevitable romance is badly developed.

In some fandoms -due to their limited nature- it's a good and even welcome idea to use OCs but you should always try to achieve a balance between the canon material and your own creations. I don't give a damn about your OC's "unique powers and tragic past". She/he still shouldn't undermine those characters who actually matter in the realm of fanfiction.

OOCness - Canon characters acting out of character is definitely one of the worst things that can happen in fanfiction but this doesn't mean I would require them to act 100 percent in character all the time. Honestly, if we were forced to punctually follow the source material, it wouldn't leave any room to our own imagination. Isn't that the beauty of fanfiction? That we can explore characters, put them into unexpected situations and reveal some new traits of them? That we can give them a new role if we so choose? However, the change must be logical and there has to be a reason behind it. Evil does NOT stop being evil in just 5 seconds. One will NOT just abandon all his previous personality traits in favor of the new situation. I very much prefer fanfiction which views characters as dynamic beings who are capable of change, even giving more insight about them than the source material does. I only hate the changes when they happen without proper development or reasoning, thus rendering the character truly OOC.

I also dislike it when the writer lets his/her opinion of the characters show since this can lead to character bashing or worshipping. Of course you can include some of your own views and you can argue with the canon material but it should still be logical. Since when was Boromir (from Lord of the Rings) a rapist who tries to kill innocent women? Do you know anything about LOTR at all? Yeah, I got it that the writer didn't like the character but reducing him to an evil rapist without any kind of excuse is pathetic. If you want to write an AU scenario where certain characters are turned bad and the others good, that's fine, but do mention it in the summary.

Also, writing IC isn't just about characters but has to do with the whole setting you're writing about. If the canon takes place in a reality-based world, your OC can NOT have naturally green hair and purple eyes. If the canon takes place in a society and/or time period where women had very little rights, your female character can NOT act however the hell she pleases and do whatever the hell she wants, not without repercussions. Do some research before you write. If you want to create an OC who defies the norms of this setting, then try to make it believable and at least acknowledge the problems she would have. I do realize I stated that the beauty of fanfiction is that we can come up with something new BUT it takes a lot of credibility and immersion away when you totally ignore the rules of the chosen environment. There must be a reason for such changes. Unless you're writing an AU fic with a different timeline or something.

In the end though, it really comes down to one question: Is the author able to tell me a believable story? The content can be strange and far-fetched as hell but if it's believably told, then (in my book) it's a good fanfic.

"Scripting syndrome" - Often happens with original characters (but also without them). What I mean by this is when the author pretty much just re-writes the canon, basically turning their story into a massive transcript, and the only change is that there's an OC joining. The OC might replace a canon character or at least borrow straight lines from them and often s/he doesn't even have any impact on the overall story and is just an add-on commenting on things we already know. OR then s/he's a forced love interest. I personally don't want to just re-read canon with some OC and/or romance shoehorned into it.

Fics for RPGs like Dragon Age seem especially prone to this since so many people decide to just follow the plot from their game character's POV, even rehearsing all the dialogue from word to word. I have little to no interest to read such tales. I have also lost count how many Shadow of the Colossus fics just retell the same freaking story, only altering POVs. Yes, telling some well known scene from a different POV can be interesting but too often these fics just tell the exact same things we already know and don't focus on the deeper thoughts and motivations of the character which could actually bring something new on the table. In SotC fics I have often encountered fics where it's from the Colossus' POV and pretty much the only thing they have to say is that "Some little dude came, climbed on me and stabbed me. I died." Well, thank you. I totally did not know I actually killed these creatures in the game. How about focusing on some backstories and such? I really don't need to be told how they died since we already know that from the game.

