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Yo! My name is Kelsey, I am currently going into college and not really the most popular kid in school, I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy (a leg problem that pretty much means I can't run fast, play too many sports, I waddle when I walk, and have to use a wheelchair, but let's get this straight I CAN walk!!) but having a disability does not mean my imagination and heart are lacking!! Anyway here's a little more about me:


Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Collecting Japanese things, Naruto, Anime, and more etc...

Least Favorite Anime Characters: OROCHIMARU!! I HATE HIM SOOOOOOO MUCH!! WORDS CANNOT EVEN DESCRIBE MY HATERD FOR HIM!!, AIZEN!! OHHHHHH, I COULD GO ALL DAY!! (when writing my stories I will probably describe Aizen as HIM that's right I can't even say his name without burning inside.), KARIN ( Naruto) I CAN"T STAND HER!! AND DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON WHAT I THINK ABOUT SASUKE AND HER OKAY?! I WILL FUME ALL DAY!!

Favorite Pairings: Sasusaku, Naruhina, Hitsuhina...and a lot more from other anime but I'm not going to list them all. However if your curious as to my preferences for a particular show, feel free to ask.

Friends: Currently... animefan615, jessica johns, Shirochanxmomo1220, Snow Wing, Snowy Peach Tsubasa, thepercussionist, Kalow, Kaze Rose, Anime and Manga 4ever XD, hinatanaruto fan, JoaNymAr12, AnimeLover237, KnowledgeandImagination, Ember Hinote, and j cloud xD. (YAY!!)

Favorite Animals: Wolves! My all time number one! White Tigers! My all time number two! Pandas! My all time number three! And Squirrel Monkey! My all time number four! ( at least I think so on that one).

Favorite Food: Chinese, Japanese, ect...


Anything and everything on this profile except for the copy and paste is MY PROPERTY! I will not hesitate to contact anyone who I find copying my stories or anything else that belongs to me in any way, shape, or form and yell at them! Although hopefully most of you on here are descent enough to not steal other people's ideas! It's so rude! I really am a nice person but my imagination and things concerning it I take VERY personally, so please do not steal my thunder, or may the wrath of Kazeek the wolf king come down upon your heads!!


Title: A Boy and His Dragon

Summary: A story of the bond that Hitsugaya and Hyourinmaru have with each other and just how strong it can be! HITSUHINA. Possible side story to the ALWAYS THERE SERIES!!

Title: I Will Always be with You / Always With You

Summary: Sequel to ALWAYS THERE. Toushiro and Momo are married and have two awesome kids! ( my OC's :)) but when their whole family is in danger from a brand new threat who is supposed to be worse than HIM, Soul Society is pushed to the edge! who is this new threat? and just how far and how much must Toushiro sacrifice to protect his family? In Progress.

Always and Forever / Always and Eternity

Summary: ( to be determined, third book in the " Always There" series).

Title: Classic Tales: Anastasia

Summary: A tragedy that becomes destiny... A destiny shrouded in mystery... And a mystery that becomes love. Two worlds that were torn apart will be united once again. Hitsuhina.

Title: The Christmas Tie

Summary: Toshiko and Momoko's academy is hosting a play based off a movie in the living world called: Christmas Shoes. And best of all their daddy gets to play their father in the event! But when events begin to take place and they find out what the movie is about they start to fear for their father's well-being. Are the kids really going to loose Toushiro or will the event be a success as planned? Complete.

Title: Shinjitsu Shiro

Summary: Ah the life of a teenage assassin, using guns, going on missions, falling in love...wait a minute! That's not part of the plan! And who's the guy hitting on my future girl?! Well whoever said " Dead men tell no tales" never met Hitsugaya Toushiro. And as the saying goes, "All is fair in love and war."

(Summary may be changed).

Title: Black Moon ( an original story)

Summary: "In this world of cruelty and fear, how can there possibly be hope for happiness? And the one night that unites us all could also be the night when we are wiped from the face of the earth, there is no chance for a future and we will ultimately lose each other in the end." " Then when the end of the world does come we will meet it together and if we are separated I will find you, I will not leave you alone. Our hope may be an illusion but my love for you is all too real."

Summary 2: When the sun is red and the day quick, when the night is long and bright with promise, the night of the black moon. In a world of cruelty and fear there may be still be hope for a future. An original story Hitsuhina style!

