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Hello. I am a fan of most sci-fi shows and of comics. As can be seen below my stories tend to cross quite a few different media. It use to be that Smallville was amongst my favourite shows and it still is up to about season 6. It is after that I felt it lost its way to the point I will not be watching season 9. Alongside that you can include Doctor Who, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica both the original and updated versions. I could name a whole raft of others like Star Trek, Babylon 5, Buffy(up to her death in season 5) and Angel etc etc. I think you get the idea. Since I started here my tastes and belief in certain ships have changed. Like shifting from Clark/Lois to Superman/Wonder Woman. I won't delete my earlier Clois stories but I think it unlikely I'll ever add to them now. As for why I changed there is no simple explanation I can give you. It was a combination of a few things. Simplest explanation I can give is that over time people and opinions change.

Also as for my Clark/Chloe story I wrote that stemmed from the fact I love Chloe. Of all the things Smallville have done (good and bad) the best one is the invention of the character of Chloe Sullivan and the fact they spent season 8 desecrating her character is one of the reasons I have had it with the show. Also on top of that it allowed me to merge that love with the one I have for Power Girl, the scandalously overlooked member of the super family, and yes I know she has her own comic book before someone mentions it. Basically the idea hit me to have Chloe as Smallville's version of Power Girl and my muse demanded I write it which I did. Over a 100,000 words in two months. Possibly the most inspired I have ever been to write and I wanted to write one story where she and Clark kinda got their happy ever after.

Periodically if ideas hit me I will write those too. Like my Star Trek TNG story or my Stargate story. By the way I love all Daniel/Sam ship stories. Tragedy that it was never done on the show but hey that is what fan fiction is for.

As for why I started writing it was actually reading the stories on this site that inspired me to write my own take on some of my favourite characters. That and I have way too much free time on my hands. Feel free to review my stories but please be gentle, writing was never my strongest subject at school. For all those who have sent in reviews thank you very much. I appreciate them a lot.

Here are some clarifications on what I am up to lately.

Update 20/09/20: I have put up Chapter 3 plus a bonus chapter of SmallvilleX: Butterflies and Hurricanes as this series comes to its end. Hope y'all enjoyed it.

Update 02/08/20: I have added a new chapter to my little collection Corridors of a Twisted Mind called Variations on a Theme.


Arrow/Superman x-over: Last Minute Interventions.

Buffy X-Overs: A Surprise Guest and its prequel So I Married an Alien in Vegas. Entwined Destinies: The Last Son and the Slayer.

Comics Story: The Dating Game; another SM/WW story. Invasion Earth; a SM/WW Elseworlds story.

New Year's Resolution Series: New Year's Resolution. Another New Year's Resolution. Yet Another New Year's Resolution. New Year's Resolution Goes Fourth.

Doctor Who Stories: Three Meetings. Beginnings. Last Night.

Justice League Stories: And then They were Two. Basically it's a Superman/Wonder Woman story. Become a fan of this pairing lately. Christmas Visit. Superman: New Beginnings and it's epilogue; SNB: The Unseen Future. A Superman/Hawkgirl one-shot called Birds of a Feather.

Power Rangers Stories: Reunions and Closure, An Inquiring Mind.

Smallville Stories: Never Tires. The Weight of a Word. Corrections.

Superman A.S Series: After Smallville, First Date, The Truth Revealed, One Engagement and a Funeral.

Decade Lost Series; a series of Clark/Chloe stories: A Decade Lost. Chloe fights a Giant Robot. Power Girl meet Superwoman.

Stargate SG-1: Channel Surfing. A short story dedicated to my two favourite characters Sam and Daniel.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Forgetting the Unforgettable. Skin of Evil: What if?

Star Trek Voyager Story: A Different Endgame.

Superman Movie Stories: Clark's Enemies.

Superman Returns Series: Superman Returns: A New Vision. Milestone. Superboy: Origins of Kon-El; A story which looks into the origins of Superman's clone Kon-El in this universe.

TV X-Overs: A Monument to Loss (a DW/ST:VOY crossover).

X-Overs: Encounter of the Universes. A Justice League crossover with my Superman Returns: A New Vision universe.

