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Author has written 24 stories for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, and Hobbit.

Hood Smig!!

That mean's "hey" in inside-joke speak. Nywho, I guess it's time to tell you bout myself!!

Well first off is an explanation of my name: PowerOfFail.

The answer: My math grade.
Geomatry(Algebra)+Me(x) = Summer School.
Geomatry X Algebra = Math
new equasion: Math + Me(x) = Summer School
What does x equal?
x = confusion.
(equasion written in words for us brilliant non-math students:
math plus me times confusion equals summer school.
summer school is also smiliar to unhappyness.
and unhappyness is equal to lack of Harry Potter.)

I've been dubbed 'Poofy' by SowerKreem (gotta come up with a nickname for you, now!) and so, if you don't feel like typing out 'PowerOfFail' (I sure don't), then just call me Poofy.

Farther down you'll find info about the fics I have written
but first, you have to get through all the randomocity I saw fit to put on this profile.

Harry Potter is basically my obsession right now.
The other obsessions i've gone threw are Green Day, Bleach, Warriors, and Naruto. Although they've passed, some still lingers. I absolutely LOVE listening to Green Day when I'm down, or watching Naruto/Bleach when I'm bored. I also enjoy grabbing Warriors when I need something to read for a school book report, as there are only so many times one can do Harry Potter for their reports, even if there are 7 books.

So to go along with my obsession's, I have phrases I tend to use that reflect those obsessions. They would be:
~ Great StarClan!
~ Holey (fecking) Weasley!
~ No Shire. (or Oh Shire!)
~ SHIRE, BAGGINS! (in place of OH CRAP or other less sophisitcated phrases, you know what I'm talking about.)
~ Siriusly? (what Hp fan doesn't use this one?)
~ Sweet Merlin!
~ Shells! or By the Egg! (it's from Dragonriders of Pern, maaaazing book series. go check it out. now.)
~ Oh. My. VALAR!
~ ECTHELION! (in place of ECH) and NARGOTHROND! (in place of NARG)
~ Awesome Pawsome

Scientificy stuff...
How to remember mm=drt/p
~ Minerva McGonagall Dislikes Ridiculous Trelawny Over Potions
~ Marauder's Map Equals dirt on Passageways (dirt being like secrets)
~ Magic is Might equals dirt over Purebloods (its a form of propoganda, blackmail, etc...)
~ Master Merry Descretly Rides To war Over Pelennor
~ Mad-Eye Moody had Dark-detecting Radars and Triumphs over pure evil
How to remember PV=NRT
~ pathetic voldy never really tries
~ Pippin's violin never remembers tune
~ Patch-Mustached Vernon Negates Ron's Telephone-call
~ Poor, Valient Neville recently Tripped
How to remember VP/T
~ Voldemort and Peter bet over Tennis
~ Valar's Powers topped the Towers (towers = the powers of Melkor and/or Sauron)
~ Ven Perplexed look over Texts (ven = like when Russians use Ws in English)
~ Vanwa Parma Tyuru (elvish = lost book of cheese. Parma sounds like PARMAJAAAAN)

So here's some chit-chat (patty wack, give the dog a bone!) little facts about my faves of my obsessions:

My fave character is Sirius. He's hilarious, =D
My second fave characters are Fred and George in a tie. No, it's not because their twins. It's because they're both bloody hilarious and friggin adorable!!
My third fave character is Lee Jordan. Teehee...Quidditch Commentators FOREVAH!
My fourth fave would be dear old Professor Lupin. Gotta love the werewolves.
Coming in at number five are a tie between McGonagall and Snape. Snape is wicked smart, and McGongall just RULEZ.

Wooh! HBP: Hmmm, needed more plot, but was good otherwise, says I.

What else? Ships? Yes. I shall tell you my shipping preferances.
~ The Dissaproval List, or in other words, ships I do NOT support (with a firey passion of a thousand burning suns): Fred/George, Fred/Hermione, George/Hermione, Fred/Angelina, George/Angelina, Draco/Hermione (love/hate does NOT work), Draco/Harry, Snape/Harry, Harry/Hermione, Draco/Ginny (I don't believe Romeo and Juliet for a moment), Lily/Scorpius, and Rose/Scorpius.

~ So, what DO I support? Lee/Angelina, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Oliver/Katie, Oliver/Alicia, Lee/Katie, George/Alicia (I suppose), George/Katie, Neville/Luna, Rolf/Luna, Hannah/Ernie, Lily/James, and Arthur/Molly aaaand...Roxanne/Scorpius!
Uhm, so yeah, that's mah fleet, and I'm stickin' to it. I don't think any of them need justification.

Oh, and Hermione/Faramir, FOR THE WIN! If you have got to have an LOTR/Hp crossover, Hermione/Faramir is the way to go. Siriusly! Just think about it. They're perfect together! Especially if you're pairing her with the book!Faramir and not the angsty-movie-mini-Boromir!Faramir. It works. Believe it!

Aah, anyway. Most of the referances I make are related to HP. So if you're having a convo with me about the Odessey or...Baseball, I'll probably end up making atleast 5 HP analagies before the conversation is over. Unless the conversation doesn't allow time for said referances, and in those cases, I will have sadly disapointed you.

Then, of course, what kind of Hp fan would I be if I didn't make up my own funny latin-spell-word things?
Here are some of them...
~ Humilius -- Humerous + Hilarity
~ Asumination -- You know how everyone always ASSUMES stuff and it gets annoying? here's the spell that causes it...
~ Sleeptation -- Haha...yeah...sleeping...sometimes it's really hard to sleep, so here's the sleeping charm! xD
(Latin? Spells don't have to be in Latin! What are you talking about? xD)

Random quotes...!!