"Rush hour" - In other words: rushing your plot. It's something I'm always afraid of since it can happen to good fics too. It's one of the most frustrating things to behold when a story starts out well-written and strong, taking its' time with proper development... and then suddenly in the next chapter it all comes crashing down and the previously distant characters suddenly forget all their doubts, declare their undying love for each other and have sex 24/7. Bullshit! In my reviews I often aim to encourage the author to take his/her time. I have seen too many occurrences when the author suddenly rushed the plot in fear of losing his/her readers (or then the author got impatient). That's a bad mistake to make since the results of it are counter-productive and damaging to your fic. In fact this is strongly tied with my other pet peeve OOCness since rushing the plot usually results in it. Pacing is VERY important. If you have impatient readers who demand a sex scene after a first hand-shake, let them whine and tell them to go read PWP fics which specifically cater to those kind of readers. The conclusion will be all the more rewarding if you take your time and keep the development realistic.

Clichés - Sometimes they can be well executed, sometimes there are clichés I actually enjoy but too often they only make me want to facepalm. Example #1: Why do the characters always have sleeping patterns like 2 year olds? I have lost count how many times I have read a story where the heroine (or hero) just suddenly falls asleep in the arms of their (future) love interest. I could understand it if they were injured, ill or something like that but a perfectly healthy adult falling randomly asleep is just unrealistic and such an obvious ploy to create a situation where the fluffy romance/friendship could happen. Exampe #2: Why do all these female OCs seem to love to sing randomly and, of course, have a perfect singing voice? Just... ughh. Honestly, whenever a fic contains a scene where the female lead pretty much enchants the male with her oh so beautiful singing like some sort of Siren, I roll my eyes and get the heck out. Not only does it feel very corny to me, it's also one of the most common traits of a Mary Sue who I have no love for. These among other clichés really tend to annoy me.

Recycling of same pairings and same storylines - Well, this is more of an personal issue. People can like whatever pairing they like and they can write what they want but I often feel so bored and frustrated how everyone always write about the same pairings and same storylines, never trying anything new. AND when someone actually introduces something original, he/she gets very little attention and hardly any reviews while those which have been done thousands of times already get hundreds of reviews. Since I always happen to fall in love with side characters and villains, this issue affects me a lot. I have to do much research to even find anything for my tastes.


Alice in Wonderland, 2010 - My favorite characters from the movie are Iracebeth, Stayne, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter but when it comes to fanfiction it's that lovable bastard Stayne and Stayne/Alice all the way. I couldn't be less interested in Hatter/Alice (I actually liked the pairing more before I saw the movie). I just find it to be overdone and pretty boring. Since it's nearly canon, not much effort is needed to make it work so where's all the tension which would make it worthwhile? Well, I do have seen some fics which were able to make it interesting (by turning the Mad Hatter truly mad or something) but majority of them... no thanks. And before anyone takes that as an insult: no, I'm not saying Hatter/Alice couldn't be well written. I'm saying that the pairing itself lacks the traits which would make it interesting for me.

Assassin's Creed - Although I like the game and the story, I have been really disappointed with AC fanfiction. Badly written and mushy Protag/OC romances everywhere. Still, sometimes a good fic pops up which keeps me checking out this section too. I'm mostly interested in reading fics which somehow explore the Templar side too and don't show them only as one-dimensional jackasses. My favorite character is definitely Haytham Kenway and I like to read fics which focus on his complicated father/son relationship with Connor. I also like to read about Robert de Sable though sadly most of the fics are about him sexually assaulting Altair which goes against my views of the character.

Bleach - Well, Bleach manga went to hell but I'm still interested of some villains. This means Aizen and his happy family, favourite espada being Starrk. You know what's strange? Although I couldn't care less about what happens to Ichigo in the canon universe, I actually really like him in fanfiction, especially when paired with the previously mentioned villains. I also tend to like Orihime pairings (only with some of the espada or Aizen) which is kind of surprising too since she's not exactly my favorite character. I also have this odd affection towards Byaukua/Hanatarou but that's pretty much the only Soul Society pairing I bother to read anything about. Sadly though... although I really like AiIchi and AiOri pairings, most of the fics here disappoint me when it comes to Aizen's characterization. They often portray him as this lustful rapist, eagerly performing the deed, and that strongly goes against my views. It seems plain OOC and downgrades the character since IMO Aizen is too damn intelligent to seek control from such desperate methods. The man is a master in the art of manipulation and seduction. He doesn't need to do it forcefully like some common thug.