SmallvilleX: Evolution series. A Smallville/X-men: Evolution crossover. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 1. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 2.1: Crusade. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 2.2: Best Served Cold. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 2.3: Dark Horizons. SmallvilleX: Earth 2. SmallvilleX Evolution: Ascension. SmallvilleX Evolution: Reality Unravelled. SmallvilleX Evolution: Death, Rebirth and Something In-between. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 3.1: Hellfire Burns Eternal. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 3.(1.5): The Search for Magik. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 3.2: Clones, Copies and Collectors. SmallvilleX: Evolution Year 3.3: Kneel Before Zod. SmallvilleX: Butterflies and Hurricanes.

Smallville/Runaways x-over: Never make fun of the hat!

Smallville/Clash of the Titans x-over: A Gaze of Stone that turns to Love.

Flash: Changing the Future. Different Destination.

Flash x-over: Brand New World.

POSSIBLE FUTURE STORIES. I thought I would add a section where I can note down my story ideas when they hit me. Also my ideas can be up for adoption if it gives you inspiration. PM me if that's the case.

What if(Flash): Season 3 AU; What if instead of treating Caitlin's transformation like a disease Team Flash helped her embrace it. What difference would it have made to Killer Frost's emergence(This bugs me. Barry getting superspeed isn't treated like a disease. Cisco getting his Vibe powers isn't and if this is some lingering effect of Earth 2 remember Reverb so why is Caitlin treated so differently. She gets a pass because she is understandably afraid). Another what if going into Season 4. At the end of Season 3 when Caitlin departs she says she's neither Caitlin Snow nor Killer Frost but something, someone else. What if that had actually been explored rather than just being reset for Season 4(which was a complete and total waste because Caitlin could have had a whole character arc of rediscovering who she is).

In from the Cold(Flash/Justice League x-over): A series of strange deaths in Central City forces Flash to recruit a former killer seeking a path to redemption.

A Different World(Flash): The original timeline Barry Allen returns to the moment he vanished and finds himself in a very different world and has to deal with the fact it was his failures that created it.

The Other Allen(Flash): Some time after Nora's appearance another speedster shows up, also claiming to be Barry's future daughter. Barry's but definitely not Iris' which leaves the obvious question; who's the mother?

Stargate/Star Trek x-over: The only option I can see for Star Trek to be in the same universe is to have it during the Star Trek: Enterprise era when the area of space they cover is small enough that they have never found a Stargate and small enough for the Goa'uld not to notice. Although by necessity it would still have to be AU. The obvious other is the Multiverse and one universe bleeding into another in some way.

Inauguration(Injustice GAU/Stargate x-over): Based on the SG-1 episode of the same name the new High Chancellor of Earth is briefed on the Stargate programme.

SuperFlash Melodrama(Supergirl/Flash x-over): Kara goes to Barry and Iris' wedding to try and forget her relationship problems. What she doesn't expect is to wake up on the day of the wedding hungover, naked and in bed with the groom-to-be. Can you say melodrama anyone?(Seriously though why has no-one else already done this?)

Mom's the word(Superman): From the New Krypton story from awhile back, instead of just being Supergirl's parents alive and well what if Superman finds his own mother; Lara, alive and well. How does he connect to the mother he's never known? How does she connect to her grown up son and those in his life that he loves? Just don't think we see enough of Lara as many stories about Superman revolve around his father.

Long Lost Family(Stargate SG-1/BSG2003 x/over): Nem's memory device in Fire and Water breaks down a long standing memory block in Daniel's head revealing he isn't human at all but from a race of machines. Basically the classic Daniel Jackson is the missing Cylon Model Number Seven Daniel.

Alliances(BSG2003/B5 x-over): The Cylons and the Twelve Colonies find themselves facing an enemy greater than either of them. Will they come together to survive or remain divided and both fall?

Crossroads(BSG2003 AU): An AU from Maelstrom as Kara's trip down the cosmic rabbit hole leaves her some place that is both familiar and different all at the same time. Where the frak is she now?

Starcrossed(BSG2003 AU): Instead of acting like vengeful children the Cylons seek peace and Karl 'Helo' Agathon finds himself falling for one of the Cylon representatives, a model Number 8, but can their love survive and possibly be the key to reuniting human and Cylon even as forces on both sides seek to trigger war. A Helo/Sharon story because lets face it, their love story was the best bit of the show.

An idea from an old review I was re-reading. The nu52 Superman ends up in the pre-Flashpoint universe. How does that Justice League cope with a younger, cockier Superman? Possibly a SMWW romance as per suggestion.

Last Minute Interventions Mark 2.0(Arrow x-over): Clark may have saved Laurel from Darhk but his own plans are far from over yet. Continuing the story with an AU version of season 4's finale, perhaps leading into a x-over with Flash's finale with Zoom and his metahuman army, including a certain evil twin of our bird themed heroine.

