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Hey, my name's Sam (yes a girl) and I am an avid fanfiction-enthusist. Haha XD

Anyway uhh, I like drawing, story-telling, reliving dreams in fantasies of old tv shows and animes>>>>

Now I'm studying animation in New York! Horraaay! It's like living the dream ; with fanfic writing! I love drawing and making my own stories come alive. But I love fanfiction too because, well, you get to have the freedom to 'daydream and publish' your, well, daydreams! Luvvvv writing fanfics. A total seperate secret life. DUN DUN DUN.

Hm what else, I have long hair, I carry a camera with me everywhere to record everything happening and writing everything down -- super cool life notes to use when making stories.

But check out my other art stuffs! Fanfic art on deviantart, personal art work on Tumblr, animation experiments on youtube :P

I have a sketchbook-blog on my tumblr, sammakesamess, so follow me and check it out! In it I draw everything I see out in the day!


And um, yeah. More self-absorbed facts about me to come up someday! Bye!


SakuraxSyaoran (Tsubasa and CSS)



MisakixUsui (Maid Sama)
InuyashaxKagome (Inuyasha)
LizziexGordo (Lizzie Mcguire / not an anime but still love 'em)
KimxRon (Kim Possible)
DomyojixTsukushi (Hana Yori Dango Drama)
HaruhixTamai (Ouran High School Host Club/ Drama)
SanoxMizuki (Hana Kimi Drama)

ah... i don't know what to say now... yeah..
so yeah have a good day byeeeeee

Haha, anyway, random facts:

1. I love my bread, buttered and toasted

2. I'm an old fashioned, slow girl who doesn't text, have a facebook or myspace or whatever

3. I like randomly drawing on my bedroom wall, then covering them up with posters before my parents see.

4. In my jewelry princess box, I keep inside it water guns, telescopes, lock picking tools, and a broken tape recorder I use to trick people into thinking they're being tape recorded.

5. I base almost all my stories on the 'childhood friend' theme because I have a best guy friend who I've met in pre-k.

6. Monsters can not hide under my bed because I took away the 'under' in my bed. Quite litterally.

7. Monsters can not hide in my closet because I have a giant sign in the back that says 'how to eat a monster.'

8. I keep a 'confession paper' hidden under my mattress and rug and floor board.

9. I once had long black rapunzel hair, but then cut it short because my baby sister cut half of it off. I keep the rest I cut off by myself in a locked up purple bag.

10. I have no idea how to use any makeup except for face painting people who are asleep.

11. Whenever the garbage truck passes by at night, I run to the window and shout into the street "HELLO GARBAGE MEN!!"

12. I have a habit of falling and hurting my left leg.

13. My name is Samantha, but I am called called Sam by my friends, General by my best girl friend, Jerominite by my best guy friend, and Tomboy by my family.

14. For school I always leave at 6:00 in the morning, just so I can run into the woods by the school and hang out with the spirit of the dried river.

15. In photo albums, I keep psychical objects taped inside the slots instead of pictures.

16. I know how to whistle with two fingers in my mouth.

17. I'm being taught how to break dance by my 10-year old neighbor Jao who loves cosplaying as Naruto characters. And cough cough girls, he loves Caramelldansen.

18. I love collecting keys.

19. I've incarved my name on my bedroom wall with the year I moved in, Samantha, 2004

20. To me fake flowers are better than real ones as a gift. I am sooo horrible aren't I.

21. My cousins and I have a habbit of hiding from my uncle during photo shoots.

22. I like collecting bells.

23. I wear my signature black and white cat ear hat whenever I can. Even during school and vacation. (march 11, 2010: I lost the hat -_-)

24. I can use a ripstick, but I can't use a skateboard too well.

25. I am dah master at rock paper scissors extreme o.o

26. Waffles are just an illusion.

27. I am always wearing a pinky ring with an S on my left hand. (march 11, 2010: I outgrew the pinky ring, and now wear it with my necklace)

28. I am always wearing a black and red rusty key around my neck.

29. I made an account on Quizilla, OLMgirl, in case you know me there.

Here's some info on my storiez, in case anybody will be willing to want to, uh, read info.