Charlie's Angels (movieverse) - This is a funny one. I really hate these movies but I can't help but love the Creepy Thin Man. He was the only character who was memorable for me, so delightfully weird. When it comes to fanfiction, pretty much anything with him goes, but I especially like him paired up with Dylan. This is another funny thing. I usually don't like to read about canon couples (and these two can be considered one) but with this pairing I make an exception.

Dishonored - Daud stole the show for me and I actually preferred him over Corvo; both as a character and a playable protagonist. I tend to read whatever fics that have something to do with him. I also like to read about the very minor characters like the Overseers or guards. I really like how you can find all these random notes and tidbits in the game (like the different comments from the Heart when aimed at NPCs, the letter about an Overseer secretly having a homosexual relationship with a civilian, etc). They expand these characters and their backgrounds, making them look more like "just your generic enemies". The least interesting character for me to read about is probably the Outsider... or maybe it's just because I usually don't like how he's portrayed in fanfiction.

Disney - Villains lover here! They are really the only Disney characters I read fanfiction of and my favorites would be: Hades (Hercules), Jafar (Aladdin) and Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame). I also like Scar (Lion King) but I just prefer to read about human (or humanoid) characters. I especially tend to like fics where the main villain is paired up with the heroine since I just often find their dymanics to be WAY more interesting and exciting than that between the hero and heroine. Hades/Meg and Frollo/Esmeralda are one examples, Hades/Meg being my favorite.

Dragon Age - From fanfiction point of view, I'm especially interested about relationships with high tension thrown into the mix and this fandom has plenty to offer in that department. The racial tension between humans and elves (or dwarves but it's more apparent with elves) for example. On my second character in DAO, I chose the female city elf origin and it really horrified/angered me. Thus it actually might be my favorite origin so far because of the wide array of emotions it caused. I became interested to find fics about how an elf who has experienced such bullshit would then cope with being around mostly humans. I felt that the later game kind of lacked in that department since I wanted to RP her as a human hating/fearing elf who would then learn to trust her human companions. Besides this I also very much enjoy reading about the Circle, having special interest in relations between mages and Templars. (I'm a total pro-mage btw.)

Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z - DB is my guilty pleasure. There's a LOT of things I dislike about the series but there's also a shitload of very entertaining characters who also have plenty of fanfiction potential. My favorite character is, hands down, Piccolo. Followed by Vegeta and Android 18. I also seem to gear towards fics where Cell has something else to do than blow some shit up.

Fallout 3 - Ghoul fancier here since I pretty much liked every single ghoul in the game. Knowing my preference towards interaction where characters have to overcome their differences, this whole dynamic between humans and ghouls is what drew me to read fics about Fallout. And the most productive pair for this, you guessed it, is the Lone Wanderer and Charon. Though I sometimes get bored how pretty much every fic follows the same formula, I still highly enjoy reading about these two. However, I must admit that in this case I'm unusually strict with my expectations how Charon and the terms of his contract should be portrayed. Have Charon call his employer a master/mistress and my interest towards the fic will drop radically. He belongs to no one, he says it himself in the game, and keeps referring the LW as his employer and nothing more. He also flat out refuses to do some tasks ("I'm nobody's errand boy") which aren't about combat or him protecting you. In my eyes he's a brainwashed mercenary, not a slave who obeys every whim of the LW. There's a thin line between the two but it's there. If the author portrays him as the latter, it's likely that I'll drop the fic at some point unless it's written well enough.