"Ahh well, atleat this year I won't have to worry about the distraction from Harry Potter."
"Hmm, I'm not so sure. Just remember: When they come running at you, don't try to summon your patronus."
-- Me and my dad discussing tests and soccer and such.

"BAMF! You see that, Jason? I am a lesser demi-god!"
"Demi-God, huh? You know what that reads?"
" 'Has no life.' "
-- Me and my brother talking about Hp trivia.

"Oh psssh, you can TOTALLY survived getting killed!"
-- Me talking to my friend Zack about Fred.

"Which is mine? American? omg. I read the fake fifth book." - Sam, talking about the differance between the American & UK verisons of OOTP

"The Giant Squid is a bicycle." - Rachel and I talking about Hp/Transformer's crossover

"Thirteen years of killing people and a little baby OWNS HIS FACE?" - Rachel

"And she doesn't talk about Harry Potter quite enough to be concidered normal." - Rachel, again.

"Fred, once the ultimate exuser, now the ultimate exuse." - Zack on NexGen TimeTravel fics when all kids just say to get out of trouble is, 'But I met uncle Fred!'

"He's about as alive as my slurpee is bad, and I have a good slurpee." - Sam talking about Fred being...dare I say it? nay. but you can guess.

"Many fall in the line of practical joking. Hopefully we will go out with hilarity."
"One must certainly hope so, when you make a living in such a dangerous line of duty." -- Rachel and I discussing the results of playing a prank on Zack.

"I am on my end of the interweb, and shaking my head." - Rachel

"Nazguuuuuul/you are a nazguuuuuuul/and nazguuuuuuuul/are too cool for schoooooool/and so they don't leaaaaaarn/which is why...they are nazguuuuuuul..."
"I am highly affronted. We nazgul are very educated."
Rachel and I on AIM. It's a joke now that Rachel is a nazgul because her voice was going and when she spoke she sounded like the Nazgul in the movies! You know that screeeechy sound? Yeah.

Me: "KREACHER...stole Sam'S FRYING PAN!!"
Rachel: "I know that song!"
Me: "...It...isn't a song...?"
Rachel: "IT IS NOW!"

"Wow! We are SOULFRIENDS!" ~Rachel while we were reminicing on past events in our friendship.

"I don't want to be a character in a fic. It goes against what I stand for." ~ Zack on "Author Insert"

"Having morals with "fanfiction"...It makes me laugh and cry a little inside." ~ Rachel in response to Zack

"Yeah, I mean they live to be like a million, so they can't have skin falling off all the time." ~Notice how Elves never have dusty things? This is why.

"That makes no sense...but is hilarious, like fanfiction." ~hahaha Kohl.

K: "Elves love Disney."
Me: "Oh they totally do."
K: "All the Elves I know do."
Me: "They can watch it and not lose braincells."
K: "Because of magical Elven powers. They don't talk about it much in the books, but it includes the ability to watch Disney. It's inbetween the lines."
Me: "Pah, Disney. Dwarves and Men would cringe at the sight of it! That's why the Witch-King was so afraid of Glorfindel, you know? He's got his Disney-immunity powers goin' and all."
K: "Haha! 'No man can watch me!'"
LOL. Kohl and me + latenight/earlymorning sleepdeprived chats = Disney Watching Elves.

"No concept of anatomy is the best concept of anatomy." ~Ha. Rachel. good times. Gooooooood times.

Me: "You know what? I'd be jealous if you were someone else's best friend and we weren't friends."
Rachel: "Awwwwww!! I'd be jealous if you went to Hogwarts...and also what you just said."

"That's because you have such a...brain." ~Zack was saying how I have a one-track mind, but the phrase eluded him and he just improvised.

"I'll be Galadriel!" ~Kohl while re-enacting the Fellowship.

"I've never actually seen Merry Pippins." ~I was attempting to say that I hadn't seen Merry Poppins and it came out Pippins.

"KOHL!...I mean, SABRINA!"

"That just requires minimal thought...which I shall reluctantly apply." ~Kohl and I discussing study tools for law.

Flair: "I go to Hogwarts in the town Forks in the land Narnia on the planet Middle Earth in a galaxy far, far away."
Improved by Me: "I go to Hogwarts, in the city of Minas Tirith, on the penninsula of Xanth, in the land of Narnia, on the planet Pern, in the realm of Hyrule, in a galaxy far, far away." ...that only the Black Pearl can reach.
And that, my friends, is a true crossover.

"But the Hobbits are in the land of...whatchamacallit...the living forever land"
"Valinor? Only three Hobbits live there..."
"Which leaves the best two!"
"PIPPIN AND MERRY! In that order."
"I categorially disagree!"
Me and Kohl. He always says that Merry is better. Psh, I love Merry, but Pippin is the best Hobbit, everyone knows that.

"But Brandybuck just sounds awesome and heroic...and kinda Irish." ~Kohl, LOL! hey, that rhymed.

Me: "You're horrible!"
Sam: "Only to Fred. George can live happily, heavenly after."
Me: "I hope Dumbledore and his friggin' twinkling eyes haunt your nightmares."