Restorationl SasukexSakura love story (In progress): In the future of the 22nd century(I think) Sakura is a princess from a distant country who meets Sasuke as a child in Japan. But when he dies suddenly, their friendship is left on hold until a decade later, where their world called earth is in shambles due to nuclear war. However, Naruto and his friends hiding underground are able to revive Sasuke in an artificial body. But when Sakura and Sasuke meet again, they find out that an ancient group of Harubian people called the Sound is after Sasuke because of his superhuman abilities. Basically adventure, actions, all that stuff you'd see from the Naruto anime. Hints of reincarnation, cough cough. Eh I'm still working on this one.
The basic pairings for this is SakuraxSasuke/SakuraxNaruto, TentenxNeji, HinataxKiba, the usual pairings you'd see. I'm still writing it, so if you want hints of a certian pairing you can review the story as I develop the pairings. The main thing though is Sakura and Sasuke, so no way am I changing that one.

Shinigami Memories l SakuraxSasuke (In Progress): Sakura, an orphaned girl, lives alone with her childhood friend's older brother Itachi. Previous years Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji, and Kiba had all died in a fire. But when Sakura turns 13, she gains her family's special ability to see ghosts. And apparenlty, Sasuke and the gang arrive as Shinigami, preparing to take Sakura's soul when she dies. However, they have no memory of Sakura whatsoever. Can Sakura make them remember? Is Sasuke willingto remember if it means disappearing forever.

The Endearment of Fake Dating l SakuraxSasuke (In progress):Sakura is a rich heiress (so overratted) and Sasuke is the boy next door jut barely making middle class. One day, an accident forces both unlikely friend into have to pretend to date. Sakura because she may have to be put through an arranged marriage and Sasuke because his girlfriend broke up with him and his image requires him to be in a relationship at all times. Both hate each other, but can these the arrogant jerk and the skater heiress actually learn to fall in love in their fake relationship?


GRAY Undercover l Nate Gray love story (Complete): This is one of my best-read stories. Either because it's so long, or because it's done. I don't know. BUT I'M SO HAPPY!! Haha, anyway, GRAY Undercover is about Ash, a teenager whose best friends are spies for an organization called GRAY: Government Run Agent Youths. When Ash miraculously becomes an agent as well, she and her childhood friend Nate go on various missions, all while keeping track of their school career, teen-relationships, and their oh-so developing feelings for each other which they constantly deny. But how can you deny romantic feelings when you go through the risk of loosing the other person, jealousy, blushing, all that. I didn't mean for it to be that long, but I guess it grew on me, ya know?

GRAY Undercover l Shane Gray love story (In Progress): In this story, it focuses on Shane's side of the story and his relationship with Ember, his childhood friend who he grew up hating. But when they meet again, they learn to forgive each other for whatever they've did and start to fall for each other.
Yeah I haven't really givin much thought onto this story. I'm still working on Ember's background and past, so I guess this one's on hold for now until I say so.

GRAY Revelations l Undercover After Story (In Progress): Many years after the original events of GRAY Undercover, Nate and Ash have married and had their fore-told daughter, Yai. However, Nate becomes the president of the U.S, and the whole gang moves to the White House, including Yai's best friends Myro and Seth. And with Yai being almost a second version of her mother, you can only imagine the adventures she'll cause in the white house. And, of course, she starts to fall for her best friend Seth, just as Nate and Ash fell for each other.

The BestFriendsForeverContractl A GRAY Prequel (In Progress)l: I've been working on this story a long time before, but it got deleted so for a while I kinda gave up on it. But I still remember the plot at least. In present-day, Aiden, the Gray's little brother, gets the chicken pox. So then Nate and Ash tell the story of how they met.
In the past, Ash and Nate met through a Kindergarten project, of having to find a best friend. But what is a best friend may you ask? Well tell the younger versions of Nate and Ash because they suck as heck don't have a clue. But when a group of men were planning on kidnapping all of the many young girls on the street, including Ash, Nate and Ash design a plan to catch the bad guys by luring them into the fire house, rigged with all kinds of traps. Almost like home alone when you think about it.
But anyway this prequel is more of a story for those who have read the original GRAY Undercover story, which by the way if you actually read I THANK you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know anyone who'd read a majority of the 5o something chapters I wrote. Well, except for those who, said they read all the chapters. THANK YOU GUYS TOO!!
Basically this prequel is just my way of answers these questions:
-How did Ash and Nate meet? (Doy)
-How did Ash and Nate end up switching houses?
-What was it like when Ash's dad was alive?
-What was it like before Aiden was born?
-How did Ash meet Shane and Jason for the first time?
-What was the fire house like BEFORE it was turned into a spy headquarters?
And a bunch of others yup. - . -