But yeah... after getting that out of my chest I shall tell my other favorite characters (besides Charon): Desmond (from Point Lookout DLC), Gob, Argyle and Mr Burke. I have some other favorites too like Scribe Bigsley but there's not that much to offer in the fanfiction department. I'm really interested of the character interaction which is pretty interesting with the LW but I often actually wish that the authors would use other OCs as well or take some new interesting take on the story. Re-telling the game plot again and again from the hero's POV gets boring.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Quite possibly my favorite anime/manga of all time. I like both the 2003 anime and the manga based Brotherhood (2009) though I prefer Brotherhood (and the manga) for it was after watching it that I came to conclusion of FMA as my favorite. Still, I'd have to refresh my memory of the first anime in order to make a honest comparison. There's tons of great characters but my favorite has to be Greed. Loved him in each rendition because of how creatively they used his key feature to form his personality and motivations; how that greed manifested in ways that allowed him to be very different from the other Homonculus. I love that uniqueness about him but how it all still makes perfect sense for the base of his character. The easygoing, charismatic aura helped to make him likable as well. Fanfiction preferences unsurprisingly gear towards Greed but I also like to read about Scar. Scar quite possibly developed the most out of everyone since he started as a goddamn vengeance driven serial killer and ended as someone working for greater good. This gives a lot to do with the character. In addition, I have fondness towards fics where Roy Mustang is allowed to explore his paternal side towards Ed and Al.

Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name - I pretty much love all the characters but if I had to choose #1, then it would be {...}. My favorite ship is {...}/Hanna since I find their bromance totally adorable in the comic and their different personalities are really intriguing. Aside from them I like numerous other more or less cracky ships but Worth/Conrad isn't my cup of tea since the fics tend to revolve around the same abusive and masochist content. I like more of their interaction when it's portrayed in a more platonic and funny way.

Harry Potter - My favorite is Severus Snape, no questions, so I usually read fics which have something to do with him, Lucius or Voldemort. Although I'm pretty indifferent towards Harry in canon universe, I really like him as a fiction character and I mostly end up reading fics which focus on his interaction with Snape in a non-romantic way. I like Snape as a (kind of fucked up) guardian/mentor. Thanks to the movie version of Deathly Hallows, I have also found myself to be really fascinated by Scabior. Especially when paired with Hermione. However, I'm not very thrilled about how the rape fics seems to be the trend here.

Hellsing - My third favorite anime/manga. But by saying this I only mean the manga and OVAs, NOT the first anime. My favorite character is definitely Captain... then Walter and Alexander Anderson. I'm not really a fan of Alucard. He's "God-modding" all the time which gets boring. The fanfiction section sadly doesn't offer me much since people are usually just obsessed with Alucard.

Hetalia - As expected: Axis Powers (especially Germany) ended up being my favorites. Allied... not so much. I also have much fondness towards Turkey although I don't even know him that well (I think it's the mask, I have a thing for masks). I mostly read Germany/N.Italy (friendship or romance) fics because I find their relationship to be very sweet and intriguing. Another big favorite is Germany/S.Italy because of the difficult set up. I'm not really interested about other pairings but I'm still very flexible with them and there's really no pairing which I would disapprove. The only things I don't really like are uke!Germany, Germany/Prussia and America/England.

Hobbit - I saw the film version, fell in love with Thorin, and his curious relationship with Bilbo. Thus that's what I usually read fanfiction of. As a ship (bromance or romance) they pretty much appeal to me in every single sense. Like I told earlier; the most common trait of my favorite ships is that the persons in question differ from each other. Whether it's by status, role, looks, personality, size, etc. With Bilbo and Thorin? I think I can check all of them. It's such an intriguing pair with plenty of interesting development which we already saw in the film. My second favorite thing to read about is usually just mishaps with Bilbo and his new company. I like the way some fics explore the differences in cultures and Bilbo is usually such a good and lovable protagonist who I can relate to. I also like to get inside Thorin's head since he's such a conflicted character. Sometimes coming across as a jerk but actually having a good heart.

Inception - Definitely best movie of the 2010... though sadly the fanfiction doesn't offer me that much since I find the most popular pairing, Arthur/Eames, the most boring as well. I did love those characters and enjoyed their little bickering in the movie but they just don't have that appeal to me as a pairing. I'm personally most interested to read about Robert Fischer since his character left so many story possibilities and he was also pretty much the only dynamic character besides Cobb. I have been disappointed at how people tend to write him though. I don't know where they got this impression that he would be some sort of weakling. He had some family issues yes, but he wasn't without a backbone. For God's sake the guy didn't even flinch when a freaking gun was pointed straight at his face! But whatever. My other favorite is Saito.

