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~Heya everyone_ Thankies for coming to my fiction page! Lets see what about meh-thinks- Well my birthday is in June(summer baby_) and i was born in 1990 so you can do the math to see how old i am if you wanna,lol. I'm a very out-going girl who loves to laugh and smile. I love being different and not for attention so dont asume that please. I just like wearing things that matches my personality and i get judged for doing that lol but i dont care whatever make meh happy ya know? From my what friends and some of my family member's have told me my style is mainly lay-back and my friends say that if i liked being labled(punk,goth,rocker etc) then i would be all but a jock since i dress all styles and i have to agree lol. Speaking of stero-typing i HATE it i mean your just you so WHY would anyone/you want to lable that? If you guys probably havent notice just yet i do misspell a lot of words and i'm sorry for that so if you see a word misspelt please dont diss on me for it just nicely correct me and i'll change it. Um OH i love music and anime;everytime im stressin i either watch or listen to one of those but recently i havent been watching anime due to the fact that i discrover Big Bang(a koran R&B group) and i'm tottaly in love with them!! I'm currently want to learn how to speak Korean,Jap. and German and since i see that Korean is somewhat easier im going to go and try to learn Korean first so if you know how to talk any of those please if you can help me!! Se7en;a korean R&B artist under YGEntertainment is trying to make it big in America under YGAmerica so do whatever you can to support him!! He needs ALL of our support. If he makes it big here then the rest of the YG family will come to America as well to try to make it big. So please SUPPORT our Se7en and add his Myspace and Twitter(if you have those) and tell your friends to support him as well! Well lol here is more info about me that i hope you enjoy and not get bored!~

Oh and if you listen to Korean music then hopefuly you'll know who this girl group is. The Wonder Girls are touring with the Jonas Brothers right now in America so please please support them as well. They need our support also along with Se7en. But if i remember correctly Se7en is back in Korea but i think he will be coming back to America soon so don't stop supporting him to! Thanks again for stopping by my fiction page, i hope you enjoy what cha see _ Bai Bai!

~My sister Cookiegirl123. and i are a team in writing fictions. We call our selves the "Inu Sister's" so when we write a fiction together i will put "Inu Sister Production". Just thought i would let everyone know that _ ~

~Name/Nickname~ Since i'm not giving my real name out you can either call me Kagome,Kags or my original character Aya,i'll let you decided

~Gender~ Ima chick/female!

~Likes~ Anime,Music,Boys,Eye-liner,The colors:Black,Blue,Red and Silver,Pictures,Writting(ima decent at it), Drawing(need help),YouTube(thats my Myspace lol),Rping,Reading(eh a little lol),Finger-Nail polish,Making new friends,Chatting with my pals, Eye-liner on some guys,My hair color(lol dirty blonde), TinkerBell,Candles,Ghost.

~Dislikes~ Lairs,Back-stabbers,The color Pink and Purple,Fake people,People who brags way to much,Fighting,Yelling(personal reasons), People who text chat way to much(kinda annoying if your not actually texting someone), Sucky Rps,Math(its evil).

~Anime's i've watched(If you think i would like an anime please tell!!)~ Inuyasha,Marmalade Boy,Full Moon Wo Sagashite,Sailor Moon,Bleach,DN Angel,Death Note, Blood,Kodocha,Tokyou Mew Mew, Eurake 7,Code Geass,Shugo Chara,Vampire Knight,Vampire Knight Guilty,Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne,Please Teacher,Please Twins,Pretear,Myself;Yourself,Elfen Lied,Sola,Lovely Complex,School Days(i hated that anime),I love my little sister,Special A,Rosario Vampire/Rosario Vampire Capu2,Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora,Sukisyo.

~Favorite Manga's~ InuYasha(kinda reading), Shugo Chara(still reading),Vampire Knight,Backstage Prince,Bloody Kiss,Bitter Virgin,Elfen Lied,Cutie Boy, Desire Climax, AAA(still reading),Ai Hime~Ai to Himegoto,Lovely Complex(still reading) Lovely Complex Plus,Bokutachi Wa Shitte Shimatta(still reading), Chocolate Casoms(still reading)

~FanGirling over...~
G-Dragon/Kwon JiYong-Big Bang
Top/Choi Seung Hyun- Big Bang
DaeSung/Kang Dae Sung- Big Bang
Se7en/Choi Dong-Wook- Se7en
Hong Ki-F.T Island
Jay/JaeBeom- 2PM

Eminem/Marshall Matters-Eminem

~What i usually write about~ Mainly things that are real; like heart-ache,death,love,betrayal,suicide etc etc. Tha anime's i will mainly use to write will be of crouse InuYasha also Shugo Chara and Lovely Complex. Once i can find an website that allows you to put up fictions using your own character's then i'll be doing that as well.

-The Bleeding Truth- This fiction my sister is helping me write(were a team so we will probably write alot fictions together) its about Kagome seeing her love of her life kissing his ex girlfriend;Kikyou. Since she's so stubborn she didnt give InuYasha a chance to tell her what really happened so she(Kagome) went into a state of depression and tried to kill herself more than once(she's still alive). I cant tell you more you have to read the fiction.

-Betrayal- I actually wrote this using my friends+ myself + member's from a Korean R&B group that i'm in LOVE with;Big Bang but since i really havent found a site that allows you to post you're stories with you're original character's i switched the character's into InuYasha ones. But i got this idea from watching "Haru Haru" a Big Bang music video and also watching a fanmade video using two of the members in Big Bang. Kagome and InuYasha have been dating for a year now and everything is going great up until Kagome broke up with InuYasha out of the blue and not giving a reason that he believes. InuYasha see's his best friend; band member talking to his ex girlfriend(Kagome) when InuYasha saw Kagome giving Miroku the necklace that he had given her he loses it and goes over yelling at Miroku, Miroku not knowing what to do say that Kagome and him are dating. After a while of fighting Kagome collasp, Miroku finally decides to tell Sesshomaru, Kouga and Naraku the truth in why he said that he was dating Kagome, but the guys didnt have time to be shock; Miroku got a call from the hospital saying that Kagome is in bad shape. Miroku runs to his car with the others behind him. Once at the hospital Sesshomaru seeing how bad Kagome was decides to call InuYasha letting him know the truth...will InuYasha get there in time to be with the person he loves or will it be to late?

~Fiction's on Hold~
-The Bleeding Truth- Due to the fact that my sister is busy alot with school that she hardly has time to type her chapter out. Once she gets free time she's going to finish it and it will be back up!

-Betrayal- Still in progess I'm currently re-editing the character's and also still writing it as well. More chapters to come soon so please keep reading _

~Site's if you want to visit~
YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOriginalKgome90
Thats the profile that is mainly Big Bang lol


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