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Author has written 4 stories for Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, and Sherlock Holmes.









(Formerly 'Bowen Cheshire Cates'.)

In case you're wondering why I have suddenly started calling myself 'book' there are a lot of reasons, but the easiest one to explain is that my actual initials (not my earlier screen name initials of 'B.C.C.'), B.O.O.C. - When broken down into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols - turn into 'book' with a line over the 'oo's.

If you pull my name apart, down to the meanings of the individual first name, middle names, and last name, it forms a story…the story of my life to be exact, So to me it seems quite fitting.

Happy reading!



Stories And Poems:

Most of my work deals with depression, hardship, friendship or contemplative thought. I’m fascinated by Holmes because I have similar difficulties and quite a few of the mental peculiarities he exhibits. I love to explore every aspect of his character, but because I am myself quite a dark person at times, and those times are when I need to express myself, most of my work involving the cannon tends to be on the depressive side. Notably ‘A Dangerous Mind’ ‘Tomorrow’, 'So Far Gone', 'For A Time', 'Sherlock Holmes Did Not Answer', 'Grey Matters', 'The Character Of Sherlock Holmes', , 'Across My Inner Ear', 'The Stoppage Of My Death', 'It Has Always Been Too Late', 'I Hear Every Word', 'Wrinkle Up Your Jacket', 'Until Your Spirit Breaks', 'All by your Mistake', 'An Elephant Tusk', 'My Back Against The Wall', 'A Hole Is Still A Hole', 'Nothing Old Can Last', 'When Katherine Died That Day', 'A Torqueing Figure Eight', 'Perhaps', 'Epilogue', 'No Time Left To Change', 'Be The Doom', 'Silent Screaming', 'For The Lack Of Air', 'Courageous', 'The Truth', 'Constructed Of Morocco', 'Hurricane', 'Wait For Me, I Will Come', 'Stained Glass', 'Weighted Words', 'Nightmare', 'I'm A Reluctant Hero Today' and'Hope'.

On the lighter side of things, there are times when I allow my love of humour to show through, I’ve been told that ‘I Don’t Mind If You Don’t Mind’ is very funny so if you’re looking for a laugh I’d try that first, also, showing my particular sense of odd humour are ‘Dear Fellow Holmesians Of The Deerstalker’ and ‘The Adventure Of Shakkah Holmes and Dawson Wasson’ two of my personal favorites, I think they’re quite funny if I do say so myself. Others in the category are: 'Like A Wink And A Smile' and 'A Doctored Future'.

If you're looking for something more in the middle, with humour and seriousness, or just lighter overall, take a gander at 'A Cup Of Tea Indeed', 'Something Like A Friend', 'A Busy Man', 'Everything's Okay', 'The Dead And the Dying', 'Weary Watchmen', 'The Rightful Crest', 'Would Not Survive', 'A Thoughtful Man', 'What We Wake To Find', 'A Most Peculiar Man' and 'Burns The Night Away'.

I have four stories in SH22, my first two ‘The Story Of the Fourth Irregular’ and ‘A Tale Of Entwinement’ are about Children whose lives are changed after coming in contact with Sherlock Holmes. The former does not involve time travel, the latter does, but I like to think it’s tastefully done.

In ‘The Story Of the Fourth Irregular’eleven year old Sarah Leanne Rowlands is kidnapped off the streets by Moriarty after escaping from her abusive family. She is put in the same cell as Holmes who was captured shortly after. Upon discovering that the detective has been blinded with little hope of recovering his sight Sarah, who cannot talk due to a speech disability, becomes his eyes, and he, her window into a world that is far greater then anything she had at first imagined it to be. The two form a tight friendship and help each other meet the challenges that lie before them.

‘A Tale Of Entwinement’ follows the life of fourteen year old Theodore Trent, a nerd who has no idea how to stand up for himself. He’s a whiney little kid with no idea who he is or what he wants. But when he’s sent back in time to the nineteenth century he falls right into the lives of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, he then ends up dragging the former into the future with him to the twenty second century. They both end up on a rip-roaring adventure with the Holmes of that time which leads all ‘three’ of them to reevaluate their lives. Theodore becomes a young man, 1800 Holmes softens up a bit and 2103 Holmes learns to live.

I probably won’t finish my third story ‘The Adventures Of Mycroft Holmes’, as it’s extremely important to me. Myke is one of my favorite imaginary friends, her and Rowley have come a long way with me over the course of my life, and their stories have already been written in my head, so if I get a lot of interest I’ll type it out on electronic paper, but if I don’t, it’s already done inside my head and there is no reason for it to end there.

You may notice that I sometimes mention a young man by the name of Boswell Dorian Grey, he's my bestest imaginary buddy, and he's written some stuff of his own as well as participated in 'The Adventure Of Shakkah Holmes and Dawson Wasson’ when I decided to insert myself into a story for fun. If you think I'm crazy that's fine, whatever helps you sleep at night, but please don't leave your opinions in reviews, he's very sensitive and I don't want people insulting him where he can see it.

'The Dead And The Dying' is the next installment of 'The Story Of The Fourth Irregular' and picks up where we left off in Sarah's life while she's living through her lastest adventure with Holmes and Watson, this one concerning the villainous plots committed by her dastadly mother and father.

As a final note, most of my stories are about Sherlock Holmes the original version, yes, but these days I have a few that are in different fandoms besides SH22:

'A Cup Of Tea Indeed': Batman The Animated Series (Or really, any Batman at all...)

'Everything's Okay': Sherlock (BBC)

See the above information for the backgrounds on these stories.


Hee hee hee...

