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Hi! I've decided to add just a small bit about myself and my likes to this here bio. (So that there is actually something on this page.)

Looks: I am an extremely attractive, three thousand year old, two toed sloth. Moss never looked so good.

Hair: My fur (If that's what you wanna call it) is brown and long.

Eyes: I don't own a mirror, but judging by the way small animals take one look and run in the opposite direction... I'd say they're a bright shining red.

Habitat: I live in the second story of a book... er, I mean tree. Ever heard of the Burmese mountains? Well I'm glad I don't live THERE. The climate simply wouldn't agree with me.

Favorite TV Shows: This is the only information I am not at liberty to disclose. Sorry!! Though I will say that I only write about things that I like. Hint Hint

Maybe later I'll post more but for today... well duty calls. Signing off.

Some time later...

Hi! Yes it's me again, just signing back on to make a slightly more serious addition to this page.

First off:

Favorite TV shows:

One of my personal favorites-and one of the few that I ever actually followed during it's air on the telly- was Xiaolin Showdown. Does anyone else remember how it ended? I actually thought they were going to air another season for the longest time. It took about a year before I finally realized that it was over. Then I was sad. If I remember correctly it was my craving for Xiaolin Showdown that introduced me to Fanfiction.

I also am addicted to House M.D. My favorite character-just stating the obvious here- is none other than Gregory House with Dr. Cuddy coming in for a good ol' second place. Wilson is also charming but, then again I think all of the main six or so are, in their own spacial ways.

NARUTO!! Love it! End of story! Well almost. As an interesting little tid bit; I went and saw the first movie on it's one night only showing when it came out in English. It was the first time I'd ever seen cosplayers in person.

O.k... I don't watch it anymore-if I can help it- but Dragon Ball Z was always on T.V. when I got home from school, back when I was like 8 or somethin'. I watched the Cell games and most of the Boo saga. After all; Gohan had the most screen time in those two arcs and he was(and still is) my favorite Z fighter, followed up by Picolo.(I am too lazy to spell check the name right now.)

I suppose I haven't mentioned yet so here we go... (Takes deep breath) I sometimes am addicted to manga. So here are some of my favorite titles.

Favorite Manga:

Let's start with... Fruits basket! This particular story is completed and I read it from beginning to end and savored every panel.(Except for the boring ones.) I feel that the franchise could have brought in a lot more money if they had only continued the anime instead of ending it with the first season. In my opinion the second and third would have really been worth watching.

Vampire night. I recently fell for this one and have not yet made the time to watch what of the anime is out. This series is still in progress and the last time I checked there were about forty chapters out for it. But hey, waiting is supposed to be half the fun.

Emma a Victorian Romance. It's not all that long and I'm pretty sure the anime has not been dubbed in English yet but... I found it extremely charming.

NARUTO!! Masashi Kishimoto... the only Japanese anime artists name that I've bothered to memorize. Yeah, he's a genius... to say the least. Very creative. The biggest down side is all the flash backs... at least in the anime.(Hey want me to have a flashback of what just happened fifteen seconds ago!?) It's better-though- than dragon ball Z where they spend at least half the time yelling, gawking or just plain staring at each other.

I read all of Alice 19th. Ahhh... the power of words. It was pretty sweet dudes. I really liked the little British kid. Sorry can't remember his name. It was after all, pretty long.

That's enough for now. After all, gotta get back to my 'life' now. Have an awesome time on Fanfic!!

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