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Kay. So my name's Brianna. I'm 20 going on 21 and I'm a sophomore in High School. I live in Arizona in a small city, and absolutely hate that it's exactly that, small. Reading and music are my two largest passions. My sister, Katie, and I have been hooked on the twilight books forever. She and I got bored one day and started writing down ideas for fanfiction stories. We are completely aware that they may not be up to par but we're trying our hardest. I am absolutely in love with the Twilight series. They're absolutely amazing and if anyone tries to tell me otherwise I will sick the non-vegetarien vampires on them! ;)

scяєαм ιт : Brianna

вяusнєs вαk : Brown Hair

sєєs тняσυgн : Brown

вℓσωи συт : 20 candles

ƒєℓℓ ƒяσм нєαvєи : 9th April 1993

gιƒтє ωιтн : 1 Step-Brother, 2 Step-Sisters (or not so gιƒтє, if you've met 'em)

pяσu : English

ιsℓιkєs : Creatures with unnecessary amounts of legs, grammatic errors, fake and dishonest people.

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On a Sears hairdryer -- Do not use while sleeping.
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