"Somebody called me wise once, I was so flattered and just like, I think I'll go talk to an old person now to knock me back down to earth." ~Kohl

K:"The all-seeing eye of Facebook...We must throw the ring of social networking into Mount World Wide Web. Only then will we defeat facebook."
Me:"And how do you propose we do that?"
K:"We need the Fellowship! Myspace will lend us its axe, and Xanga's bow, and Yahoo's sword!"
Kohl and I were up late one night and facebook died on me, so I signed back in and we discussed how if you insulted facebook, they'd shut you down, so we decided we needed call the Fellowship! =DD

Me: "You know, it really bothers me that none of the other Weasleys ever get Howlers during Harry's time at Hogwarts."
Mom: "Well see it this way: Percy never got into trouble, Ginny just didn't get caught, and Molly probably knew it was useless when it came to Fred and George."
The two of us discussing Ron's howler and lackthereof for the other Weasley kids.

"Besides, you don't even believe in God."
"Will people please stop making that assumpotion?"
Haha Kohl and me. Seeee, he made a Potter referance! assumPOTION! -I am so happy-

Me: "No! I don't want the plants to destroy B-hall! I like the Law Room!" -sob-
Ben "...There won't be a Law Room, Pippin."
While discussing the senior prank, it came up that in order to pull said prank, B-hall would get destroyed, and that's my fave hall, thus these lines were said.

Chem teacher: Blah blah blah, chemistry stuff, blahblahblah...Greenleaf!"

"Red Shirt. Away Mission. Not good."
A piece of flair. Oh Star Trek, what ever would we do without you? >=) I totally have the Starfleet Command badge, my brother has boring ol' Science, my dad has Engineer, and mom has Command, but I got mine first, so hahaha! I win.

"Looking at Lupin's mustache is like drinking arsenic for me." ~Rachel when discussing POA movie version

Me: "It's so vain, but I love it."
Kohl: "Of course you do."
Me: "Who doesn't?"
Kohl: "It's because it wants you to, because it's the One Ring."

"I think you should TEST THE ACIDITY OF HP CHARACTERS!" ~Rachel

"He's able to withstand it's acidity and not become acidic."
"Uhm, no he's not, did you miss the whole 'No, I WON'T throw it into the fire, Sam, nyah nyah nyah.'"
"Well he's a stronger base than, uh, what's his name?"
"Yeah, and Gollum started as a base then was turned neutural by the Ring."
"No, Frodo was taken swiftly once he began to wear it!"
"Fine, fine, he's a weaker base."
That would be Rachel and I discussing the acidity of Frodo. We figured acidity = bad guys, bases = good guys. Bwahaaha. My friends and I: fandoming homework assignments every step of the way.

"Hm. It's a vote though, riiiight?"
"So you're right, it wouldn't hurt to submit it -- you might not get elected."
Rachel and I discussing her delemia in running for the Orchestra Office of Treasuer.

Me: "Did I manage to hit the ship? I was totally aiming for the ship."
Zack: "You totally hit the ship...We got a broadside landin' an' we're takin' on water capin!!"
Me: "Bwahahahaha! No ship can escape me. LOAD THE CANONS!!"

"It's more couragous to fight your fears than to fight without fear!"
Quote by me. Kohl and I were discussing the more valient Hobbit: Pippin or Merry, and I just blurted this out.

Rachel: I adore the dog.
Me: That is Huan, and Huan is so cool.
Rachel: Hmm. I think it should be spelled Juan.
Me: It's not Spanish, Rachel, it's Elvish.
Rachel: JUAN! I am naming a dog after you, and by after you, I mean Juan.

"I would never lower myself to eating like a cow in a restaurant." ~Kevin commenting about eating salads.

Me: "Flutes are the Elves of Marching Band."
William: "And bunnies are the scouts of Evil."

Zack: "Finnished it."
Me: "Finnished it? Is it from Finland now?"
Zack: "It's Finlandier."
Heheeh. Zack writing fanfictions.

"This opening is the one I'm suing. KK? Er...DOING, not suing!" ~Sam commenting on which Naruto theme he's using for an AMV

"If I ever met Karl Urban, I'd totally try and seduce him!" ~Kohl while he, Zack, and I were discussing LOTR actors in English class.

Zack: "one's propper one's not"
Me: "COMMA."
Zack: "stfu. i am srsly about to take flamethrowers to commas everywhere. just burn them all the ground till they die then dance in the ashes."
So when I read Zacks's fanfics, I normally have to point out where he needs commas, and that goes for normal conversation as well. He apparently has issues and dislikes commas. I like them very much! You can obviously see how terrible we are about grammar, but...I at least try. Not sure if it does any good, though. Atleast I remember commas!! Actually, I think I use commas too often...? x)

Mom: "I --guess-- it was an ohkay movie, I mean it wasn't the original series...--grumblecomplain--"
Me: "I thought it was good, but Vulcan wasn't destroyed in the original series, was it?"
Dad: "No, but then, it's an Alternate Universe, so it's alright. Anything can happen."
Also Star Trek related. My parents and I were discussing the new Star Trek movie as we watched fireworks on the Fourth. hahaha. yeah. My parents are original Trekkies, so you can imagine they weren't exactly --thrilled-- with the new Star Trek until they'd seen it and dubbed it 'acceptable.'

Zack: "I have mixed feelings about Hidan..."
Me: "Here, let me help: he's fictional, problem solved."
Zack: "I find that slightly ironic, coming from you."

"So when you go through customs, you have to declare how many items that you're bringing back and the value that they're worth, and I considered writing 'my face' and putting its value as 'priceless'." ~Rachel on her return from Mexico.