How Laurel met Clark(Arrow x-over): The prequel to my short story Last Minute Interventions on how Laurel Lance met Clark Kent.

A Butterfly flapping creates a Hurricane(Doctor Who): What if, when Clara jumps into the Doctor's timestream she does more than just stop the Great Intelligence but alters one key moment of the Doctor's past.

Drifters(Superman/Supergirl): Kara and Kal grow up drifting through space, homeless travellers, moving from one planet to another until one day Kara discovers her aunt has escaped the Phantom Zone and is on a distant world called Earth. She's going to have to do something about that. Or Kara and Kal just end up another pair of alien refugees living on Earth.

Flash Season 3 AU: Personally, at best, I found season 3 mediocre. So to rewrite it first off Flashpoint should have lasted at least 2 episodes. While, at first, it seems like Barry's perfect world, by the end it should have descended into a lot worse than what actually happened on the show. As the world slips into hell Barry finds out that the cause behind it all is Dr Alchemy(who would be a sort of nihilistic character who just likes to see the world burn around him) and also finds it is too late to stop him carrying out his plans forcing Barry to release Thawne so they can go back in time and reset things but not before Thawne taunts Barry much more about just how selfish he has been, like the way he tore Barry down in the animated film. Back in the reset timeline, there would be changes like on the show as Barry starts to learn the consequences of his decision to time travel. One of them being that Alchemy, through the power of the Philosopher's stone had survived into this world and vows to turn it into Flashpoint by reviving all those who had powers(like in the show) but also by swearing to make the Flash suffer for what he has done. There would be no Savitar. Alchemy would be the main villain because seriously enough with the speedsters. Already had two in two years. Look evil twins can make a great story. They're the internal battle between the good and evil inside the hero made literal but season 3 was way too early in the series' run to have that kind of villain. It's a later series villain, perhaps the last battle. The one against ourselves.(Or perhaps it could have been done already with Earth 2 Barry being Zoom, which would have made sense since we already saw on Earth 2 that Caitlin, Ronnie and Cisco were villains). Also the reveal was way too late and the explanation was crap and done in literally 5 minutes. If the villain is to be Barry's future self, or a version of, you need to see how he became like that. That's more like half a season required. The best part of season 3 was Caitlin's struggles against becoming Killer Frost. That I would certainly keep though with Barry actually being a much better friend at the very least in helping her struggle. And dear God I would not have Iris reduced to a plot device. Her foreseen death meant there was next to none character development for her.

I'll admit I'm a Snowbarry fan. A season 3 AU where after Iris learns about Flashpoint she is not so quick to forgive Barry. As they drift apart Barry finds himself more focused on helping Caitlin after he learns she's changing. After all it is his fault, so he thinks, for messing with the timeline. And the more time he spends with her the more his feelings grow. If only the threat of Savitar and Caitlin becoming Killer Frost would stop getting in the way.

Blind Date(Flash): Flashpoint AU. Worried about how much he is hanging around his parents Barry's dad decides his son needs a girlfriend and sets him up on a blind date with a certain children's doctor; Caitlin Snow...and much to Barry's own surprise he finds himself falling fast for his friend in another timeline. A Snowbarry version of the 3 months Barry spent in Flashpoint.

10 Years Late(Smallville AU): On the theme of below(Zod AU) about Clark escaping the Phantom Zone, what if, when Clark returns, 10 years have passed by leaving him in a world where everyone he knows has moved on without him and managed to stop Zod(clearly a necessity). Heroes with powers are now a fact of life. There's a Justice League and Clark has no idea where he fits in anymore and he wishes Chloe would stop bugging him about joining this group of young heroes(either Titans or a sort of Young Justice). I suspect the journey with the young heroes will involve Clark and them being the ones to deal with the escaped Zoners.

You got married to who?!(Smallville/Multiple x-overs): Alicia leaves Clark in Vegas with the red-K necklace on and he ends up marrying who? A series of one-shots with different women from different fandoms.

A New Alien; A New Hope(Smallville/Star Wars x-over): A crazy little idea I had. In New Hope, just when Leia is about to be captured by the Stormtroopers aboard the Tantive IV Clark is shot out of the Phantom Zone(during his escape in the episode Zod), knocking the troopers out cold giving Leia a chance to escape...assuming she can trust this complete stranger who just appeared from nowhere. Or in a similar vein a Rogue One x-over where Clark was spat out a few years ago into the Star Wars universe, mysteriously mostly powerless, and ends up in the same Imperial labour camp as Jyn Erso.