Tales of the Emosei Book l Nate Gray love story (In Progress): THIS story is about the cliche idea of two children meeting and eventually falling in love as teens. I, for one am a dork and will admit I am obsessed with this oh-so cliche idea. DORKS UNITED.
=My spazing moment=
Anyway, it's about Emi, from a family of rich people, and Nate, from a family of, well, to-die-for normal people. Emi has a passion for drawing, but is forbidden by her parents. Emi secret takes art classes in another school and meets Nate there, who is actually her neighbor. But then Emi moves away (typical) then moves back to her old mansion at 15 (also typical). Apparently, one of Emi's old drawings of magicians from a magical book come to life, and will each threaten to steal away one of Emi's emotions. So now Nate and his brothers must protect Emi as she captures all of her released drawings back into the magical Emosei Book.
Oh and Nate starts to fall for Emi - Let's not forget that part.

My Anime Romance l Nate Gray love story (Complete): In this story, Nate and Dani are best friends, along with Jason and Shane and their little brother Aiden. But when Dani receives the news she's set to be married to one of the Gray's their entire relationship gets turned upside down. But Dani has an amount of time to decide, all while spending it at the annual festival in another town. Can Dani figure out her feelings for Nate before time runs out? Especially when she finds out a secret about herself she never knew when she finds an exact look alike of herself.

GRAY Underwater: Nate Gray love story (In progress):This is another one of my stories that is by some miracle liked by some people. (THESE PEOPLE MUST BE ANGELS FOR READING A STORY WRITTEN BY LOWLY ME) Besides that, GRAY Underwater is a crossover story of my character Ash.
Ash, in this universe, is a teen rock star who comes back to Wyckoff for a break from her tour. But when she meets her childhood friend Nate, she finds out he has some kind of grudge against her, for leaving. Eventually Nate learns to live with his best friend in town again, but now Ash must live with the fact that her best friend and his brothers are secretly mermen after a freak-mishap. (still writing about that one. Not. tellin.)
So though water, music, adventurer, supernatural events, Ash and Nate (again) start to fall for each other.
:Read if you like stories about mermaids but the other way around because this one is about mermen:

Ghost of the Ship l Nate Gray Love Story (Complete): Sophmores Nate and his best friend Aqua are going on a fieldtrip on a cruise. However, Aqua had the ability to see ghosts, and she finds out the ship they're on is haunted. And one of the ghosts is out for her heart. Can Nate defend her until the end of the trip? Especially after the ghost possesses Nate. NatexAqua

My Princess/Vampire/Note Normal Love Story l Nate Gray (Complete): A teenage Tracy is ex-best friends with Nate, a modern day playboy with countless numbers of girlfriends. And just when Nate takes his relationship with Tracy for granted, according to his brothers Shane and Jason anyway, Tracy gets a call from the country of Ronovia and finds out she is their lost princess.
.Wow. Big shocker to Nate I bet.
So now, Tracy must make a decision: stay with her friends, or become Ronovia's princess. Can Nate make her make the right choice? It's not very easy, because Ronovia's royal family is best known for hunting and vanquishing vampires. So you can only imagine what'll happen when they find out Nate is a vampire himself.

The Parent Trap l Sequel to my Vampire Story (In progress): After the events of the first Vampire story, Tracy and Nate grew up and had twins before divorcing each other, taking one child with them. Skylar with Tracy, growing up as a princess who longs for normalcy, and Simon with Nate, growing up as a normal teenage boy longing for adventure. But after fate decides to intervene and sends both twins to Camp Rock, they meet and under the careful eye of their Uncle Shane, Simon and Skylar switch identities. Can they pull off getting their parents back together when they're acting as each other? Or more importantly, Skylar acting as a skater boy and Simon acting as a tomboyish princess.