Title: Arigato, Taicho ( title may change)

Summary: After the arrival of Hitsugya's sister and the rest of his family, Rangiku starts to think that Toushiro has forgotten about her completely. One day they are sent on a mission together and Rangiku finds out just how wrong she is. " Taicho? Have you really forgotten about me?" " Matsumoto, your the one friend I could never forget." A Hitsumatsu FRIENDSHIP fiction and side story in the " Always There" series.

Title: Born To Make You Happy

Summary: Everyone is born for a reason, some people just haven't found that reason and some sadly never do. But on the day you came into my life it was clear for everyone to see, I had found my reason, I was born to make you happy.

Title: The Phantom of the Soul Society

Summary: There's a mystery in Soul Society! A mysterious man dressed in red and black silently plays the piano to himself and writes brilliant plays! But every time someone tries to see who's playing, the man is already gone! And the only hint they have to who is writing the plays are the letters WW written in gold in the corner. Soon the man becomes known as the phantom of Soul Society, but there's just one question, Who is he?! And Momo and her kids are going to find out! Hitsuhina and another side story in the " Always There" series.

Title: The Prince and I

Summary: He is a prince in one of the ancient dynasties of Japan born to rule with power and strength, she is a ambassador's daughter who joined her father on a business trip. They are Hitsugaya Toushiro and Hinamori Momo. When they meet it seems that they are inseparable but every relationship has troubles along the way. On top of that when a rival prince from another dynasty plots the Hitsugaya dynasty's demise things go straight downhill and Toushiro's only concern is keeping Momo safe, even at the cost of his life...

Title: Black Jack Sasuke

Summary: Song fic slightly altered. Late last night the lord came home inquiring for his lady. Some denied and some replied, " She's away with Black Jack Sasuke."

Title: Hoist the Colors! ( Title may change).

Summary: Hey, we may be pirates, but pirates have needs too. And unfortunately for those girls over there they are one of them. " Hoist the colors! These idiots need to see just who they're dealing with!" the captain shouted throwing her over his shoulder. " And you miss, are coming with me." She glared at him. " Not if my life depended on it will I ever go with you!" He smirked arrogantly. " Well unfortunately for you, it does."

Title: Senjo no Sakura

Summary: An elven princess born of forest's blood, a gifted prince born of man's. Two accidental meetings, one fated destiny. When elves and man collide once more. " Hear me now prince of man, release me at once or prepare for war, what say you?" she asked him glaring, he smirked. " I say, bring it on, princess."

Title: Daylight Moon, Midnight Sun

Summary: When a dark shadow begins to haunt a small town and race to find the one known as the "Midnight Sun" begins, blood is split, lives are lost and friendships are formed. A pack of werewolves and one unsuspecting girl embark on a journey to end the darkness, but when the time comes will they be able to say goodbye?

Title: Basilisk: The Second Side

Summary: What would happen if some of the Basilisk characters lived and the peace treaty actually succeeded? A little adventure and Romance perhaps? This time it's a whole different kind of war with even more important things to lose."

Title: Scrapped Princess: A Warrior's Folly

Summary: " It all began when I kidnapped her and we came to find we were the same. That was my folly. That's when I realized I was fighting a whole different kind of battle, one I was not prepared for. A battle of love."

Title: Mix and Match: Gathering of Worlds

Summary: What happens when Kazeek takes characters from: Full Metal Panic, Naruto, Basilisk, Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess, Jing: King of Bandits, Shaman King, Bleach, Escaflowne, and Spice and Wolf? Awesomeness, that's what! Chaos, panic, disorder...my work here has only just begun.

Title: Quest For Konoha

Summary: The " Quest For Camelot" story with a twist and a whole lot of Sasusaku! " I will retrieve the Natsuhiboshi and return it to King Minato myself." he s aid scowling calmly. "And no, you can't come." " And why not?" she glared. " Afraid I'll steal your thunder?" He glared back. " Not a chance."

Title: Raging Hearts and Blazing Guns ( Title may change).

Summary: To be determined, Sasusaku military story.

Title: Bullet Of The Heart

Summary: To be determined Sasusaku Yakuza story.

Title: A Date With Death and A Dance With The Devil

Summary: An AU story with possibly a touch of fantasy.

Title: Caught Up In The Middle

Summary: One girl to unite them all, One girl to find them, One girl to love them all, and with her loving kindness bind them. An AU Sasusaku story.

Title: Chichiue Sasuke ( Title may change).

