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My name is Lacrymosa and i'm madly in love with EO My nickname is Idaho , given to me by my frinends and i guess you guys can all figure out what it means and if you can't figure it out repeat it very slowly and you'll get it.

I'm a little crazy but thats the effects of spending too much time with my Friends.

So any way about me hmmm

Well I live in New York and i'm a Libra

I'm totally in love with my music i breath eat and sleep it, i write songs, sing them, and i love acting.

Here are some of my favorite SVU quotes

Attorney: You accusing my client of murder?
Olivia Benson: No ... just being stupid.

Olivia Benson: I sure as hell wouldn't drive all the way to Queens just to save your ass.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah, you would.
Olivia Bensonpause OK, but only because you have a wife and kids.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah.

Looking through a victim's purse for ID
Olivia Benson: No jewelry. I always carry at least a pair of earrings in my purse.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah, like you carry a purse.
Olivia Benson: That's 'cause you carry it for me.
Elliot Stabler: Heh...

Elliot Stabler: Blink your lights when you get inside.
Olivia Benson: You're just gonna sit here all night until I do aren't you, you stubborn son-of-a-bitch?
Elliot Stabler: Yes, I am.

Olivia Benson: You have the sedan with you?
Elliot Stabler: Yep.
Olivia Benson: Which means that you drove all the way uptown from the Queensboro Bridge, dropped off the car, picked up the sedan, turned around, all the way back downtown to get here. That's a lot of neighborhood, my friend.

Olivia Benson: You know what you are?
Richard White: A realtor.
Olivia Benson: A nosey parker.
Richard White: And you're a bitch.

Ricki Austin: Leave us alone!
Olivia Benson: Ricki, your daughter needs help.
Ricki Austin: Get away before I call the police!
Olivia Benson: Mrs. Austin, I AM the police!

Olivia Benson: Who, Ashley? What happened? Is she okay?
John Munch: No. She saw the new NSYNC video and was sadly disappointed, as was I.

Elliot Stabler: Someone's got my partner in their sights.
Adam Cordell Jr.: They must not be very good, 'cause she's still breathing.
Olivia Benson: You were never very subtle were you?

Casey Novak: Hey, captain! Elliot around?
John Munch: He just went out on a call with Dani.
Casey Novak: Well, I need to get in touch with Liv.
Donald Cragen: Forget it. He doesn't know where she is.
Casey Novak: Do you?
Donald Cragen: Nope.
John Munch: Word in the conspiracy mill is she's out having my love child.

Olivia Benson (looking for Novak): Casey, I had to go three blocks to find an open coffee shop. If you went home, I'm gonna kill you.

Geneva Dworkin: I don't date guys. And nobody ever calls me Gen. (gives Benson the once-over) What's your name?
Olivia Benson: Detective.

(Benson and Stabler leaving Naomi Cheales' room.)
Olivia Benson: Love's a bitch.
Elliot Stabler: Tell me about it.
Olivia Benson: You know, we've been partners all these years. I don't even know your blood type.
Elliot Stabler: A-positive.
Olivia Benson: How 'bout that? Me, too. (both step into the elevator)
Elliot Stabler: (after a pause) I'd give you a kidney.
Olivia Benson: Not if I gave you mine first.

Elliot Stabler: So how'd you like working alone?
Olivia Benson: I didn't.

Elliot Stabler: I love these little cliques. They're like the mafia: Nobody knows nothing.

Mariska Hargiaty: Elliot is everything that Olivia has. He is her life. He is her stability. He is her family.

John Munch: There should be a special level of Hell for this pus-sucking, gangrenous, malignancy of a mental amoeba!
Don Cragen: Somebody steal your parking space again?
John Munch: Ramsay just sent in his first victim to defend him against his second.

Hotel Manager: What you're inferring is preposterous.
John Munch: Implying -- you did infer what he implied. And on the bright side, you did infer correctly.

(Undercover, approaching Cragen with new information while in character.)
Olivia Benson: Hey sweetheart ... you lonely tonight? (under her breath) Twelve o'clock, there's a skinny kid, black shirt, blue jeans, hustling a guy in a gray sweater. He could be MKS.

Elliot Stabler: Where is she?
Dr. George Huang: I don't know
Elliot Stabler: Then tell me who does, I'll talk to them.
Dr. George Huang: I can't do that.
Elliot Stabler: Are you playing company man with me, Doctor? I'm not going to give away state secrets, I just want to make sure Liv is safe.

FBI Agent Porter: Your partner back in New York, does he find you as annoying as I do?
Olivia Benson: We're best friends.

Olivia Benson: You hungry?
Elliot Stabler: I could go for a bite. Who's buying?
Olivia Benson: Well you are going through a divorce, and you do have four children, so I guess … you are.
Elliot Stabler: That's what I thought.

Olivia Benson: So, are we okay?
Elliot Stabler: I just need space to disagree with you so that I don't feel like it's going to cost me our partnership.
Olivia Benson: You've never been gun-shy before.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah, well, you know, things change.
Olivia Benson: Well, like you said, you're the longest relationship that I've ever had with a man. Who else would put up with me?

Elliot Stabler: It's our job to believe the victim, your honor.
Judge Harrison: I work in family court, and it's my job to believe whoever's lying the least.

(Talking to Cragen about Benson and Stabler.)
Casey Novak: I thought you said they were working it out?

Dr. George Huang: You had to choose between saving the little boy or saving Olivia.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah, but she didn't need me.
Dr. George Huang: You didn't know that.
Elliot Stabler: I wish I didn't ...
Dr. George Huang: Didn't what? Didn't ... care so much? Elliot, that's what makes you a good partner.

Miles Sennet: (as Benson arrests him) I swear I didn't touch her ...
Olivia Benson: Swear on what? The Bible? God? Your daughter? You have the right to keep your mouth shut.

My favorite life quote is "The world will tell you Who you are until you tell the World"

Hope you like it

Always and Froever Idaho

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