In Love When You Can't Walk l Nate Gray love story (Complete) : Samantha is Connect3's old best friend from Wyckoff, who is now bound to a wheelchair due to her inability to walk. Living with her older sister, Nate Shane and Jason suddenly come back, Nate having developed feelings for the poor girl. When Sam is kidnapped, can Nate save her in time? - this was my first story here, so I used my name, yeah... no comment-

Remember Inuya l Nate Gray Love Story (In Progress): In this unusual story, two children who loved the sport of baseball, Inuya and Nate were closed than brother and sister. However, Inuya suddenly dies and Nate grows up without her. But when Nate is 15, his little brother Aiden finds a puppy frozen in suspended animation, and it's shown that somehow, the puppy can be turned into a human girl, who is actually Inuya with amnesia. Can Nate take care of a little girl who can barely speak English? Oh yeah, she can still turn into a puppy. That makes it sooo much easier.
Yeah like I said, it's an unusual story, but I came up with it and wrote it down so, there you have it.


Cardcaptor Skies: Saya Li (In Progress): In this story, Sakura Kinomoto (The girl we have come to love) passes away, but has left her magic with her daughter, Saya Li. In present day, 10-year old Saya lives with her father Syaoran, her uncle Touya, her little brother Saiyo, and her best friend Koma who is Tomoyo's adopted son. But with Sakura's last wish to hide away all traces of magic from the children, Saya does not know about the Sakura Cards, Kero, Yue, or anything related to the subject.
But when the cards sealed away in the Sakura Tree are released, Saya is forced to become the new cardcaptor in her late-mother's place. Basic story really. I don't think a lot of people would read this one, but I'll continue writing it if people want me to, and if I find the inspiration.


Pokemon Princess l MayXDrew love story (Complete): May in present day is a normal modern-day Cinderella. She lives with her step-mom, goes to school, and is best friends with Ash, the Pokemon Video Game addict, Misty, the high IQ genious, and Dawn, the girly girl of the group. But when a mysterious object falls out of the sky, it takes May and her friends thouhsands of years into the past during the medieval times. And somehow, May is the Petalburg Kingdom's long lost princess. But how can that be? Also, the familiar boy Draw appears to find May's sudden appearance in the kingdom as a shock, for the two used to be best friends.

Pokemon Princess l MayXDrew Sequel Kingdom of Stone (Complete): After the events of the previous story, May travels back in time to Petalburg to find out Drew is being accused of turning the queen to stone. But according to Misty's evidence, a look-alike of Drew committed the crime. With May's and Drew's relationship on the rocks, can they save the kingdom before everyone in the past is turned to stone?

Pokemon Princess l MayXDrew 3: High School Love (In Progress):In the final series of the Pokemon Princess story, May is starting her high school career under the guidance of her new foster father, her middle school teacher. However, this time Drew is sent into the future in May's time, along with the fact the two are dating. But when all of the girls suddenly fall into a spell, May being the only one resistant, May Drew Ash and Devan must find out the cause before they loose Dawn and Misty forever to a whole new villain. And Paul and Zoey are becoming suspicious of the group's actions, as well.

Escapade Bound l AshxMisty & MayxDrew (In Progress): In the modern world, Pokemon no longer exist due to a catastrophe in the past. And so no one remembers them either. However in this story, the famous red-head we all come to know and love who goes by the name Misty, learns her disease will end her life soon. She she decides to spend the last of her short life in her childhood home, Caden Valley, with her haven't-seen-in-a-long-time friends, Ash, May, and Drew. However a strange mystical creature they find named Lucario, speaks about how creatures called Pokemon once roamed the earth, until they all disappeared for a reason. However the valley is the last place where Pokemon reside, and the four children must find them and save them before they all disappear for good and beome extinct. But can they save an entire species before Misty's disease finally takes her? Not to mention the risk of the valley being sold to be made into an industrialized city.


Teen Titans Glide: RobinxOC (In Progress): Glide, my own character, is a tomboy girl who travels from Gotham to Jump City, looking for her old best friend, who is now the present day Robin, leader of the Teen Titans. After the events of re-meeting and fixing loose ends of Robin's and Glide's broken friendship, Glide moves into the Titans Tower, secret trying to get control of her powers of Wind.
-After a short while I started to loose interest in my OC here so I began making revisions to make the main character Barbara Gordon instead of Glide. I'll re-post this story after I finish it, which will be a while...-


Wishes l AstroxCora love story Vbased on moveiV (Complete): One year after the events of the movie, Toby strangely returns to Metro City and tries to take back his life, holding a grudge against Astro. Astro starts to feel he is being replaced when all his friends and family spend more time with Toby, who's goal is to erase Astro from everyone's hearts. Especially from Cora, Astro's best friend. Can Uran, the only person on Astro's side, help find out Toby's real purpose for coming back and put an end to it before it's too late?