Sam: "you there?"
Me: "mmay...er, I meant 'Mmkay'."
Sam: "you just corrected a non-existant word."

Kohl: "He can shoot some arrows and look pretty."
Me: "Well, the rest of the Fellowship needs something to look at in desolate Mordor, I mean, come on, Orc camps are not that entertaining."
Kohl: "Sure they are! Bar-B-Q's (roastting lamb) entertainment (fights) and company (hostage hobbits)."

Rachel, quoting MLIA: "Today, I was eating cheese fries from Checkers. I noticed the box said, "CAUTION: Contents may be extremely awesome." My cheese fry experience was heightened by those words. MLIA."
Me: "ACTUALLY, Tolkien hated Shakespeare."
To this day, I'm still not entirely sure why that was my response to this quote.

Zack: "They have human ears. Are they supposed to have human ears?"
Me: "I noticed that, too. I'm not sure if it ever actually states that Elves have pointed ears, I think everyone just kinda assumes..."
ACTUALLY, this was from a few weeks ago before we found out that in the fifth book in the HoME series, it's stated that Elves have pointed ears.

Mom: "Ah, it's Wednesday. All the good people are in Church."
Me: "So, what are we, Heathens?"
Mom: "Yes. It's fun being a heathen."
We were off to the mall to get my summer reading, and we were wondering why traffic was so light.

Me: Y'know, I keep imagining Fëanor throwing his hands up in disgust and marching around in frustration, but I guess dignified Elven princes didn't really do that kind of stuff...
Zack: He's dead, he can do what he wants.

"Sabrina, you have the best arguments. Really. I love that we spend so much time explaining to each other why we are wrong and why we need to apologize for things. It's passive aggressiveness on steroids: 'No, I'm worse.'" ~ Rachel

Ehhh anyway...
I enjoy reading Harry Potter fanfics, although I'm not much of a slasher/twincest/incest/smutty or anything of that...peticular sort. I'm more for the humourus side of things, although I'm game for an interesting adventerous/depressing/angst fic.

You might not be familiar with this, but this is a brilliant book series by Erin Hunter. (yes, I do know she's actually two separate writers and that Erin Hunter is a pen name... but they are still amazing.)
My fave character is a tie between Cloudtail and Cinderpelt (Cinderpaw/Cinderheart, PowerOF3). They're both just amazing.
My second fave will HAVE to be Graystripe and Firestar in a tie. C'mon they're also friggin awesome.
My third fave will be Yellowfang!! Yeah, she's just basically pwnz.
My fourth fave is absolutely Sandstorm. Firey personalities =D
My fifth fave of all time will be...Mistyfoot!! Yeah, RiverClan PRIDE!

I find it slightly hilarious that my favorite characters are completely contradictory to eachother. I mean, Cloudtail is like, "No. I don't believe in StarClan. I believe in the here-and-now aspect of life." and Cinderpelt is a medicine cat? Yeahh...but whatever, they're both humilius.


My Fleet for Warriors!!

Fave Ship EVAH!! ~~ Cloudtail/Brightheart. aka. Brightcloud. They're just SO FRIGGIN' ADORABLE!
Nother good one ~~ Alright, I admit it...I liked Graystripe/Silverstream >.> I'm not sure if the name is Graystream or Silverstripe. Either works!
Number 3 ~~ Firestar/Sandstorm. Firestorm! Yeah, I don't know why I like it, but I just REALLY do. Specially in Rising Storm. Ooh Sandstorm, you're so hilarious.
Totally Shippable. Totally Canon.

AWWW AND FEATHERTAIL!! I believe her death was TOTALLY unfair. I mean. Rly. And if you read over that part, does it even make any sense? it's alot like Fred's "death" in the aspect that the manner in which they "die" makes no sense! I mean...she fell...but she was clinging to the stagmite/stalactite (whatever) so she wasn't hurt by the impact...and she wasn't impailed because the blood on her fur came from Crowfeather's torn shoulder...and she landed BESIDE Sharptooth...ah well anyway...

Ah... okay, so you know to lift your spirits now that we're all sad over the loss of Feathertail, you know how in Midnight at the first Gathering in the book, Leopardstar is telling the other three Clans about how Mothwing is going to be Mudfur's apprentice?
So there's this line, and it goes, "The other three leaders drew together for an anxious confrence."
Now imagine what they're saying...

Tallstar: Okay...So I can't really say anything because she just agreed to save my Clan...
Blackstar: True, true...But you have to admit, this whole thing is pretty dodgy.
Firestar: Don't you mean FISHY?
some more dialog...blah blah blah...aaand, back to the Gathering...

Also, from now on, when you facepalm, it's called facePAW! (hahah Zack's idea.)

Some good quotes from the latest series...

"Blood isn't everything, just ask Firestar." --Tigerstar, page 6. I loveeeee that Tigerstar said that.

"We'll all have to watch our tails when these kits are old enough to leave the nursery. They have your blood, Cloudtail, and we all know what a hard time you gave Firestar when you were a kit."
"They'll be fine warriors, Dustpelt, and I'll claw at any cat who says different."
Awww~! Cloudtail and Dustpelt. I lurve the senior Warriors, they rox. But I am still having a hard time imagining Cloudtail as a senior Warrior!

These books are very amusing, and have some extraordinary adventures. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading. I've read all the books, and they're brilliant! I suppose you've gathered that much =D but yeah, next time your in the book store or Library, look them up, and check them out!!