Zod AU(Smallville): In the episode Zod Clark's escape from the Phantom Zone has a little detour meaning he shows up years later(from his perspective) and he's not alone. Probably just a one-off where Clark shows up with girlfriend/wife with possibly a whole family in tow. Not sure what fandom his significant other would come from. I'll take suggestions. PM me.

The Amazing Spider-Woman: Take the elements of the Amazing Spider-Man movie, twist them around and you can get the origin story for Spider-Gwen.

Superman/He-Man x-over. Might be worth the effort of trying one. Roughly based on the JL/MOTU comic x-over(as awful as it was). In the comics, at the end, everyone goes their separate ways with the JL not lifting a finger to save an Eternia conquered by Hordak but what if Supes decides he can't leave it like that and goes to Eternia with the Masters to help them. I really do think it would have to be set on Eternia for the most part. Or I suppose you could start a story with Adora being exiled to her mother's home of Earth for her crimes as a Captain of the Horde. Though you'd get back to Eternia at some point. Or Superman Returns sorta where Supes' damaged ship crash lands on Eternia.

Slaves(DC Comics): When he is young Clark is captured by the Gordanians and becomes a slave. While he is there he meets another slave. Koriand'r of Tamaran.

Serpant's Lair AU(Stargate): What if the Tok'ra operatives aboard Apophis' ship(which we only learned later there were) found the badly wounded Daniel and helped save him and themselves. How would that change things?

Ripple Effect(Stargate): I always wanted to see Sam meet an alternative version of herself that remained host to Jolinar.

Superman/Stargate x-over. Awhile ago someone asked if I could think of one and i have 2 ideas. 1; Basically Man of Steel with SG-1 involved and perhaps Clark knowing either Sam, Jack or Daniel from when they were kids or 2; Kal-El is one of the few survivors of a Krypton destroyed by the Goa'uld, surviving however he can until he runs into SG-1(and while Kryptonians would be physically much stronger and durable than humans or even Jaffa it wouldn't be truly superpowered).

Window of Opportunity AU(Stargate). Since I'm a Sam/Daniel fan what about the what if they are the two that get stuck in the time loop.

Stargate AU. Ever notice how Hathor referred to herself in the plural 'we'. What if that is because, like her sister Egeria, she rejected the Gao'uld and had a truly symbiotic relationship with her host and actually founded the Tok'ra along with Egeria before being imprisoned by Ra. What difference does it make to the course of events when this Hathor is freed?

What's stranger? Gargoyles or an alien(Superman/Gargoyles x-over): All the strange goings on in New York draw the attention of young and upcoming reporter Clark Kent. Little does he know just how deep the rabbit hole is he is about to enter. Little does anyone else know just how unique Clark Kent is. Or on their World Tour the Gargoyles and Elisa are sent by Avalon to Kansas to protect one very special boy.

It's Funny How Life Turns Out(Superman): There was once an Elseworlds story where Maxima finally managed to get Superman just as she always wanted and he chose to stay on Almerac to protect Earth from a powerful empire he had made an enemy of. Several years later, after learning of his father's death, Clark returns for the funeral. How has life turned out for him, Maxima and the people he left behind on Earth?

Speed meets Steel(Flash/Superman x-over): An attempt to get a version of Superman into the Arrow/Flash verse. In the midst of what seems to be a serial killer on the loose in Central City the possible key to solving the crimes could lie in the recent arrival in town of a young reporter named Clark Kent.(And he would be young. This would be like right at the start of his career before Superman was really well-known. Perhaps even before he's figured out how to fly.) Or a what if. What if the Kents are Barry's closest living relatives and they take him in after his mother is killed. Or when Clark leaves Smallville to pursue his reporting career it is Central City he goes to not Metropolis.

Crashing Cousins(Supergirl tv show): After a hard day's work capturing another alien escapee Kara and Alex come home to find Kara's cousin, Superman, crashed out on the couch. What is going on?(Perhaps it's my overriding love of Superman but I would love to see more of him actually interacting with his cousin. I already have a pet peeve over the fact he left it to other people to raise her rather than doing it himself(and yes I know of and can think of good reasons why he did it but still Kara is the only blood relative he thought he had left. And you know his aunt Astra, even if she's not a blood relation, if you start before her death.) I suppose my pet peeve also leads into the obvious 'what if' story. What if Clark had raised Kara? Or the other what if. What if Kara had crashed down at the same time as Kal and the events of the show happened with her having to look after an adolescent Kal?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Man: Harry is rescued from the Dursleys by a figure known in Wizarding history as the Cursed Man. Who is he and what is his surprising connection to Harry?

