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Author has written 6 stories for NCIS, One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Glee.

Important Notices:

feel free to pm me about anything. Questions, comments, reviews, lonely and just wanna chat I'll be happy to reply when possible

07/14/13: First of all I would like to say I am slowly working on my stories but I have bad writers block and it's hard to get through. Also what this update is really about R.I.P CORY MONTEITH you were truly a great actor and will be missed. This is the first time I have reacted so strongly to an actors or musicians death maybe it's because I'm older or because I'm completely in love with Glee. I never liked your character Finn to much but I will always love you, every time I see something posted about you I feel like I wanna cry. I think I need to put my calender back up and write R.I.P

R.I.P Cory Allan Michael Monteith gone too soon aged 31 left behind family, friends and girlfriend Lea Michele, may he rest in peace and find happiness among the clouds. I know that maybe one day soon Lea and Cory would've walked down the isle together they were so in love and so happy. I understand if her and fellow Glee stars will not be on twitter for the next little while. hopefully they get over this heartbreak and learn to love again. May 11 1983-July 13 2013

09/21/13: Just a quick update chapter sixteen of Smallville has been updated and I will not be updating that for a while as I've run out of ways to continue it however I will be continuing it at some point. I'm back in school for my final year of highschool and so I'm trying my best to work through it so I can pass all my classes which doesn't seem too hard at the moment. I'm also looking for more work because I'm still being screwed over. I have edited all chapters of One Tree Hill and will be posting them all again as soon as I get another chapter written. Oh and I forgot to mention this but at the beginning of August my brother got a new computer and so I asked for his old one I LOVE IT! so much better than a crappy netbook.

Looking for stories:

Glee: I don't remember what rating it was but it was a few years into the future I think around the time they finish High School, Kurt and Rachel are married and have been for a few months. They live in New York along with Santana and Brittany. Anyway they all get back to McKinley for a reunion of sorts and they all end up finding out that Kurt and Rachel are married and then they decide to throw them a proper wedding and so they spend like a whole entire week planning a perfect themed wedding-I'm pretty sure it was Wicked. Shelby was there along with Beth who was in the wedding, Shelby has a husband and Finn has a girlfriend. Everyone gets along perfectly and it's a happily ever after. There was this laser tag where it was boys vs. girls and the girls cheated :P

Found story title: Christmas Revelations (Authors name will not be posted due to privacy)

I'm looking for a Klaine fanfic with either Rachel&Quinn or Santana&Brittany have a kid together (like the 4 of them) Kurt had sex with one of the girls while in high school and she got pregnant...they all live together and it's normal. Toward the end there's a high school reunion and then one of the girls (I'm pretty sure it's Rachel) gets pulled into the supply closet at the school and to their partners their like 'S(he) wants another baby...Kurt's not completely gay in this...

It might also be a Kurt&Sam fic but I'm pretty sure it's a Klaine & Faberry fic

T.V Shows: Divided into sections,

live action: Bones, NCIS(Los Angeles), House, Glee, Degrassi: Junior High, High & TNG, Full House, 7th Heaven, Judging Amy, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, JAG, One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, Smallville, The Fosters, Twisted, How I Met Your Mother, Wedding Band, Beverly Hills (90210), Life Unexpected, Switched at Birth, Veronica Mars, House of Lies, Parenthood, American Horror Story, Bates Motel

Reality: Little People Big World, Jon&(Kate plus eight), 19 Kids and Counting, Cake Boss, Teen Mom(2), 16 & Pregnant, Love It Or List It, The Glee Project, The Amazing Race, America's Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice, The Sing-Off,

Kid shows: Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, The Suite Life (On Deck)of Zack and Cody, Victorious, Big Time Rush, Phineas and Ferb, iCarly, Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana(Forever), Life With Boys, Phineas and Ferb, Good Luck Charlie, For Better Or For Worse, Boy Meet World, Sam&Cat, Dragon Tales,

The brackets mean various shows that have had other names and is too lazy to type the name out again

Books I have read: Harry Potter series, Hunger Games Trilogy, Go Ask Alice, The series of Unfortunate Events (series-in progress), The Book of Awesome(in-progress) Hatchet, Brian's Winter, Percy Jackson & The Olympians(in-progress), Charlotte's Web, The Land of Stories The Wishing Spell (This book is my new favourite), To Kill A Mockingbird, Catcher In the Rye (never finished), The Land Of Stories: The Enchantress (In-progress)

Books to read: Narnia Series, Alice in Wonderland series, books that have been turned into movies/T.V shows. Send me a book suggestion and I'll add it to my list of books to read.


Name: Stephanie but I go by Stepheyy online

Birthday: February 22nd

Lives: Canada

follow me on twitter @Stepheyyrocks

I have natural blonde hair however I have dyed it several times with several different colours. I was brunette for about six months before I went back to blonde, and as of December 2013 after Christmas but before New Years I got turned into a brunette again. My friend asked if she could dye my hair and I agreed...I don't even know why. Slowly it's turning blonde but I really like the colour it is now.

I am very sarcastic by nature and sometimes violent. I know how to listen and behave when I want to. Currently my best friend and I try to get together once a week to go skating during the winter we usually frequent a rink near our houses and every once in a while her sister and cousin will join us as well as her boyfriend. Every once in a while some friends will join us as well and after we usually make a trip to the coffee shop up the street to warm up. It's an indoor rink so it's not as cold and we don't have to dress as warm.

Music is my life I'm in love with pretty much anything music, sometimes my brother or sister will find a new song let me listen to it and get very upset when I can figure out the name of it. I guess you could also blame it on Glee considering I'm obsessed with the show I'm constantly finding new songs to listen to even if they are from Glee.