You notice, there's a space between GREEN and DAY?! well. Guess what? You know why? BECAUSE THERE IS! Sorry, just annoys me when people go greenday or Greenday. There's a space people, PUT IT THERE!
So, I've listened to all the albums, so BAYUM! Call me an American Idiot fan if you fancy, but I'm more than just an average AI fan.
Best GD song = BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS!! Though the rest of them are pretty great. I'd say after that would be Uptight, throw some Wake Me Up in there, and of course I love Having a Blast (not sure why.) Aw, hell, I love them all! Yes, even King for A Day and 1000 Hours.

21ST CENTURY BREAKDOWN OMV WTF? Well, it's no American Idiot, but it'll do.

Anywho, other stuffs...
~~~ DRAGON RIDERS OF PERN! IS AMAZING. F'nor, Canth, F'lar, Menemnth, Robinton, Brekke, Fanderal, and F'lon are so wicked =D

~~~ BLEACH! I love Bleach and all it's sword-actiony action. Hitsugaya Toushirou, Byakuya, Kenpachi, and Ichigoooo! are my main fave cherries.

~~~ Naruto! I really like Naruto, but I don't much keep up with Shippuden. I like the first part, before the timeskip. My top cherries are Itachi, Irkua, Shikamaru, Neji, and Deidara! =D

~~ Spirited Away!! Best movie ever. Chihiro is so funny and Haku is awesome. All of the characters rock, especially the lamp post at Zaniba's house, you know, the one that leads No Face and Chihiro to Zaniba's home?? Yess and Kamaji, and Yubaba, and Lin, and everyoneeee!

~Avatar is win! xD yeah, Sokka and TyLee are hilariousssss. KOKO and BEEPH are surved together as a platter with a side dish of TOMATOzia!! and Don't forget the AANGST!!

~Pirates of the Caribbean is pretty awesome. At first I was pretty reluctant to watch it, but then I did and liked it. My fave character is William Turner jr. My second fave character is Barbossa, who would be THE BEST LAWYER EVER if he wasn't busy being a pirate (well, except for John Adams, who could pwn him. But everyone else...) My third fave is Mr. Gibbs. Fourth is a tie between Jack Sparrow (y'knew he had to be here) and surprisingly, Commador Norrington. Fifth and final is Elizabeth Swan in a tie with one Mr. Jack the monkey.

~The Lord of the Rings is pretty great, too. I love Pippin first, then Merry, GLORFINDEL! followed by LEGOLAS GREENLEAF then Tom Bombadil in a tie with Gandalf and loyal Bill the Pony. I also like everyone else...but you know...Pippin and Merry are just so freakin' hilarious!! IT WAS GLORFINDEL'S HORSE! ahem Thank you. Tom was pretty cool, too. haha. And then of course, Gandalf is just pure win...and also happens to be the name of our cat, as does Pippin xD
I fly the banner of Finrod Felagund of Nargothrond!!

Oh okay! So I'm keeping tabs of T.V. shows that include LOTR referances in their episodes!! So far I've got...
~ Married With Children, The Big Bang Theory, South Park, The Simpsons, Jimmy Neutron, My Hero, Fairly Odd Parents, and Ed, Edd, N' Eddy.
So, if you know anymore, let me know, it'd be AWESOME to have more up here. I know there's a bunch out thereeeeee.
WISHOLOGY!! Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars all spoofed in Fairly Odd Parents = BEST THING EVR. Wishology Pt 1? INTRO = AMAZING! lol. Matrix followed by LOTR followed by Hp? Awesome stuff, kiddies, awesome stuff. The other two parts were pretty wicked, too.
On recent episodes of Psych and Big Bang, there were Hp references!! (to the POA book and the GOF movie, respectively.)

Have you ever noticed how there's an insane amount of Lee's around? I mean there's Lee Jordan -- teh best -- and there's Rock Lee and the Dai Lee, and Ty Lee, and Lee Scorsbey -- sp?-- and like a bunch of other Lee's. OH and there's Richard Henry Lee!! You know...delegate for Virginia, 1776? American History? Anybody? Ehhh...psh.

~Pokemon ROX. Do. Not. Doubt. POKEMON!! (Eevee, and Pikachu, and Mew, and Rapidash. Yeah! All original 151!!)

So the Fanfictions are listed after this with their special summeries; this checklist is really a way for me to keep track without wasting paper (yet I am wasting energy...which is the lesser of two evils?) So just bypass this if your not interested in seeing what i'm reading! (suggestions are welcome).


Warriors - First series - Check

Warriors: Firestar's Quest - Check
Warriors: Bluestar's Prophecy - Check

Warriors - The New Prophecy series - Check

Warriors Field Guide: Secrets of the Clans - Check

Warriors - The Power of Three series - Check

Warriors Manga I: The Lost Warrior
Warriors Manga II: Warrior's Refuge
Warriors Manga III: Warrior's Return

Hmm i'm glad I chose to reread Warriors this summer, it was like a trip down nostalgia lane. I felt very close to my books, closer than I was before and I'm going to be sad when I finish the manga and have to wait another while before I get a chance to reread them again!

Harry Potter years 1-7 - Check

Ultimate and Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter: Analysis books 1-4 - Check
Ultimate and Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter: Analysis Book 5 - Check
The Science of Harry Potter - Check
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - Check
Quiddtich Through the Ages - Check
If Harry Potter Ran General Electric - Check.
Tales of Beedle the Bard - Check

Dang. I really want The Plot Thickens. I read the essays about Fred and George, and those were pretty cool. I wanna read the other essays about the rest of the characters now.

The Hobbit - Check
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - CHECK! 10/12/08 -- 8:20-8:21ish
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - CHECK 11/3/08 -- 2:53ish
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - CHECK -Finished techincal story at 5:13ish 11/16/08. Finished Appendicies at 6:38 11/27/08, and finished entire book (index inclued) at 7:11:18 pm on 11/2708.

