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Name: Eli (wel not really, but you can call me Eli)

Age: 17

Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Playing the piano and the saxophone

I mostly read Harry Potter and Merlin, eventually i will fall for your traps and may possibly read morganville/sookie stackhouse/the Kelley Armstrong books

I used to be a real canon shipper, but as i've been reading ff for over 2 years now, i love reading fanon as well!

In the Harry Potter series i really liked the fanon, now the boyslash craze has gotten me and i can't get enough of it!
I also love to read:

Hermione/One of the twins
Ginny/Muggle boys

As you may have noticed i like reading from the girls perspective most, because i can relate to it better

And then for the slash pairings:


I'm sure there's way more slash but these are the ones i've read so far, also i don't read girl slash, and don't intend to! But then again, i used to say i'd never read boy slash.. hmmm

I always try a first chapter before liking or disliking it, i don't count on summaries so much,
Some stories i got in just far enoug to find out that this is really something better left unread:

Luna/Crabbe or Goyle
Harry/any other boy but Draco

As you are most likely to expect, i also have some favourite characters in the Harry Potter series:

That's kinda my top ten i guess

But, i don't only read Harry Potter do i? So, as i'm big on Merlin as well, some do's and dont's

Favourite characters

OhMyGosh, that was the most cliché listing ever.. But ahh, can't help it!
Strangely, i just can't read merlin with anyone except for arthur.. hmm.. though i do think it's strange, merlin should end up with a girl, but i can't find one that fits with him. Freya was kinda nice, but...

As i haven't been reading Merlin for so long i don't really have any other favourites for you.. sorry:(

And yes, i have tried to write stories. But i write a chapter, post it, think it sucks, don't like the story, take it down again. So i'll just do the reading..
If anyone has any suggestions for my reading likes, or something you simply think i should try, just message me.. i'd love to hear!

That's all for now folks (Looney Tunes?) byee

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