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Hey everyone,

To know about me, you should probably ask my friends. I enjoy anything to do with nature, (except maybe gnats... but seriously, who likes those? Annoying flying specks with teeth... ick), reading, LOVE playing the piano (Chopsticks isn't just the name of an infuriating chinese eating utensil) and thoroughly enjoy swimming. I like challenges... I like the feeling you get when you achieve something that you had thought was impossible. NOTE, Algebra is not a challenge. It is an impossibility. End of discussion.

I love the English language and am currently trying to learn German... and I will, eventually! :-)

Paintball? Oh yeah... bring on the ammunition! Hoppers full of round plastic balls with sticky, oily paint inside, just waiting until you pull the trigger and SMACK! Where are all the victi- I mean, other players? :-)

I was a sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol... check us out at It's a great organization, and summer encampments are absolutely the best!! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to the above website and you'll see.)

I am a Christian and love it... I owe God everything. He has saved my life for ALL of eternity, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I ABSOLUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, COMPLETELY love LOTR, (yes, I am a geek at heart.) And I love fantasy. Science fiction is great too... only I secretly harbor this deep-seated grudge against Palpetine for being so ugly and scary... oh well. To be my friend, you'll have to be on the "lightside"... who says the dark side is the only one with cookies? We have... chocolate! And don't say that you don't like chocolate because lying is wrong!

I love writing, and playing RPGs.

What? Why are you staring at those words with such a pained look on your face... did I not just say that I was a geek? Quit that! Didn't your mom ever warn you that your face might freeze like that?

Yes I am light hearted and fun but I also know when matters should be dealt with seriously. One reason I like Civil Air Patrol so much... I never want anything bad to happen to anyone, but unfortunately sometimes things do and I feel much better knowing that I have been given the knowledge needed to perhaps save someone's life. That's a really amazing feeling.

I have a wonderful family and great friends.

UPDATE 7/10/11:

So, I feel the greatest need to apologize to my faithful followers on here. Since I wrote my story "Flooded Memories" and began writing "Wind Beneath My Wings" I have:

1) Gotten married to the most amazing guy ever (he was the commander in my Civil Air Patrol squadron... yeah, we were probably breaking a few rules there but "shh") ;)

2) Gone through and gotten stronger because of, my husband's decision to join the U.S. Air Force. NOT an experience I want to go through again, but those first seven months made me stronger than I ever thought possible, and everyday I grow more so as a military wife.

3) Packed my belongings into my rickety old Ford Taurus and drove by myself from the mountains of TN across the country (literally) to where my new husband was stationed. A girl's gotta go what a girl's gotta do.

4) Took on the tremendously rewarding and stressful job of being a homemaker and loving wife to the man God had called me to be with.

So while my absence isn't appreciated, perhaps it can be understood. I will try to begin writing again soon. Thanks for the patience.

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