The Daughter of the King of Games l Part I- Recurring Over (Complete): This one's almost done being published fully! -I am so happy- Anyway, this story's about a girl named Amet Mutou, a 14-year old freshman at Domino High. Her best friend is Jet Wheeler (you can guess who's son this is already I presume) Amet's parents Yugi and Tea have been missing for almost a decade and Amet decides to finally do something about it, Jet helping. After getting her answers from Pegasus she finds out that in order to find her parents, she must collect the 7 Millennium Items which have somehow been released. However Amet and Jet must keep these information away from the adults like Joey, Kaiba, Mai, and Mokuba.
Sorry if it doesn't sound very original. This is like my second Yugioh fanfic. My first one started out too OCish, if that's a word. See how bad I am, making up rediculous words such as OCish. Well, there you have it. READ PLEASE - not to be forceful or anything.

The Daughter of the King of games l Part II- Time&Again (In Progress): In a sequel, Amet has finally saved her parents Yugi and Tea Mutou. However being a Mutou herself, Amet is corsed to never live a normal life. And so, what exactly is her connection to her monster Magicians Valkyria. What is this Dominion of the Beasts she keeps hearing about. And what is fate's purpose for bringing her and her best friend Jet together in this world? Learn the truth about the daughter of Yugi in this oh-so facinating story.


Modern Day Ghost Girl (In progress):Wendy Manson grew up alone with her single mother Sam Manson. She never knew her father, and her best friend has been lost forever long ago to the popular crowd. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, 15-year old Wendy finds out she has ghost powers from this mysterious ghost Danny haunting the abandoned Fenton Building. Now Wendy, Nett (reliable ally), and Shane (stuck up jerk/ex best friend) must help her better develop her new and out-of-no-where powers before a predicted evil comes to hit Amity Park in one year.


My Fairy God Brother: Legend of the First Wish (In Progress): Timmy's children, Tammy and Tommy, are all he has left after his wife's passed away. Left to support two kids, his children have inherrited Cosmo and Wanda, his old fairy godparents. However an unexpected turn leads the two children to be separated as Tommy has to leave for boarding school. Since Cosmo and Wanda have to stay with Tommy, Fairyworld decides to put Tammy under te care of another fairy and his godchild, who happens to be next door neighbor and rival Ronny and his fairy, Poof.

survey from my friend Kristine// typed Febuary 2, 2012 . Updated July 15, 2012

--• • A L L A B O U T M E • •--

Name: (Samantha) Sam
Single or taken: Single - but in love
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 9th
Sign: Scorpion - i spelled that wrong didn't i-
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: ... 5 something? I don't know.

--• • F A S H I O N S T U F F • •--

Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes?: Forever21 >> cheap things sometimes
Favorite designer?: A young aspiring student of mine
What is your sexiest outfit?: haha
What is your most comfortable outfit?: my school uniform
What do you usually wear?: Still school uniform... sadly. I don't even need a uniform what the hell am I doing?
Your least favorite place to shop: Expensive places... Proudly cheap.

--• • S P E C I F I C S • • --

What kind of shampoo do you use?: dandruff-helping shampoo. I AM PROUD
What are you listening to right now: accoustics
Who is the last person that called you?: my pack
How many buddies are online right now?: I dunno...
What were you doing before taking this quiz?: plareading fanfics

--• • F A V O R I T E S • •--

Foods: ANYthing sweet.
Girls name(s): unisex names
Boys name(s): cool sounding names
Subject(s): LUNCH. -- and yugioh >.>

--• • H A V E Y O U E V E R • •--

Given anyone a bath?: my baby sister
Smoked?: nope
Bungee jumped?: I wish. ONE DAY I WILL!! ONE DAAAAAYYYYY
Made yourself throw up?: Ew I hope not...
Skinny dipped?: hm.
Ever been in love?: I've learned the ways. Now I'm forever stuck.
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: never had to
Pictured your crush naked?:Mmm... Huh?
Cried when someone died?: You can.
Lied: duh?
Fallen for your best friend?: _
Rejected someone?: yeah...
Used someone?: NO.
Done something you regret?: Haven't we all?