Summary: Defeating Orochimaru? Piece of cake. Confronting the five kages? Too easy. Completing an S rank mission for your home village of Konoha? Child's play. Asking a certain pink-haired Kunoichi to marry you? Challenging. Adapting to family life while trying to be the ideal father figure for your one year old son? Priceless. Oh Sakura, I think we have a problem...

Summary may change.

Title: Tale As Old As Time

Summary: To be determined.

Title: The Deaths of Shinobi

Summary: A collection of one-shots featuring various ways on how many Naruto characters might meet their end. Genre may vary You have been warned. ( I might not do this one).

( more soon).

My OC'S: ( please don't steal them.)

Jimjack and Jamjack Baggerbones: Two of three arrancar brothers who's past are unknown right now, but right now serving HIM for unknown reasons. They may seem quite dumb but are actually very smart and not to be taken lightly. Also they are VERY skilled assasins and trackers but thier older brother is better then the two of them combined. ( he comes later trust me.) Jimjacks zanpakto is named: Senshi ( soldier). Jamjacks zanpakto is named: Sizukesa ( silence).

Momoko Hitsugaya: Toushiro and Momo's daughter. Her favorite color happens to be gold and her zanpakto's name is Yondaime (fourth). She is surprizngly protective over her father, as is her brother, but she goes a little further when it comes to someone hurting/making fun of her daddy. She loves to spend time with her father and enjoys learning new kidou techniques from her mother. She and her brother have a very strong relationship and they do everything together and refuse to do anything without one another. Her birthday is November 20th and her name literally means: Child of Momo or Peach child.

Toshiko Hitsugaya: Toushiro and Momo's son. His favorite color happens to be green and His zanpakto's name is Kazemaru ( wind). He is very protective over his family in general but a little more so over his sister, and his parents as well, and will not stand any insults toward his family especially his father. He loves to spend time with his family and enjoys training with his sister and learning new techniques from his daddy. He also has a very strong relationship with his sister, meaning they do everything together except when spending special time with each of their parents. His birthday is also November 20th and his name means: Valued child. Tecnically his name is a girl name and thus he is sometimes teased for it, but he knows his parents chose it so it would be close to his father's but also have special meaning to him as thier son.

Ayame Hitsugaya: Toushiro's younger sister by two years. She has a very loving and fun personality and values Toushiro more than anything or anyone in the world and was devastated when he was taken from her in the living world. No one knows how she and the rest of her family died after Toushiro but ever since she has been determined more than anything to find him, and once she does never to let him go again. In " Always With You" chapter eleven it is implied that Toushiro died protecting a loved one, but if that loved one was Ayame or not is still unclear. Her name litterally means " Iris".

Renjiro Hitsugaya: Toushiro's father and the current head of the clan. He is Ryujin's youngest and Kangarasu's younder brother. He has a much feicer personality than Toushiro but is also very kind to his family comrades, and friends. He is still apparently, like his father, pained by Toushiro's death in the living world and was probably the most scarred besides Ayame. He loves his main family very much especially his father and Toushiro, it also seems that even after all the things his brother has done to him he still loves him a lot. He noramally is seen wearing a dark blue kimono a special overcoat and necklace resrved for the head of the clan. Toushiro's father still remains a mystery and his abillities are currently unknown, even so it seems he and his father have a huge reputation. His name litteraly means " Upright and honset" which is perfect for his character and personality.

Yoshiko Hitsugaya: Toushiro's mother and Renjiro's wife. She has a very calm and loving personality and looks like an older version of Ayame. She is normally wearing a bright yellow kimono. Not much is known about her yet. Her name litterally means "

Ryujin Hitsugaya: Toushiro's grandfather and father of Renjiro and Kangarasu. Besides Toushiro, he is probably the most unique Hitsugaya as he is obviously the eldest and he is the shortest of all, in fact he was almost an inch shorter than Toushiro was when he joined the thirteen court guard squads. His hair is spiky like Toushiro's but it lacks the defining bang, his eyebrows are rather bushy, and he has both a short beard and a mustache that makes it almost impossible to see his mouth. He is normally sporting a simple yet elegant brown and red kimono. He may be the oldest but his influence is the most powerful of all, unlike the others who have the same eyes as Toushiro and Ayame, his eyes are a glowing light orange, powerful, yet kind. He also carries with him constantly a well made but very old-looking cane with a dragon strongly and beautifully carved on it. He seems to know Yamamoto on a personal level and has great knowlege of the Hitsugaya;s ways, he is also very perceptive allowing him to understand and notice things before anyone else. Though many questions still need to be answered it is clear he loved his wife more than life and is pained greatly when she is brought into a conversation. It is clear he loves his family a lot, even Kangarasu, seeing as instead of disowning Kangarasu he simply moved him aside and made Renjiro his successor with Kangarasu at his side. This Hitsugaya, is yet another mystery. His name lerally means " Dragon god".