I have seven cats who I adore and is a huge animal lover, I don't have any artistic talent except for writing, I'm a little spoiled by parents but it's not really bad. I try my hardest to earn my own money to buy the things I need/want so they don't have to spend the extra money on me. I have a small bedroom but I make due with what I have and hardly ever complain to my parents, I like my things in an organized mess.

I got introduced to this site from my four friends which at the time I had no interest in, however a few months later I had gotten bored and started surfing around on this site again and fell in love with it, those friends currently have accounts like me but are not as interested any more sad I know. Any valuable information about me and my writing is on this site.

Allergies-Asthma, strong scents, cheap jewelry, Body wash, Dove products, tide laundry soap(which is annoying, because several other people in my house are allergic to other laundry soaps), I get car sick therefore I carry gravel on me at all times.

My Bucket List or dream list-which ever you choose to call it

Throw a party for no reason-done

go rock climbing

Sleep out on a school night; never saw the need to lol my school is a five minute bus ride away, and a fifteen minute walk

sleep out on a work night-done

have someone sleep over on a school night-done; several times over

have a co-ed sleepover-done only because my friend messaged me at the last moment saying he locked himself out.

sleep over at a boy's house-done which ironically is my best friend's boyfriends house lol

go on a trip with your friends no family-done surprisingly for six teenagers aged 18&19 things went really smooth, smoother than I expected. About to go on another one as well.

Go To Florida; my friends mom owes us a trip stupid person backed out at the last minute

Go To Cuba: my uncle owes me a trip as well as one to Jamaica, was supposed to go in 2014 but don't have the money

Go To Jamaica; my uncle owes me a trip there along with a trip to Cuba

Get a bigger bedroom; just waiting on one of my siblings to move out

Go out on a proper date; I don't have that much interest in it but things change.

own all seasons of TV shows I like; I have seasons 1,2,3 &4 of Glee, and All 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls

buy a laptop; I want one, saving up is really hard

come home drunk or high; I've never gotten to that point sure I've had alot of both but never gotten to that point, one day I took a free sample of some Bailey's Irish Cream and it went straight to my head, I had a pounding headache all night and it wouldn't go away, it even got to the point where it hurt/made me dizzy to stand up. I swear to god I thought I was gonna wake up with a hangover from not even a full glass.

If I say have sex am I considered a slut? I mean I've made out with SOO many girls and have had sex numerous times with one girl. Just not a guy...

Learn all the words to Mockingbird by Eminem; I love trying to rap/sing the song and I've almost gotten it but I've love to be able to sing/rap it without stumbling...also can pretty much rap Superman by Eminem-did that at a bar one day with a whole bunch of other people.

this list will be updated when I have a new goal or I've crossed something off my list.

About my writing well I love to write and my style has changed quite abit over the years, I mostly write on my computer, sometimes on my phone or on paper. I tend to write very random but try to make sense some days I can happily write like five chapters or some days I can barely get a sentence started. My newest obsession? Smallville or well should say old obsession turned new. Now on to my stories.

My Review policy: I normally don't leave reviews and it's not just because I don't want to, it's because a) time restrictions (some-days I only get 5 minutes in on the computer) and I just don't know what to say. Alot of the time though I get really into a story and will bookmark it for a later date. That way if I have any questions or comments really I can type them in a review that way I don't have to go through the Private Messaging system(PM) here and it's easier for me and the author to keep track of.

Twitter life: I have two accounts though I'm rarely one the second. One is devoted to Glee and fanfiction friends, I'll follow you back if I know who you are and the other is for real life, other celebs and city things :), ON my glee account I've gotten tweets from

Curt Mega @curtmega he plays Nick Devual on Glee as a Warbler from Dalton Academy,

Alex Anders @alxanders who is a sound producer for Glee,

Joanquin Sedillo @JOAQUINSEDILLO who is one of the camera men who film Glee,

Tena Parker Baker @IAMHAIRBYTENA who is a hair stylist on Glee

Brad Ellis @BradEllisPiano who plays the Piano on Glee his name is Brad (of course)

I'm hoping to get a tweet from one of the main cast soon.


Adult Life: One Tree Hill, in progress, currently about to be edited and will be posted soon as I get another chapter written.

The Secrets of People: NCIS, Complete-Not my best work, might re edit that as well but it's not on my current list of things and will probably be the last thing I do.

The Truth About Lily: One Tree Hill, Complete one-shot, was originally written as a school project thanks to a teacher who's obsessed with fanfiction too(weird right?) It was actually supposed to be about Nathan and Lucas' relationship however I couldn't get past like anything for that and well The idea for Lily just popped in my head and I got that. I wasn't supposed to sense it was the final project for the school year but my teacher accepted it though did take 2 points off my final grade for changing my project without permission.

Lily's Life: tag to The Truth About Lily don't need to read. Basically it's the same concept only a background and somewhat different things. Lily actually discovering the truth herself along with help from some friends and Jamie-crossover with Glee.

You Are Not Alone: NCIS, Complete one-shot, I was really obsessed with NCIS and the Michael Jackson song of the same name at the time and that's what came out of it.

The Past and the Present Collide: Smallville, in-progress, don't know when it'll be finished. re-written, originally had sixteen chapters now down to 12 as I've re-written it and taken alot of stuff out.

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Past And The Present Collide
A/U: 21 year old Chloe Sullivan thinks her life is perfect just the way it is but when her older sister Lois Lane moves to town she'll learn that not everything is perfect and some days it will be difficult. Together as sisters and a united front they'll get through, follow them as they face the past and the future blending in together. /no superman/hero's. Re-Written
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