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My name is pronounced Dis-key-et.You don't have to remember that it is just random info. I am not the best writer but I still hope you like the stuff I have. The other thing I should warn you is that I have a sort of head in the gutter way of thinking sometimes. Otherwise i am a very smart intellectual female. I hope to go to Mills, a college in Oakland, CA. or to Montana state university to become an engineer. Mechanical or Biotech. Not that you really care about that its just some info.

Okay now a lot of people put on their profiles music that they like so I am here to tell you that I like all music. That is it just mostly all music. However my list of people I can't stand to hear is easier to read.

I Don't Like to hear: The Jonas Brothers, Hanna Montana (My sisters Favorite bands) Britney Spears, Madonna (not a big fan of her), any of the American Idols (they are so overplayed)

My Favorite Artists are:Beethoven, Mozart, Shostakovitch (even though its really hard to spell his name,) Andrew Loyd Webber, Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, Bobby Venton, AFI, Aiden, Apocalyptica, Panic at the Disco, System of a Down, Disturbed, Blues Travelers and Flo Rida. Those are all the ones that I can think of off the top of my head.

SO Hi...

For all those who check this out think about these total weird questions and remember that I was not high when thinking of these,

What if this world is all a dream and when the dreamer wakes up we sleep?

What if we are not in a class room talking to people, it' all in our minds and we are actually are in some insane asylum?

What if we are all the same people with different faces?

What if they don't make ice cream anymore?

What happens if we die but we are still conscious ? (I want my mp3 and game boy buried with me.)

Is there really such a thing as telepathy?

What if we are actually ghosts and the "ghosts" in our houses are the live people? (Totally got this from the others)

Was I right,these are weird?

So have fun thinking and come back soon.

My best bud beats yours!

Here's why:

Your friend most likely does not own an army of Evil Flying Ninja Squirrels (EFNS)

Your friend will not go with you to the circus to see if you both could become clowns.

Your friend will not allow you to rule Antarctica and own a penguin farm when he/she takes over the world.

Will walk home from school with you even though they live a hundred miles from your house.

Will not eat frozen chocolate chips from the freezer and then tell your mom, "Why would we do that it was the dog downstairs?" when you get caught

And will not hit you upside the head for adding this into your profile because you spilled some dark secret plans.

(If your friend does any of these then copy this into your profile and start your own list to brag about him/her.)

I am a poet and most people don't know it. Ha I made a rhyme!

My favorite words to say are: noodle, llama, penguin!

My favorite characters are:any of the bad guys including Itachi and Orochimaru oh and I love Kira Sakuya, Kaname Kuran, Sano Izumi and Mizuki Ashiya

Add this into you profile if:

You secretly wish that you were a cat and not a monkey in the zodiac

you wish that the voices would shut up.

you often mistake people who use their blue tooth (hands free cellphone devices) in stores as also talking to the voices in their heads

your siblings bug you but you still love them dearly even though you tried to get your mom to sell them (I'm pretty sure that they tried to sell me!)

you plan never to get married

you are so old fashioned that you can not get a date or won't allow people to date you

you have ever been considered an emo, goth, nerd or geek (I have never been accused of being preppy!)

you are afraid of giant bees

you freak out because your cursor is moving across the screen by itself

you fall asleep with your mp3 still on and then wonder why its dead when you wake up

Your mom catches you several times in bed with a book but you still don't care

your motto is "Don't bother me I'm reading"

you don't have a favorite in anything because you like almost everything

and last but not least if:

You love school but hate homework (Seriously they need to lessen the load.)

My enemies are:

blankets, they trip me when I get out of bed

chocolate, I love it but know that it isn't good for me (Yeah right)

my friends, the tickle me constantly because it makes me squirm

flour, it gets all over the place when I cook then my g-ma gets mad

emails, i never get any except from the colleges that want me to contact them, fanfic updates and library notices (it makes me very depressed)

The ending of books or mangas (they make me cry because then the adventure is over.)

Joke time!!:

I once had a parrot that was very cruel. I didn't care though because it had just lost its owner when I inherited it.

It bit me every day for a month.

When the second month came I asked it to stop and it wouldn't. So I threw it in the freezer (don't ask why)

He scratched against the door for hours when suddenly he stopped. I started to freak out, what would I do if I had killed the poor little bird? I really didn't meant to.

When I opened the door,however, the parrot just stepped out and landed on my shoulder.

"Excuse me ma'am," he said politely to me. "I really didn't mean to hurt you. I truly am very sorry for the pain that I may have cause you,I hope you accept my apology."

"Of course I do you darling little bird!" I exclaimed.

"Ma'am may I ask you a small question?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"What did the chicken ever do to you?"

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