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Thank you to all the sweet people that have allowed me to keep writing my stories and have encouraged me to continue through the tough times I have been in.

With my Deepest Sincerity,

~Tokashi Yamatatsu

. . . Things about me you should know . . :

Hmm, Im'a girl (hermherm, don't forget that darlings ;3) Though I like to seem serious on here, I'm actually extremely goofy. I am NOT a wannabe anything, don't get me wrong... I like writing( not on here ) about other things dealing with Naruto. I love ANY pairing where Sasuke is an uke. Unless it's with some weirdo like Lee or Neji.. I don't even pay attention to other characters in Naruto except Team 7 and a few other people. Reading that should give you the idea that I do not read stories not involving the characters I'm interested in. Part of the reason I joined this was to be able to get to those stories I like easier. I like getting feedback.. a lot.. As well as reviews. They are my life. I am a one-at-a-time person, so don't expect me to work on other stories than the one I'm focusing on right now... I don't take kindly to flames, at all, but I haven't run into those in the stories I've been writing. I won't snap at constructive reviews, so if you leave me one I won't explode ( I know some people that do) The story I'm currently writing is My Other Side, which I am (obviously) putting my entire fanfiction time into. I don't update frequently, but I will never leave my account so don't freak when I disappear for a while. :)

My favorite thing I've found on this website:

A man spoke with the Lord about heaven & hell. The Lord said to the man, "Come, I will show you hell." They entered a room where a group of people sat around a huge pot of stew. Everyone was famished, desperate, starving. Each held a spoon that reached the pot, but each spoon had a handle so much longer than their own arm that it could not be used to get the stew into their own mouths. The suffering was terrible.

"Come, now I will show you heaven," the Lord said. They entered another room, identical to the first--same pot of stew, same group of people, same long-handled spoons. But there, everyone was happy & well-nourished.

"I don't understand," said the man. "Why are they happy here when they were miserable in the other room yet everything is the same?"

The Lord smiled. "Ah, it is simple," He said. "Here they have learned to feed each other."

Other junk I thought I wanted to put on here...

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If you start to laugh at stupid things when your tired, put this on your profile.

The wise old owl sat in an oak.

The more he saw, the less he spoke.

The less he spoke, the more he heard,

Why can't WE be like that wise old bird?



My other Side- I've posted up chapter 21 and am working hard on chapter 22!


Here's a link to my drawing of Tokashi~Tokashi-97761098

And this is my other drawing of Arichi~ Arichi-102199859

Please check out that link above to see more pictures of my characters and maybe understand a little more about what they look like!

My other story is probably not going to be updated any time soon. I'm working my butt off on my newest one, and can't get around to the other at the moment.

In the meantime, enjoy the story I'm writing and read the other if you feel the urge to. :)


If you happen to review any of my stories, I seem to go on something called a writing rampage. I go nuts if I see one review on any one of my stories. It's like... Getting 1 million dollars to me. I start updating like crazy and don't stop till I think the reviewer is pleased o.o Terrible problem I have...


IMPORTANT!! (March 18, 2010) -I think..-

WOOT! I updated guys! I REALLY DID! You all should go read chapter 21! i think I did pretty good :D Review for me and give me some ideas or encouragement for chapter 22 :)


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