What if(somehow, perhaps with Andromeda suppose to be Harry's Godmother) baby Harry ends up being raised by the Tonks family because lets face it Nymphadora would be a great, funny big sister to have. Plus they are actually related distantly(Harry's grandmother was a Black). Petunia is the only close family Harry has left.

The DADA teacher from Hell(literally): Magik from the X-Men is the new DADA teacher at Hogwats because lets face it few people know more about the Dark Arts than her.

Superman/Smallville/Harry Potter x-over: Martha is Lilly's estranged twin sister...and a Slytherin(just for funsies. Well funsies and the idea that crossing Martha when it comes to her family is the very worst idea ever). What does she do in the wake of her sister's untimely death? And what happens to her nephew Harry?(can't forget him can we?) Or different family connection; Amelia Bones is tracking down the last of her and Susan's family after losing so many members in the War and track down a defunct squib line to one Martha Kent(it's the red hair obviously that's the connection).

Star Wars: Twins United(An AU Star Wars story): Don't know if anyone else has ever had this idea but what if at the beginning of Star Wars Leia gets away and meets Obi-Wan like she was suppose to. How does it pan out when Obi-Wan realises that this is the time to reunite the twin children of Anakin Skywalker? What does he tell them? What sort of conversation does he have with Bail Organa? How do they stop the Death Star? Does he get to live long enough to train Luke and Leia? Food for thought.

InjusticeX: Gods Amongst Us(Superman/X-Men): After a terrible tragedy loses Clark his wife and their unborn child he begins to see that perhaps Magneto is right. Humans aren't up to the job of running the planet. Obviously inspired by the Injustice: GAU world this comes from thinking what would it take for Clark to ally himself with Magneto in bringing about a world of mutant(and alien) supremacy.

Orphans(Smallville/Superman/Guardians of the Galaxy x-over): Have 3 ideas. One; Clark is abducted the same day as Peter and they end up stuck and become friends and partners in crime. Two; Clark escapes the prison of the Phantom Zone only to end up the Kyln. With no idea where he is or how to get home he's stuck until one day a 'Terrain' arrives who might have the means to get Clark home; the Legendary Star Lord. Three; Thanos got his hands on the baby Kal-El and raised him and now Kal has to sort out the mess his 'sisters', Gamora and Nebula, are making.

Not quite the Hereafter(DCAU/Marvel x-over): AU JLU episode Hereafter. Toyman's weapon doesn't send Superman to the future but to a different universe entirely.(A/N: I've seen several stories where a Marvel character ends up in the DCAU. Thought it was time to reverse the idea.)

Help from a (Spider-)friend(Spider-Man): Peter's got his body back from Doc Ock and has defeated the Green Goblin and now he has to try and put his life back together. He gets help from someone who knows what it's like to have their life stolen from them in the shape of Jessica Drew. And in the process the friends just might become more.(A/N: It just seems to me Jess is the one person who knows what Pete's gone through lately(you know with her being replaced by the Skrull Queen) and it would have been an opportunity for Marvel to pair them up if they had wanted to. Plus I think it would be an interesting pairing to have seen done.)

SmallvilleX: The Nova Roma Chronicles(Smallville(kinda)/X-Men Evolution x-over): In my SmallvilleX universe I wrote Jor-El visited Nova Roma, overthrew Selene and in the process grew quite fond of the nation and its people so what if instead of the Kents he chose to send his son to Nova Roma instead. How do events pan out differently?

Lady Sif of Smallville(Superman(maybe MOS)/Thor x-over): Taking the blame to protect Thor after the attack on the Frost Giants it is Sif who is exiled to Earth, landing in a place called Smallville on the farm of a certain blue-eyed farmboy.

Alien Exile(DC-verse): The governments of Earth, thanks to Lex Luthor, have decided that aliens on the planet, Superman and Supergirl included, are no longer welcome and exile them. What happens to Clark exiled from the only home he has ever known? What happens to Earth without its alien protectors? And is Lex as happy as he thought he would be with finally getting what he has always wanted; a world without Superman.

Kal-El of Asgard(Superman/Marvel x-over): Baby Superman's ship crashes on Asgard instead of Earth.