Wow...I can't believe...I can't believe I finished Lord of the Rings. I just...wow. It was amazing and...wow. I never thought I'd actually like it enough to be sad that I finished it but...here I am, all sad that I finished it. I want to write fanfiction for it now, really, I do...I just need some plot bunnies. But still. I am in shock that I managed to finish these epic stories. Just...wow.

The Silmarillion - Check 10:15pm 4/27/09
Unfinished Tales - Check
The Book of Lost Tales: 1 -

Original Trilogy - Check
Moreta: Dragon Lady of Pern - Check
Nerilka's Story
Dragonsdawn - Check
Renegades of Pern - Check
The Dolphins of Pern - Check
HarperHall Trilogy - Check
The Master Harper of Pern - Check (afternoon, 5/8/09)
Chronicals of Pern: First Fall - Check
The Girl who Heard Dragons - Check
All the Weyrs of Pern

His Dark Materials. - Check

Democracy in America ((by Tocqueville) - Done.
"It is painful to percive how much lower we are sunk than our forefathers, since we allow things to pass, under the color of justice and the sanction of law, which violence alone imposed upon them." (chapter 6, pg 105)

Audacity of Hope (Obama's book) - Check. He's a good author. He should write fiction. Oh wait, this book is formed by the words of a polititian, of course it's already fiction.

Democracy for the Few - Check.
Tailchaser's Song - Check.
A Certain Slant of Light - Check.
America's Hidden History - Check
Adams v. Jefferson
Life of Pi - Check
East - Check
Don't Die Dragonfly - Check
A Spell For Chamelean - Check
Tamsin - Check
Heir Apparent - Check

School related?? WOOT...none! Gonna start Crucible soon, but w/e.

"When in library and are bored/done with research do not, I repeat, DO NOT walk near the shelves containing the Harry Potter books. Also, do not (DO NOT) begin rereading Deathly Hallows, specifically page 637, atleast 20 pages before, nor any pages after."

Ohhhhkay, so here's the important stuff, the reason you are probably here: Fanfictions.
Below is a list of all my fanfictions and a basic description that gives you a bit more info than the summery. They're in order from the newest to the oldest.

ZOMG! Fanfic news? So, I can't give you a count on many specific fandoms. Tamsin is ready for posting, I have a couple Potter bunnies, an x-over idea, maybe a couple LOTR/Sil bunnies, and one POTC bunny. I have one POTC, an one part of a Potter, and two LOTR written, nothing for theSil. Huzzah for procrastination.

On the other hand. Back to the fanfictions that are actually thus far written...

Running, Hiding, Chasing, Finding ~ Just a ship fic. Why, what kind of ship? A friendship type ship!! It's Lily and Sev when their little kiddies, just having some fun playing hide-and-seek in a frozen world.

Uns ~Yay for growing up?? Uh, these deal with different characters and growing up, and range anywhere from realizing one's fate to maturing from childhood idealism to adult realism, or just understading that you can still be a good person despite your lineage. There are 9 total.
Potter: Untrue, Unsaid, Unconcerned, Unsung ~ Characters: Lee, Fred, George, unnamed NextGen kid, respectively.
LOTR: Untainted, Unloved, Undecided, Undying ~ Characters: Lego, Faramir, Elros, and Aragorn, respectively.
POTC: Only one: Unbidden. ~ Character: Will Turner.

Order of the Puns~ This is a one-shot, and it's basically how at one of the Order meetings after the fifth book when Fred and George joined, they kept making puns, even though it was SUPER obnoxious and definitely inappropriate. I get that they probably wouldn't have done this, but I needed to A) practise writing humour, and 2) the world needs more humour, anyway. It took me 10 whole months to write it after I came up with the idea, which is pretty ridiculous considering I wrote out all the puns on the first night I thought of it. I owe Rachel a huge thanks, though, she came up with about half of the puns used in the fic. I actually like the ending...I just couldn't resist adding Lee in this fic. I am really beginning to appriciate his character.

Fall Apart ~ The other day I was thinking about how in Hp fanfics, the girls are always like Sakura before the Forest of Death, or they're crazy selfwilled and NVR break, even when the boys do. And then I'm like, "yay, feminists unite!" but wait...they're still human. Some of the things they go through would just...agh.I can't explain it. But...I thought that maybe after a War like the one that occured it would be okay for them to fall apart once in front of everyone. I mean, do you really think Harry wouldn't in front of Ron and Hermione, and they in front of him? If Ginny loves him, why wouldn't she trust him enough to cry in front of him? What of the other pairings? I think they'd all make it through it together, not individually (wow, in direct contradiction to my F&G fics!), so I wrote a fic about it...and had too much fun with imagery. And incase you were wondering, yes, the title comes from Less Than Jake. I was listening to Fall Apart while trying to think of a title for a fic, and decided that it fit.

Of Elves and Men ~ Don't you love the title? It's oh-so-witty. Well, anyway, it's about how Elves want to have mortality and Men want immortality. I mean, for the latter, how many peeps do you know that are like, "I want to live forever."? I know loads. Obviously, that part is pretty easy to understand; yet I think that Elves would want a share of that mortality. It's stated that even when they die, their spirits do not perish, but return to Valinor and so they siriusly LIVE FOR FREAKIN' EVER! Personally, I'd hate it, but you know what, I'm not an Elf, but I'm pretty sure some Elves do hate it. In fact, in the foreward of The Silmarillion, Tolkien mentions how the Elves kind of feel about the whole mortality-immortality issue. So this is about how Elves and Men feel and then BAMF how they are both mildly jealous by the Hobbits who are so care-free that, hey, who wouldn't want to be like them?

