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Some things about myself:

My favorite color(s)- green, yellow, blue and pink

My love affair- Emmett Cullen

My new love affair- Marianas Trench and the New Cities. Support the home front and what not

My current favorite song- Lover Dearest- Marianas Trench (super depressing but OMC sooooo goooood)

My dream guy- Used to be Edward now it is Emmett. He is just so funny and cute and large and cuddley

Favorite books- Twilight series, The Circle Trilogy, Max Ride series, Harry Potter series, Dawn Rochelle Series, Truth About Forever, This Lullaby. I have a ton of favs but these are more current. Dawn Rochelle and Harry Potter not current but are important to my book collection.

My on fanfic and off fanfic best friend- The one and only ANNA/xo-annaelizabeth-ox! She's my Twilight rock, she makes me look less obsessed. Love ya Anna!

Okay so I live in Canada. No I don't know the person who you're thinking of. That's just like me asking you if you know George Bush. And If you do, I pity you, I really do. I don't live in an Igloo, and I don't get places by dog sled. I live in a house, I have a dog, but my mom drives me everywhere. Yes it's cold in the winter, but what winter isn't? Yes we get snow storms, but they aren't bad. Okay my aunt who used to live in New York got more snow there than we got here. That's right. She got over 10ft. We had about...3. The summer is really hot, and really buggy! And not cold, not in the slightest. I do speak french, but not all Canadians do, and some people who can, their french is very slim. I give you the other classes at my school. They are just learning their colors. Okay so that's it. I hope I have cleared up some stereotypical thoughts.

Now I shall express my view on this whole Edward and Jacob situation. Now please don't hate me after this:

Edward: I was never mad at him when he left. I am a die hard Edward fan!! I am glad that he didn't back off with Jacob and was always there for her when Jacob would pull a stupid stunt. Edward should not be blamed!

Jacob: I used to love Jacob, but then when Edward came back, Jacob thought he had a chance (which clearly he didn't). So then he made stupid moves and got all smug. I think Jacob needs to learn that Bella cannot live without Edward, and that he has NO chance!! So now I hate Jacob and I wouldn't care if Victoria, James, and Laurent came back from the dead and teamed up with the Volturi to kill him. I know it's a little harsh but I think he deserves it.

Sorry if that offends you but I that is just my opinion!

Now for your somewhat amusement, some of my favorite Twilight or Twilight related quotes:

Edward Cullen: "Bella, it is not my fault if you are extremely unobservant." -Twilight, I love that quote, I am a sucker for sarcasm, considering I can't make one comment without it.

Alice Cullen: "I think she's having hysterics, maybe you should slap her!" - New Moon, That is hands down the best quote in the whole series. I laughed for who knows how long. The only thing that was running through my head was Only Alice.

Alice Cullen: "Edward! If you're where I think you are...So help me god!" - The Wedding it's a fanfic! I love that quote! I mean how do you people come up with this stuff? I love it!!

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