--• • C U R R E N T • •--

Clothes: High school P.E clothes. Great pajamas.
Music: An Ella Bahn by The White Swan
Smell: ... deodorant
Desktop picture: my photography
Cd in player: The Original American Yugioh Soundtrack
DVD in player: yugioh capsule monsters (haha)

--• • L A S T P E R S O N • •--

You touched: My baby sis as I tucked her in.
Hugged: my best friend...
You IMed: miss it so
You yelled at: at my other friend for being too indecicive about boys
You kissed: my bff... miss him

--• • A R E Y O U • •--

Understanding: Totally... unless I'm asleep or if I want to be un-understanding.
Open-minded: All the time.
Arrogant: --looks up def. of arrogant-- I don't think so. But if I say that then I am being arrogant. I'M SO SORRY WAHHHH!! T_T
Insecure: Yup
Random: on the inside. (GO RANDOMNESS!)
Hungry: no... I could use some juicy juice, though.
Smart: ... define smart...
Moody: No. Or maybe I am and I don't realize it...
Hard working: I'm dedicated.
Organized: ... define organized, too...
Healthy: I think.
Shy: depends on the people/ 65 percent yes
Difficult: TOTALLY XD / I don't think I am, but it's fun to act difficult.
Bored easily: nope
Obsessed: uh, no
Angry: I don't ever remember being angry. upset yes but not angry. Angryness is a no no
Sad: not now
Happy: Hai
Hyper: not in the mood. I'm alone.
Trusting: ... hold that thought.

--• • W H O D O Y O U W A N N A • •--

Kill?: Kill?... hm... so hard to narrow it down to one...
Slap?: my friend when he acts perverted. Haha, montage of flashbacks... yeah, heh.
Get really wasted with?: eh.
Get high with: mm... nah
Talk to offline: people face to face
Talk to online: I don't talk to people online unless it's about fanfiction. (XD Like now)

--• • R A N D O M • •--

In the morning I: there is no morning
Love is: the closest thing to magic... and tottally out there and worth the chance.
I dream about: adventure, the fututre... and flying.
Sexual preference: guys (sorry girls)
What do you notice first in the gender you're into: the soul

--• • W H I C H I S B E T T E R • --

Coke or Pepsi: Me don't drink soda.
Flowers or candy: depends on the situation... - .- I could be hungry... I could be flowerless...
Tall or short: used to be tall. I stopped growing. -- Now all my guy friends are MAD taller than me :not cool:

--• • W H O • • --

Makes you laugh the most: Ma friends
Makes you smile: nostalgic memories...
Gives you a funny feeling when you see him/her: funny-feeling people...

--• • D O Y O U E V E R • •--

Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?: I wish I did that
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: sometimes
Wish you were younger: yup. Childhood is the best thing EVER. WAAAAH I'M OLD.

--• • N U M B E R • •--

Of times I have had my heart broken: too many times
Of hearts I have broken: hm...
Of guys I've kissed: Only 1
Of girls I've kissed: 0
Of CD's I own: ... more than 1...?
Of scars on my body: on my knees, i dunno. I'm wearing pants. Lost the scab on my elbow... Ooh I found a paper cut in between my fingers!

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

The Phantom Reboot by Soulfulbard reviews
A re-imagining based on the original concept. Gadgets instead of ghost powers, and Danny and Sam share a psychic link. Add in a missing Jack and Maddie and Danny and Sam not meeting before the first episode and it's Danny Phantom like you've never seen it before.
Danny Phantom - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 33 - Words: 115,950 - Reviews: 227 - Favs: 200 - Follows: 223 - Updated: 7/6/2016 - Published: 9/25/2012 - Danny F., Sam M.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 16,849 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 81 - Follows: 73 - Updated: 10/19/2015 - Published: 8/28/2015 - [Bolt U., Sarada U.] Naruto U., Sasuke U. - Complete
Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie by Dreamer's Fate reviews
This is my version of The Jungle Movie. It's based off of Craig Bartlett's interviews on what he said it would be like. I hope you enjoy! - Completed
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 4 - Words: 18,176 - Reviews: 117 - Favs: 509 - Follows: 280 - Updated: 4/28/2015 - Published: 11/7/2014 - [Sasuke U., Sakura H.] Sarada U. - Complete
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