Luck Unlooked For ~ Just a little Nev/Luna romance. Neville is nervous about an interview that might land him the spot of the new Herbology professor at Hogwarts, and he's got every lucky charm he could possibly think of, but Luna has one extra one that just might give him that extra bit of luck he needs. It's a dragonfly -- totally unmagically inclinded and definitely not made up by her wild imagination. Just a bit of natural luck and just what he needs to get the job. (A long time ago my mom told me that if a dragonfly lands on you then it's good luck.)

Left Behind ~ OMV IT'S NOT A HARRY POTTER FIC! Yuh. You read that right. I wrote a fic outside the Hp fandom. And this fic is abooooout...LORD OF THE RINGS! You know how Merry is always left behind? Well, I wrote two instances when he was, and the third part is when Merry dies (yes he dies, check the appendicies, yo) and this time around, Pippin has been left behind. It's just how they would feel, and I even included songs! Yes. I wrote the songs, didn't jack them from Tolkien like I did the characters...jk, jk! Pip and Merry still belong to Tokien (unfortunately), I just...borrowed them. Like Aragorn the Borrower. (LOL. Go read Ramblings of a Ranger from the North. SO HILARIOUS!! Under my faves, btw.)

Avenging a Friend~ Here's the breakdown. You know how Lee got detention waaaay back in book 5 because after the Quibbler came out, Umbridge set a new decree that said teachers couldn't talk to students about something other than their subject, and Fred and George were playing Exploding Snap in class, so Umbridge yelled at them, then Lee pointed out that because of her new decree, she techincally couldn't do anything about it? Yeah, okay. So here's my version of what happens when Fred and George find out what Umbridge's "detention" really entail. I mean really, do you see them being like "Oh, you got your hand sliced open, haha. sucks for you." or being like, "REVENGEEEEE!!" Or...somewhere between the two? I see them somewhere between the two, hence the name Avenging a Friend. So that is that story. 5 chapters long. Sooo. yeah.

If He Did~ So, basically, I really really hate those emo-George-commits-suicide fanfictions, so I wrote this one out to poke some fun at those fics. Then I got carried away and made a second chapter...Hmm. There's not much to say about this fic. It's pretty self-explanitory. George kills himself, and one Mr. Fred Weasley is none too pleased with George's decision, so basically he's like, "GO BACK TO LIFE!" because I cannot see Fred being okay with George killing himself, and being like, "Oh haaaaaay, Georgie. Thanks for killing yourself so we can have one last joke together." make the joke. "So...now what?" Y'know?? Yeah, I just can't see that happening. So here, Fred is more...Fred. Also, there is like a sirius repition of words, like...it's not even funny. You're reading along and you're like, "did you not just use that word in the previous sentance?!" yeah...yay for repeating words!! Also, there are lots of typos that I haven't got to fixing yet...so...yeah...if it doesn't make sense, and it's a typo, well...use your imagination! xDD

The Timeturner Toy~ This is a little drabble in which Hermione is so tired one day that she leaves her timeturner just hanging off her desk, and Crookshanks thinks that it would be great as a new toy. So he goes and plays with it and sends himself back in time, where, needless to say, he is a very confused kitty. ONE-SHOT!!

Between You and the Gaint Squid~ So you remember how in book 5 in "Snape's Worst Memory" when Lily comes over to tell James to stop messing with Snape, and he's like, "Okay, but if you go out with me." and she's all, "I wouldn't go out with you if it were a choice between you...and the Giant Squid!", right? I so obviously paraphrased that, so don't get on me for not using proper canon quotes Nywho, in this fanfic, James takes her siriusly and goes to become a squid...thus trouble ensues. Also a drabble, and also a one-shot.

Oh Shut Up, Weatherby~ Haha! A post-DH non-emo George fanfiction! So in this little ficlet the date is Christmas Eve and George is heading over to the Burrow for Christmas, but decides to go visit Fred first. When he ges to the graveyard he finds Percy who is sad/guilty and feels bad and does the whole, "but it should have been meeeee" thing. Survivor's Guilt. Woohoo. Anyway, so all in all, it's a Percy-George-Brother-Bonding fanfic, because personally, I can't imagine George going suicidal after Fred "dies" and I can't imagine him hating Percy for living when Fred "didn't", and I think they'd end up being closer than they were before, even if they weren't best friends and I'll stop ranting now xD

Never Bet Against a Giant Squid~ So you know how we never find out who George or Lee go with to the Yule Ball? And you know those "I am not allowed to do at Hogwarts..." icons? And you know how one is, "The Giant Squid NOT an appropriate date to the Yule Ball.", right? Weeeeeeell, who do we know is crazy enough to attempt taking the giant sqiud to a Yule Ball?! Lee and the twins, of course! In this fic, Lee loses a bet to the twins (and Fred loses a bet to George) and has to ask the Giant Squid, who my friend dubbed Larry, to the Yule Ball, and guess who says yes! That's right, Larry does! This story doesn't have a second chapter, but I might or might not add one, it seemed okay as a one-shot to me =/