Miyoko Hitsugaya: Ryujin's deceased wife and Toushiro's grandmother. Not much is known about her at this time. Her name litterally means "

Kangarasu Hitsugaya: Ryujin's eldest son and Renjiro's older brother. He has a very evil personality but has been seen showing a little kindness. He despises Toushiro for unknown reasons and apparently was the one who killed him in the living world, how and why is not yet known. Although he bears a lot of hatred toword Toushiro after thier first encounter he has not once been mean to the twins possibly implying that he cares for them and Momo. It is also known that he loves his father and respects him more than anyone. His name also seems to have profound effect on Toushiro, even before Aizen gave Toushiro the alias " Kangarasu" why that is unknown, and also the question of Kangarsu being good or evil is still hanging in the air. This Hitsugaya is steeped in mystery and only time will tell what he is up to. His name litterally means " Cold crow" or " Cold raven".

Kiyoshi Hitsugaya: Toushiro's eldest cousin and Benjiro's older brother, and he is normally dressed in a dark purple kimono. Not much is known about him at this time. His name literally means "

Benjiro Hitsugaya: Toushiro's youngest cousin and Kiyoshi's younger brother and he is noprmally dressed in a burgandy kimono. Not much is known about him at this time. His name means "

Akashiro: A pure white wolf with blood red eyes that shows up constanly in my dreams and is already part of an original story. Therefore I have decided to put in him in my fanfics too! He will play many different roles in many of my stories and it could still be the same concept though. Akashiro shows up in these stories so far: " Always and Forever" and " Shinjitsu Shiro". Akashiro means " Red-white" refering to the wolf's eye color and fur.

Kaizen Kurosaki: Kaizen looks exactly like Ichigo but has dark brown hair closely black like Rukia's, much to everyones surprize, Everyone just assumes that it has to be the Kuchiki blood that flows within the small boy. While his hair is closer to his mother's he is pretty much the spitting image as his dad, hair style and personality included. He is a very outgoing person and loves his family a lot, and like Shina, the're both very fond of Byakuya whom they call " Uncle Byakuya". He views Toshiko as his best friend and his greatest rival thus causing the two to have arguments on occasion and him to become overprotective to a riddiculous extent upon realizing that Shina likes Toshiko. He also later develps feelings for Momoko Hitsugaya creating a good rival for Mitsura but causing Toshiko to become even more overprotective of his sister while Momoko herself doesn't notice anything. They chose the name Kaizen not just for the meaning but also to honor Rukia's very good friend and teacher, not to mention Ganju and Kuukaku's dead brother, Kaien Shiba by choosing a name close to his. His name means " Continuous Improvement".

Shina Kurosaki: Shina looks like Rukia but has a little bit more of a happy personality. She is quite outgoing unlike her mom at her age and is always ready for action. She and her brother think of Byakuya as thier idol and respect him highly along with Jishin, they both love thier family and friends and are willing to do anything for them. She views Momoko as her best friend causing the two to hang out together a lot. She also later develops feelings for Toshiko and hits many bumps along the way while trying to get him to notice her. Her name means " Good Virtue".

Harusaru Hiroshi: Harusaru is Mitsura's father and also Toushiro's best friend from when Toushiro was actually alive. He is fun loving and basically Toushiro's complete opposite but when he needs to be he is almost scarilly serious. He and Toushiro obviously have a very close bond as, with the exception of Momo, Harusaru is the only other person Toushiro has not killed for giving him a pet name, Harusaru refers to Toshiro as " Snow Lion" because of one of the meanings of his name while Toushiro refers to Harusaru as " Spring Monkey" because of his own name. He also has asthma which causes problems for him later. Harusaru lost his wife early on when his son was only four, although he was deeply scarred by her death as was his son, he still maintains a very joyful personality only showing pain and sadness in the most rare times. Harusaru loves Mitsura more than anything and would go to any length and pay any cost to keep his son happy and safe, he constanly encourages Mitsura to be the best he can be inspite of his diabillity and the protests of others. All in all the man is still a mystery, and he is also the Current head of the Hiroshi clan. His name means " Spring monkey" while Hiroshi means " Generous".