Lord of the Rings - My favorites are (surprise) bad guys... and Boromir and Faramir as well. Pippin also makes good fanfiction material. I do NOT care about fics which focuse on Legolas. I just don't find him interesting. Not even hot like 99% of the fandom does.

MARVEL (Cinematic universe) - I have always liked Marvel movies but wasn't that interested to read any fanfiction of them. The second Captain America movie changed this, thanks to Mr Winter Soldier a.k.a Bucky Barnes. I'm currently rather enamored with him and his relationship with Steve. There's a lot you can do with it since both characters have changed so much, both physically and mentally. I myself have special fondness towards skinny!Steve/Bucky, bromance or romance. I also like the ever so charming Tony Stark, Loki, Sam Wilson/Falcon, Scott Lang and several other characters.

One Piece - OP is definitely one of my favorites animes/mangas of all time! What's really exceptional is the fact I like all the lead characters as well. My favourite Mugiwaras are Luffy, Sanji and Zoro (Usopp makes good fanfiction material as well). Non-mugiwaras: Crocodile, Smoker, Buggy, Lucci, Kaku, CP9 in general (yes, even Spandam), Mihawk, Law, Ace, Kid, X Drake, Admirals... the list is freaking endless. I honestly can't even say who's my favorite. When it comes to OP slash pairings (not a fan of any OP het pairings), I'm very flexible and read almost everything. However... I dislike Zoro/Sanji. It's overdone, too obvious, too boring... I don't hate it but I never read fics about it. Ace/Luffy is another pairing I'm not a fan of. Incest isn't my cup of tea. And yes, I do realize it has been revealed that they aren't biological brothers but I still see them as such.

Red Eye - Though the movie plot itself wasn't anything that special, the two main characters and their twisted chemistry is what I fell in love with. There was just so much tension, so much story potential and obviously I'm not alone with my thoughts since the Red Eye section is delightfully large. I have always found the strange and difficult pairings to be the most interesting ones so this fandom is such a treat for me.

Rise of the Guardians (movieverse) - Pitch, Pitch and more Pitch. Though it's kind of disappointing how many people just color him the eeeeeevil villain in extremely black & white way. In basics Pitch is no better or worse than the Guardians since he wants the same things but unfortunately for him, he can only be believed in through a negatively associated emotion. He is and shall always be hated for simply being what he is, even if there are good things about fear (it's a basic survival mechanism after all). It can't be denied that Pitch, in his bitter jealousy, used measures which went WAY too far and he was definitely the villain of the story. It's not good to try to get rid of all the hope and happiness like Pitch did but it's not a good message either to try to totally shun fear and other darker parts of life. Life never is just happy happy joy. Not even for kids. Anyways... my ranting aside: I just love to read about Pitch when he's portrayed as something more than just your one-dimensional villain.

Silent Hill - I harbor fascination for creatures like Valtiel or Pyramid Head, being especially fond of the interaction between Heather and Valtiel. Heck, he's pretty much the only "friendly monster" around and thus a strangely comforting presence in the game. However, I do NOT like fics which humanize and/or sexualize these two too far. Like Valtiel who loses his characteristic animal-like movements, suddenly knows how to talk and, in the WORST case scenario, reveals himself to be some sort of adonis who's only wearing a mask *heavy sigh*. I also dislike how obsessed people are about the rape themes when it comes to Pyramid Head. Yes, in SH2 he was a manifestation of James and represented his sexual frustration among other things. However, in Homecoming for example (where there's no James) he doesn't show any sexual behavior at all and in fact doesn't even appear hostile towards the main character Alex. Yet, despite their fics often having nothing to do with James, people seem to be completely focused on this one aspect of PH and also tend to romanticize the sexual violence. That I'm not a fan of.

