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FanFic Bio

My days of reading and composing Fanfic started when one day a few years ago when I was surfing around on facebook . I saw in the corner of the screen a little picture ad with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Not knowing what it was exactly but being a huge fan of the series I clicked on it and found myself at the site Fanlib.com. I loved the site despite that half the screen was ad space. All though on an off note I wish that FanFiction.net would create a cover picture option that gave a little screen shot of the story. As I read more I started to form my own stories in my head and soon my first story Lost Trust and a Villages Loss was posted on Fanlib. I continued my story until the day Fanlib lost it’s investors and was shut down (they had a great concept of integrating the art of word and image together but sinking a few million to achieve the task not the best business strategy). But for every door that is shut a window is opened and soon I found FanFiction.net. As I read more stories then I thought possible I soon found that unlike Fanlib where if you wanted a Naruto pairing it would have to be Naru/Saku Naru/Hina Saku/Sasu maybe a few others if you were lucky. I could find all sorts of pairing. I instantly fell in love with the Naru/Ino pairing and the Naru/Hana I. Pairing. So here we are in the world of today with more stories on my profile and a very different writer then the days I was on Fanlib.

FanFic Hopes

As you read in the bio the one thing that I love about this site is the different types of pairings (the rarer the better) that are available. It started with Naru/Ino and now has changed into finding the rarest pairings I could. In fact the reason I wrote Naruto: Rebirth of the Uzukage & Team Two: A Naruto Story is because I read a Naru/Ami fic and loved it. Unfortunately whoever wrote the story saw fit for it to be destroyed from the site. I soon thought up the two Naru/Ami fics and now hope that they well be a stepping stone for writers to create future Naru/Ami fics. Below is a list of other pairs I hope to see in the future so any writers that are trying to think up new stories idea take a look and see if any catch your eye (for more info on these lesser known characters all of them are on Naruto Wiki).

-Naruto/Shion (girl from first Shippuuden Movie)

-Naruto/Amaru (girl from Second Shippuuden Movie)

-Naruto/Guren (crystal user from Three tales Arc)

-Naruto/Sasame (girl from fumma clan arc)

-Naruto/Tsubaki (former girlfriend of Mizuki in the Mizuki filler arc)

-Naruto/Suzumebachi (bee jutsu girl from bug filler arc)

-Naruto/Tamaki (young girl who lives in an abandoned city together with her grandmother Nekobaa)

-Naruto/Yakumo (Kurama Heiress from Karama Arc)

-Naruto/Samui (female team leader of team Samui from Kumogakure)

-Naruto/Karui (dark skined Kunoichi of Team Samui)

These are the ones that I would most like to see but still there are plenty out there I haven’t mentioned so just get some Research done maybe you can find one I missed.

My Way of Doing Things

I have been reading fanfics for a while now and I feel that some great stories get bogged down and lose their momentum. So I would like to tell you guys on how I do things when I start writing a fic. I don’t mean to say that this is the perfect set up but it was how paid Screenwriters taught me how to write a story and I feel it helps me. I found that a fic moves much more smoothly if you have the entire story setup first. Its like building a bridge. You just don’t pick a direction and start building haphazardly to god knows where. You look at the best place to start the bridge and the best place for it to end. Writing stories is know different. Every story that is on this website has a plot outline I created and each I already have an ending to with each event mapped out. I found that this streamlines the story and not only allows you to write more it allows you to update faster and keep your fans happy.

FanFic Views

My views on fanfics are pretty simple so here are some principles I feel articulate my views

1. Proofread as much as possible and find someone else to help. currently I self proofread and if you read my stories I still have errors so another set of eyes would be best.

2. If you do decide to do a harem make it a small harem and make sure you got one hell of a storyline because to many women tend to bog down a story.

3. Yoai is the scourge of this website there should not be almost as many Naru/Sasu stories then Naru/Hina, Naru/Saku, and Saku/Sasu fics combined (the three combined are 1161 pages while Naru/Sasu is 804 pages. Only reason it is that close it because there is a large amount of Saku/Sasu fics)

4. Yoai is the scourge of this website, so much so that I have placed it twice on this list. You fan girls suck.

5. Crossovers need to be handled moderately I have found the best ones put in one or two characters from another source with minimal technique crossover otherwise every gets too jumbled (in other words use only two sources such as Naruto/bleach not Naruto/bleach/DBZ/ghost rider/samurai X/KYO/… well you get the picture).

The Final Statement

Well if you reading this and have read everything else I’m impressed I have trouble even finishing reading some of these. Here at Daaman Inc. we hope you enjoy the stories that have been made and hope to hear some feedback on it.


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