Mitsura Hiroshi: Mitsura, Harusaru's son is almost completely lame and can only walk with the help of cructhes thus making him seem like not much of a threat or no threat at all. He is very quiet, timid, and shy which is why he dosen't have many friends. He is a very carring and gentle person and thinks of Toushiro like a second father and a great roll-modle. Mitsura lost his mother at the age of four and just like his father dosen't talk about it much. Mitsura is able to show great promise if only given a single chance, he will protect what he loves with whatever he's got, Momoko Hitsugaya seems to have a certian special place in Mitsura's heart. He is the next leader of the Hiroshi clan and his name means " Child of Light".

Kumakichi Minoru: An arrogant man with two sons who is a newbie to the Thriteen Court Guard Squads. He is always belittleing the Hitsugaya's especially Momoko and Toshiko inorder for his sons to suceed. All in all a rather despicable man. His zanpakto and abillities remain a mystery. His name means " Fortunate bear" while Minoru means " Reality".

Leiko Minoru: Kumakichi's oldest son, his name litterally means "Arrogant". He is not very kind to his brother and despises the Hitsugaya and Kurosaki twins, he also openly brags and boasts constanly putting everyone else down. Besides his father and Yamamoto, Toushiro is the only other Taicho Leiko fears. Why Leiko and his brother are so angry inside is currently unknown.

Jiro Minoru: Kumakichi's second son whose name litterally means " Second born male". He is quite a selfish boy but seems much nicer than his brother considering he always does what his brother tells him to do without question most of the time. He is also a lot more quiet than his sibling and dosen't seem to hate the four twins as much as his brother. What exactly caused him and his brother to be the way they are is unknown right now.

Shuusuke Kurostushi: An old man Toushiro met in Hueco Mundo durring his time of capture. It is implied that Toushiro helped him and his friends out on many an occasion and even took thier beatings for them most of the time. Shuusuke, unlike the rest of the prisoneers there with the exception of Toushiro of course, actually has a backbone and stands up for what he beleives to be right. In "Always With You" it is hinted that he is a servent for someone very important thus making that person his master, which is later found out to be none other than Renjiro Hitsugaya, Toushiro's father. While awaiting his master's arrival, Toushiro is assigned to guard him at his request and he also carries a scroll adressed to someone but he will not open it for anyone not even Toushiro thus adding to the mystery even futher especially because he implies that the scroll itself involves Toushiro. The scroll is later found out to be the Hitsugaya Prophecy.


Senshi: Jimjacks zanpakto Senshi is a solider cloaked in black and looks somewhat like the ringraths from Lord of the Rings. It carries a HUGE scythe who's outline and tip is crimson red giving off the apperance of blood. Senshi is also able to encase his opponents feet in stone by slaming the scythe on the ground, the other abillities of this zanpakto are still unknown. Senshi's release pharase is: RIP THEM TO SHREADS.

Sizukesa: Jamjacks zanpakto Sizukesa is a LARGE heyena made of bones that has spikes on it's tail and back dripping with poison it appearently is also able to mimick someone's attack and fire it back at them but in a different color. Nothing more is known about this zanpakto at the moment except it's release pharase is: SLICE THEM TO PEICES.

Yondaime: A decently tall man with golden hair appeared protectively beside her, a double-sided kunai in his hand. His eyes were bright yellow and his face was covered in white bandages as if he had been injured but it was merely there to hide his face seeing as his forehead all the way down to his nose was visible. He wore a white cloak with a purple outline that had a hood in the back and was also perfect for hiding numerous weapons of unknown size, and he wore golden gloves on his hands.

Kazemaru: A powerful Dragon of wind who is later revealed to be Hyourinmaru's younger brother. he is the most powerful of the wind-type zanpakto and is quite fond of Toshiko, helping him during battle and even during the boy's inner struggles to grow. He even calls Toshiko " Young master" instanly accepting him unlike his older brother who beleives the wewilder should earn thier zanpakto's complete respect. It's realese pharase is: Rush across the sunlit heavens. ( See chapter four of " Always With You" for abilities).

Mangetsu: A double-sided Zangetu with red fabric instead of black. Not much is known about this zanpakto yet accept that if fits Kaizen perfectly. It's realese pharase seems to be: Lets go. ( See chapter four of " Always With You" for abilities).