Star Wars - I follow fanfiction for the movies and the Clone Wars animated series. My preferences gear towards villains or side characters being put into unexpected situations. From main movie characters I'm especially fond of Vader and Luke focused fics, revolving around their problematic father/son relationship. When it comes to less known characters, I like fics which, for example, revolve around the Clone Troopers since the CW series made me really fond of them. In this fandom I also find myself more readily accepting OCs since I like all the little stories happening in this wide universe.

Supernatural - For some reason I always assumed I wouldn't like this series but Netflix (bless the damn thing!) disagreed by recommending it to me. I thought "Ehh, why the fuck not?" and... well, watched it all the way from season 1 to 10. My favorite characters are Castiel, Crowley and Dean. My fanfiction preferences tend to gear towards Crowley since he has the sort of ambiguity that just makes him such a fun character to me. One day he's a villain (who's still strangely likable despite all the shit he does) and the other an anti-hero. While the other guys enjoying the main character status (Dean, Sam and Castiel) make mistakes and pull off some bad stuff, you know that they are ultimately the good guys who do what they do for good intentions. Crowley instead is this... unpredictable package of sass, a wild card, a frenemy, a self-preserving dickbag just as likely to help or hinder you depending of the situation, and I love him for that. I think it's great to have a regular character whose role is able to switch around like this while still remaining consistent.

Transformers - What's funny about this fandom is the fact that I have never actually really been into it but I like to read the fanfiction. Another funny thing is that OC characters don't bother me nearly as much as they do in other fandoms (possibly because, like I said, I have never been that much into the source material). I actually like reading about OC humans and their interaction with the bots/cons (I don't care about any made up mech characters). However, I can't stand those cheap holoform romances which are often present in fics focused on the interaction. I have nothing against mech/human pairings but I really hate it when the author uses holo!formers as an easy solution. That just destroys the purpose and takes all the challenge and excitement away from the alien encounter. What's the point of pairing up mechs with humans if you are just going to disregard the differences and write about two humans? Likewise, I really dislike all "human turned to transformer" -fics. I find that to be a really overused, ridiculous and unrealistic idea and I just simply prefer that mechs stay as mechs and humans stay as humans instead of pretending to be something they aren't. But whatever. My favourites are Blitzwing (Animated), Soundwave (Prime), Dreadwing (Prime), Thundercracker, Ratchet (Prime), Starscream and Megatron (Animated especially, that Megs was brilliant) so I tend to read about these characters but in overall I have a pretty wide taste. My favorite continuities are Animated and Prime. I also tend to read the movieverse fics despite the fact that the movies kind of sucked.

Walking Dead (Telltale videogame) - I honestly think the games are a lot better than the TV series. However, my fanfiction preferences are kind of narrow since the game already did such beautiful work with its' characters (at least S1). 400 Days DLC changed this though since the five stories were all rather short and a lot was left unexplored. The one character who got my attention over the others was definitely Nate. His erratic and unpredictable behaviour was really interesting since one moment you may hate him but the other actually like him (I personally found him hilarious). It's hard to really say what kind of person he really is. Many people just think of him as a villain but is it really that simple? Sure, he may be rather insane but each time he went trigger happy there was always aggression from the other person first and he DID look after Russell despite also fucking around with him. I don't know, Nate really confuses and fascinates me. Is he just as lonely as he's crazy or what is his deal?

Witcher - Played the game (and am seeking the books but they are rather hard to get in my country) and fell in love. I really appreciate how different it is from your regular cliche-filled fantasy. There's no pure good and pure evil in the world of Witcher. It's just filled with shades of grey and this is something that really appeals to me as I love to explore characters and have always hated one-dimensional ones.

Wolf Among Us - Bigby Wolf is definitely one of my favorite videogame characters ever (yes, I know he's originally from the comics but I haven't read them) and the whole setting is very fascinating. When it comes to fanfiction preferences I like stories which focus on Bigby's interaction with some less prominent characters. Grendel or detective Brannigan for example (always found something fascinating about a scenario where a mundy would discover the existence of fables). Me being my ever predictable self, I have little to no interest to read about the canon pair Bigby/Snow.

Well that would be all... for now...

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