Dry Ice~ Get this! It's not a twins fic! Instead, it's about Sirius and Regulus! Okay, so it's not really a nice "I love you because you're my brother" fanfic, weeell, until the third chapter is isn't. It's kinda...Sirius gives Reg the cold shoulder quite a bit. -_-'' See, it takes place the school year after Sirius goes and runs away from home, and in my mind, I think that would be a break for the brothers. I mean, I can see Sirius being a good brother and stuff to Regulus even if he was put into Slytherin, but I think after Sirius ran away then he would push his brother away too so he could completely seprate himself from his family. I could be wong. I was practising the first person style, because usually I use the third person, which is easier, but whatever...So yeah, it's pretty melodramatic, shall we say. 3 chapters long.

A Different Kind of Evil~ Just a light humored fanfic for Mother's Day. It takes place during the First War and it's like...three days after Gideon and Fabian die, and yes, I do realize that Molly is very well composed for someone who just lost two brothers. ANYWAY, so, Fred and George are, suprise suprise, up too no good, but thankfully Charlie is there. Yeah, that's about it. And yes, I also realize that three year olds probably don't talk in perfectly coherant sentances...I have no idea how they talk cuz it's been quite a while since I was one myself and I don't hang out with children sooo...yeah...this one's a one-shot too. personally, don't like this one, just being honest.

Who To be: Rodent or Rapier?~ hahaha. Yeah. Probably my 2nd fave of the lot. So, you know how in Deathly Hallows, George loses an ear? Well, Fred and George want to fix George another one! While they're doing this, an opportunity for a prank comes up and George, ever the prankster, jumps on it. I won't tell anything else, but the effect has something to do with Fred's codename for PotterWatch, you know, Rodent? Yeah...once again, a one-shot.

The Moon and I go Way Back~ Post-DH fanfic that takes place right after chapter...35, King's Cross. Specifically after Voldy and his gang of lewwwzers leave the forest with pretend-dead Harry and saddy-sad Hagrid. So, the point is, that all the dead people are congretating and being like, "OH haaaay, I'm dead, it's good to see you!" Okay, so when I say "all the dead people" I mean like...7, Lupin, James, Lily, Tonks, Snape, Dumbledore, Sirius, Fred, and Colin, so yeah...OR you can pretend there are other dead characters there! Well, anyway, so Lupin is like, "WOW! This means I don't have to transform anymore!" I mean, like, when a werewolf bites you, does that effected the soul like Avada Kedavra or is it more like the Chicken Pox and simple effect your body? I choose the latter, so Lupin doesn't have to be a werewolf anymore, aaand he says goodbye to the moon. Yeah...pretty much just a little drabbly one-shot, if you can call it even that.

Lost Trinket~ This fic really doesn't make any sense when you put the context with the title. Well, anyway, so you know those little keychains and necklaces that kids give to eachother and one says "Best" and the other says "Friend"? Well, that's what the "lost trinket" is refering too, because George and Fred were best friends, and George feels like one of them has been lost (which he has been...) and he's just the other half of the trnket and blah. But really, it sounds emo, but it's actually not, cuz, like I said, I'm kinda against emo-George. So, yeah...Geoge just reflects a bit the day before Fred's funeral -- Excuse me, I mean FUNeral. There we go. OH and incase you didn't get it so far, DH-Spoilers xDD

Broken Rules of Dueling~ This takes place 12 years after the Final Battle, on -GASP- the anniversery of the Final Battle. There are four chapters: George, Fred, Bill, and Harry, in that order. Each chapter is a POV of that character, and they go like this: George's is basically the typical, dealing with grief, though not so emo. Fred's is dealing with his own personal grief, I suppose, because ghosts feel sorrow, so it's like his private soapbox as he complains about George not "getting over it". Bill's chapter is the frustrations of telling Victorie the downers of her birthday and why is a happy/sad kind of day. Harry's chapter is Harry dealing with guilt that he's felt since the final battle, and Ginny's logical approach that helps him get over himself.

For some AMAZING Fanfictions, do check out my favourites. They're all pretty great, though they're mostly about the twins, HOWEVER, some are about the Marauders, a couple about the Death Eaters...yeah. You'll just have to sift through it, but I strongly encourage you to do so because they are all really rockin' awesome.

And all that aside: remember To save some trees, and do recycle please!!
Then the earth will love you =D
and good things come from a happy earth!

Remember: No trees, no smile

Now then, one more thing, (haha, you're like there's more?! Yes. There is more, and there's nothing you can do about it! BAHAHAHA!) you may be wondering what all this nonsense is. After all, I'm sure you've noticed that much of what I've written up on this here profile has nothing to do with the fanfictions I've written. Why did I do this? Well, it's simple. This profile is an excellent way to keep track of things I wish to be kept track of! It's truely ingenius. You see, what if one day...I get hit over the head with a soccerball (hey, it can happen!) and I lose my memory! What if I can't remember...what my favorite Green Day song is? How will I know? Well, I'll just look up on my ff.net profile (assuming I remember I have one) and there you go! It's right there. Then I can go about my day and listen to my favorite song! So you see, it's a wonderful back-up plan. Trust me, you can forget these things.

Well, with that said, I do believe it is time to go! And so now, I bid you a rather overused yet still effective parting phrase: "I wish you...a fond farewell..."

...AND ALL WAS WELL! (sorry, couldn't resist...)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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