Spider-MenX: Inspired by the Spider-Men crossover event only 616 Spidey ends up in my SmallvilleX verse instead.

So what now?(Marvel/DC x-over): The Marvel and DC worlds have been merged together leaving one overriding question; so what now?

Always room for one more(Smallville/Runaways x-over): When running away at the end of season 3 Clark falls in with an entire group of Runaways.

A 2nd Encounter of the Universes(A JLU x-over with my SmallvilleX verse): Thanks to a malfunctioning teleporting device built by Forge Clark and Claire end up in the universe her character was created for; the Justice League Unlimited.

Redheads are out and Blondes are in(Smallville/X-Men x-over): Chloe Sullivan turns out to be the temporally misplaced future daughter of Scott Summers and Emma Frost.

Avengers Plus One(Superman/Avengers movie): The obvious idea of slipping Superman into the movie, probably the him from the new 52 Action Comics when he's running around Metropolis in the jeans and t-shirt. Probably make him easier for Loki to manipulate if it's just after he was captured, experimented upon and tortured by Lex and the military.

Through the Looking Glass(JL): Desperate to find a date the Flash uses the inter-dimensional gateway technology to spy on his parallel selves for ideas giving everyone a glimpse of how their lives might have turned out and answering that eternal question 'What if?'.

Hero for Hire(Smallville/Multiple x-overs): In season 10 Kara is back and flying around being a hero. She does such a good job the Powers that Be decide this reality doesn't actually need a Superman and send Clark off on a journey to other universes to find a place that does need him. My little stab at the fact that Kara was doing a better job than Clark ever did and since she was seen out in public first really shouldn't she be the figure that inspires millions?

Phasing across Time and Space(Doctor Who/X-Men crossover): The Doctor rescues a certain girl trapped in a giant bullet.

No title yet(Superman/Smallville/Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon crossover): After the death of his parents at the hands of the MRD Clark either a) ends up at the newly rebuilt mansion, b) ends up with the Brotherhood or c) flees to Genosha. Alternatively Clark's parents died when the mansion was destroyed(because like my SmallvilleX story they were living there) and now as Wolverine tries to reform the X-Men he finds a rather cold, hard Clark Kent roaming the streets playing vigilante as he tries to avoid the MRD.

Superman...err boy: Superman gets turned back into a teenager. As he embraces his unexpected return to a teenage youth he comes to the conclusion he isn't as happy with where his life has ended up as he thought he was and decides to take this as a chance to start over.

The Many lives of Kal-El of Krypton: A series of one-shot crossovers showing what kind of person Kal-El would have been had different people found him when he crashed to earth.

Clark Kent; Member of the Injustice League: Clark's life goes down the wrong path and now he is one of the bad guys fighting the Justice League. Is he destined to now be the perennial bad guy forever or can he find redemption?

Diamond Friend(Superman/Smallville/X-Men crossover): Jonathan dies when Clark is much younger leaving Martha alone with a failing farm and a teenage alien son so she turns to a friend from her former life for help. One Emma Grace Frost. Could be set back when Emma is running her own Academy and therefore being the evil White Queen of the Hellfire Club(though I still question to this day whether she really ever stopped being this person) so Clark ends up a Hellion.

SmallvilleX: Time Crossed. The original X-Men(from the end of season 1) get flung 20years into the future. What has happened to them and the X-Men in the future?

SmallvilleX: Days of Future Past. Was watching the movie. Got sorta inspired to either write some sort of version of the whole thing or perhaps just the ending when Logan wakes up and what sort of world does he wake up to find.

SmallvilleX: The College Years. Series of one-shots(probably) about Clark's college years.

SmallvilleX: Phantoms. Follows on from Year 3. During the fight with Zod several criminals escaped from the Phantom Zone and now Clark must find them before lives are lost but with no way to send them back he faces the terrible dilemma of contemplating having to do the one thing he vowed never to do; kill.

Superman/Avengers EMH crossover: Superman the wrong universe. In this case the universe of the latest cartoon Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Loving that show at the moment. Or alternately a sort of crossover with my current SmallvilleX story. Clark grew up at the Xavier Institute like in my story and became Superman. 5 years ago he died at the hands of Doomsday but now the Enchantress and Loki have resurrected him to use him in their battle with the Avengers.

One-shot set in the future of my SmallvilleX universe. 100 years after he first arrived at the Xavier Institute Clark reflects on everything he has lost, gained and still has.

I also publish stories on the Twisting the Hellmouth site under the name johnsmith.

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