Welcome to my nightmares

It’s from here you’ll see my dreams

The darkness that you’re blinded by

Just hides my twisted schemes

I wait here, in my forest

With my wide and glinting grin

There’s no way to escape

The tricky trouble that you’re in

Long before you see me

You will hear my taunting song

Your heart will pound inside you

But you won’t be waiting long

Here I am beside you,

No in front, now I’m behind

Am I really there?

Or am I only in your mind?

Is that the crescent moon?

Or it could be my evil smile

Now next you’ll see my shining eyes

There’s no point in denial

You try to run, to fight it

But your feet obey my word

And what before was nonsense

It’s now logic that you’ve heard

Your fear will soon desert you

As I whisper in your ear

‘Come join me, in my forest

It’s alright, we’re all mad here.’

book: Proud member of the Baker Street Unconventionals. Who said we had to let the Irregular boys have all the fun? (although, being an island, I don't really consider myself to be male or female...but this is fun!!!) If you want to know more about the unofficial feminine force, feel free to ask the founder, OneDarkandStormyNight. If you're already a member, add your name and paste this to your profile.

“I confess, I covet your skull.”

-Doctor Mortimer to Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Hound Of The Baskervilles'

(No one covets my skull! *sniff* Hey, did anyone ever notice that Doc Mortimer is all like 'Dude, give me your skull, it's awesome!' and going on about it, when Moriarty is all like 'you have less frontal development than I would have expected'? That bothers me big time, Dude. I mean, for heaven sake, can't people just agree on Holmes' skull already? Is it covet-worthy or not? Just sayin'...)

"You’re such a crazy Cheshire Cat."

-Person talking to book

"In the Beginning, God created the Universe, but this caused a lot of problems and was generally regarded as a bad idea."

-Douglas Adams

“Saturday is an excellent night for stealing bullion! It gives you a full day to escape!”

-Sherlock Holmes

“I think the embalming fluid has gone to your head, old chap.”

-The Medallion

Balthazar: "You know what I want..."

Giles: "If it's for me to scrub those hard to reach areas, I'd like to request you kill me now."

-Rupert Giles talking to the evil and hugely fat Vampire Demon Dude Balthazar.

Okay, I know I write tons of stories for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, and I adore those guys, I do, I really, really do. I love Spock, and Batman, The Doctor (5 and 10) and Angus Macgyver. I love tons of wonderful characters, but no matter how illogical it may seem (Sorry, Spock), no matter how strange or how silly, my favourite, favourite charactor of all time, is Rupert Giles of Buffy the vampire Slayer (I know, right?).

He's English, Badass, a Genious, Kind, Wise, Gentle, Loving, Respectful, Courageous, Hardworking, Generous, Witty, Bashful, Sweet, Nerdy, Responsible, Modest, He knows and uses a wonderful array of English slang, He has a stunning singing voice, He's darn good-lookin'.

But most of all, he's accepting.

He doesn't judge.

He'd do anything to protect the ones he loves.

And he reminds me of my Dad.

I don't really like TV, I think it's a brainwashing idiot-Box. However, every once in a while you find that special TV show character that embodies everything you believe in, that just by being written, and acted, shows you that not only the writers and the actor understand that these qualities are important, but also all the people that watch the show, and in some small, crazy, geeky, silly way, somehow restores a bit of your faith in humanity. To me Rupert Giles is that character. He's the bloody shiz, you plonker.

Anyone a Macgyver fan? A guy on YouTube did a version of 'Hey There Delilah' but changed it to 'Hey There Macgyver' and altered the words accordingly.

His version didn't rhyme enough.

So I rewrote it.

Here's mine:

Hey there Macgyver

Could you ever not escape

From any daunting situation

With a pocket knife and duct tape

Yes you find

A way that things can be combined

Within your mind

Hey there Macgyver,

Yes, you have so many charms

Environmentalist crusader

And opposed to firearms

Your shirts are pink

You dominate the hockey rink

Don't smoke or drink


Oh you're such a science geek

Oh with such a great physique

Oh your mullet is so cute

Oh, your brain is so astute,

Your brain is so astute

Hey there Macgyver

You once served in Vietnam

And there is nothing on this earth

From which you can’t construct a bomb

You soak in booze

The dirty laces from your shoes

To make a fuse

Hey there Macgyver

Throughout every episode

though evil minions try to stop you

something always will explode

You're not deterred

The things you do are so absurd

You're such a nerd


You'd think that after all the takes

Where villains make the same mistakes

They'd kill you right away without the quips

Or stuff you in an iron box

With fifty different kinds of locks

And check inside your mouth for paper clips

Instead they dose you up with drugs

And guard your door with stupid thugs

While you use the frame that use to hold your cot

To build a huge sling shot

(The above bridge refers to the episode ‘Nightmares’. All things mentioned in this song actually take place or are mentioned in the show.)

Hey there Macgyver

You are always on the run

From maniacs who want to kill you

'cause you've ruined all their fun

Oh Murdoc's tried

This makes the seventh time he's died

He wants your hyde

Hey there Macgyver

You inherit vintage cars

And you repair dangerous acid leeks

With wits and chocolate bars

You're on your own

But Murdoc calls you on the phone

You're not alone

Hey there Macgyver

I just thought I'd mention jack

Because it seems that you’re the only person

Picking up his slack

while he denies

The use of poppy-dog like eyes

Behind his lies

Hey there Macgyver

Yes you helped him get his plane

And now you're wishing that you hadn't

Cause he’s driving you insane

Yes Dalton air

Has caused you no end of despair

You're well aware

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