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Ello, I'm xDisenchanted-Last-Wordsx! For all you My Chemical Romance fans out there, yes the name came from the songs from Black Parade. They are my favorite band. I am really distracted right now, I am listening to my favorite song by them, DEAD! Woo! "And in my honest observation, during this operation, found a complication in your heart, so long. Cause now you've got maybe just 2 weeks to live. IS THAT THE MOST BOTH OF YOU CAN GIVE??" Seriously, I think I have a minor case of ADD. It's never been proven but I get distracted so easily I might as well have it. :-)

All right, I have a fantabulous story for MCR and I can't put it on here because there's so music category!! Grrr...oh well. Looks like you'll have to view it on my Mibba page... Go there! It's called A Shot to Remember.

So, about me. Well, I live in a world full of music, laptops, word processers and iPods, because they are practically the only things I ever think about. Besides story ideas. I have kind of an empty head, spiders and their homes tend to make residence in there. One of them must have gotten bored with the scenery once because there was a spider on my pillow when I woke up one day. The rest of my family woke up very shortly after that...I am a very loud screamer. I am just like Frank Iero in that I am terrified of spiders and small spaces. I am like Gerard in that needles scare the f of living out of me, the only time I have willingly encountered needles was when I got my ears pierced. NEVER AGAIN. It hurt like a mother. Anyway, back to me. My ADD is special in that it only seems to appear whenever I'm doing homwork. I love love love love love love love love writing, it is the only thing I can do well and I dwell on that. I love music, all music, I have everything from Pirates of the Caribbean music to Three Days Grace to Flo Rida on my iPod. Music is my main source of story ideas, because I am too easily distracted to focus on much else to draw inspiration from it. I love laughing, it's one of my hobbies, and I don't have very many of those. My laugh sounds like a dying humpback whale, seriously. It's hilarious to listen to when you're not the one laughing it. I hate annoying people, creepy people who have permanent too-big smiles on their faces, and being too hot or too cold. I also hate being bored, which I rarely am, thanks in large part to books and laptops (go YouTube!). Without those I would be a bored, boring mess. I like skinny jeans, Hot Topic, Hollister, black t-shirts, Abercrombie and Old Navy. My style can only be fit into one category-my own. I am the only peson I know who will wear a bright purple tank top over a rubber duck yellow t-shirt with green shorts in public. I have actually done that before, and my mom was absolutely mortified :-). I hate purses, they are way too small, I would much rather carry a tote bag because they come in better patterns and thy can carry a hell of a lot more than a purse. Ever try to fit your binder into a clutch? My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance (GO MY CHEM!! WOO!! ...ahem), Three Days Grace and showtunes. Like Broadway music, you know? Think Grease or Wicked, then.

One really weird thing about me: I HATE the feel of cotton balls. They just feel so dry and moisture-less. I don't know if that's even a word. if it isn't, then I have invented a word.

"I burn everything and call it Cajun."
-Frank Iero, My Chemical Romance

Bye friends!

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