Natsumegami: A red version of Rukia's zanpakto except it controls fire not ice and seems to blance well with Shina. Not much is known about this zanpakto. It's realease pharase is: Grace us with your presence. ( See chapter four of " Always With You" for abilities).

Tenshi: A green skinned elf-like angel with light green wings. His robes are brown and his wings are light green while his skin and eyes are dark green. He is normally holding a spear made of emerald that is several layers thick. Not much is known about this zanpakto. ( see " Always With You" chapter four for abillites).

Tasogare: A huge bat of many different shades of purple and blue It's feet have enormous claws and the tips of it's wings are embroidered in spikes. Not much is known about this zanpakto. It's release phrase is : Shimmer. ( see " Always With You" chapter four for abillites).

( more soon. )

Pictures of some of my OC'S:

Daisuke Uchiha:

I know I was lazy but I didn't have time to draw him but it's just to give you an idea of what he looks like. The story he's in comes later, along with his description. thanks!!

Hinato Uzumaki:

Yeah, same thing but you get the idea. Her description comes later as well. thanks!!

Akira Akimichi:

Once again, this is just to give you an idea. His description comes later. thanks!!

Suggestion Box

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Kazeek Quotes

( These are just other little quotes I say besides " Long Live HitsuHina!!")

" You never realize how much you need someone, until you don't have them anymore." Kazeek

" The one thing you need most could be right in front of you, all you have to do is look." Kazeek

" Life has two ways like the sun, sunrise and sunset, the sunset being the wanting to give up and dissapear and never wanting to comeback due to past failures and leaving everything behind. Or the sunrise being even though it's hard, we get back up and keep trying even though we know sooner or later we'll do it again." Kazeek ( Shortened version of what Toushiro says in Always There chapter nine.)

" Loyalty isn't sticking by someone all the time, Loyalty is sticking by them in the hardest of times." Kazeek

" A fool's knowledge causes destruction, a wise man's knowledge prevents wrath." Kazeek

" Old endings equal new beginnings" Kazeek

" Where there is light, there is also shadow." Kazeek

" Sometimes what motivates a person can be the difference between failure and success." Kazeek

" The desire to protect someone you love is like a fire, all they have to do is light the match." Kazeek

" You always need a reason to kill someone, but to save or protect someone is a reason in itself." Kazeek

" At least once in life everyone feels small, until someone comes along and becomes just the right motivation for them to stand tall." Kazeek

" Forgiveness is always one of the toughest paths, but it can also be the most rewarding." Kazeek

" The lion never caught it's dinner by roaring at it's prey." Kazeek ( also what Harusaru says in Always With You chapter six).

" The strong choose trust over jewels, while the weak choose merely sand." Kazeek

" People say you can't put a price on friendship although the cost is merely trust." Kazeek

" While the spring monkey dances, the snow lion shall roar." Kazeek

" It is human nature to trust what we see but true understanding lets us see clearly." Kazeek

" If I gained one penny for all the tears I've seen you cry, then I would rather be a poor man for the rest of my life." Kazeek

" Surrendering doesn't always mean you are weak, sometimes it proves you are humble." Kazeek

" The longer you search for someone no matter why or who, makes the reunion all the more special for them and for you." Kazeek

" Love and hate are very much the same yet two very different things, one cares for, heals, and protects, while the other simply stings." Kazeek

" For some who cannot easily express themselves love is hidden behind hate, yet through good intentions and time they will someday open the gate." Kazeek

" Someone once asked me what is it you treasure and store? And with a smile I answered my family, my friends, things truly worth fighting for." Kazeek

"All things must be accepted in time." Kazeek

" When someone is overprotective does it mean they're selfish or does it prove that they care?" Kazeek

“ Eventually there comes a time when every flower must wither.” Kazeek

" Sometimes good things done in secret are the most rewarding of all." Kazeek

" Sooner or later all shadows come to light." Kazeek

“ On the contrary, the fact that I do not make sense is precisely why I make sense in the first place.” Kazeek

( More soon, and no I most certainly do not have a big ego!)

I AM A C.H.R.I.S.T.I.A.N. And I AM PROUD OF IT!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! Add your name and post it to your profile so you can stand up for what you believe in! Kazeek

Read the story below if you believe it or not is up to you:

A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her."

Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone. Did you know that 98 of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93 of the people that read this won’t repost it

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