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hola senoritas and senors,

(senoras for all you married girls out there)

mi no habla espanol

Now that we have all that cleared up, i want to ask you a question.

'how are you doing?'

(don't anwser that! wanna know why?! because i don't care how you are doing!!)

you are probably asking yourself why i asked then, right?

(because i felt like it!!)

soooooo, ha!! sticks tougue out

Oh helllllllllo,

didn't notice you there

hope i didn't scare you too much

(i was just talking to myself)

my friends say i talk to myself alot

(i try to ignore them, but i always seam to end up with a head ache)-go figure-

And if any of my friends are reading this (maranda, meg, shell-dog) please don't kill me

Now sit down and enjoy the (inside joke)

(okay, i am mad!! it is not suppose to snow during spring, WHAT ABOUT MY PEACHES!?)

screams in fustration

hey, hey just sit back relax and read my fan fiction...


Agree to disagree please

A little about myself...

i luv dr. pepper

i have two brothers

i live in washington

i have two kittens (i might be able to put some pictures of them on my profile)

i luv reading & writing

i have brown hair & blue eyes

i recently discovered i can cook (weeeeeeeeeee!! brownies & chocolate cookies for me)

(if u have not caught on yet...) I AM A GIRL!!

· ABOUT ME: I love animals. We (we, as in my family and I) have two kittens, Oliver and Gabby, and a big fuzzy hairball of a cat, Sherbet. I am completely devoted to God. I spend most of my time reading, running and or writing. I love spending time with my family, (most of the time!) And I have a new found fascination with history.

· INTERESTS: Reading, running, writing, singing, and hanging with my buds! (peeps)


o MUSIC: The All American Rejects, The Fray, Green Day, Daughtry, Kutluss and a lot more because I’m a music freak!! (but I’m just too lazy to type the rest!)

o MOVIES: National Treasure, The Messengers, Hotel Rwanda, Becoming Jane, A Walk To Remember, Zathura, The Flight Of the Phoenix, And so much more!! ( and the new movie based on my favorite book, Twilight, coming out in December!! Yippy!!)

o TV: Kyle XY, Greek, and 7th Heaven.

o GAMES: Monopoly, apples to apples, and other older board games!

o BOOKS: If I told you all my favorite books we would be here all day! If I told you what I’m currently reading, I’ll be done with it tomorrow so there would be no point. So I will just brief you on a few of my favs: Twilight Series ( I LUV EDWARD), I heart you you Haunt me, BIBLE, East, Montana Series, Alex Rider Series, Dreamers, Where The Red Fern Grows (I love the movie), Old Yeller, Wolf Brother Series, Uglies Series, Troll Fell, Sea of Troll Series, And so many, many, many, many more! I want to write them all, but I don’t think it’s nice to bore someone on purpose. So I just wrote a few on the top of my head. (full of knowledge and books my head is) Ha!! I live off books!! I have read more books in these last few years than most people do in their entire life!! I can read a 500 hundred page novel in a day!! Talk about book worm here!!

read, read, plez:

If u r not a morning person, sleep till noon

Fire And Ice: Robert Frost

Some say the world will end in fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice is also great

and would suffice.


Good News:

I was out checking to see how or if my peaches were coming in and the are doing great. All the recent sunshine has helped them out. Now we just have to wait and see if there will be any brown rot...

Oh, by the way for those who have been wondering why i have not upadted in a long time, it is mostly because either i am really busy with end of the year stuff or i have been really lazy, but i promise that that i will update more often.

I will not be able to update 17th-21st of june because i will be at silverwood in idaho.

I will not be able to update 2nd-8th of july because i will be on a Orcas Island (I am pretty sure it is some where between those days because we go up there every year for the forth of july Salmon Bake. It is awesome, my family and the lion club up there put it together)

I will not be able to update 11th-16th of August because i will be in spokan at camp (it is pretty cool)

I will tell you if i have anything else planned. But i can tell you right now that i have a pretty busy summer. I will be doing a lot of work and fundraising for my trip to DC and Philadelphia next spring.

yours truly,

Singer Of Us


I know it has been a long time since I have updated anything. and I really sorry. I've have already told you guys that I will be taking a trip to Washington DC and philadelphia this spring and i have been super busy raiseing money and then i have science olympiad i have to stay on top of along with practicing for the seattle children's chorus. i can not promise i will be able to update every week, but i will do my best to update regularly. thanks again i will talk to you guys later,

Singer Of Us

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