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Hi hi! Lately I've been on a roll with updates! I hope to keep it that way. You know what else I've noticed, the SasuHina fanbase has grown too. I think all the SasuHina fanfics re cathing up to the NaruHina. How excellent it that. Anyways, just wanted to share that. See you soon!


forever&always, Junpei!


Hinata in my recent story, The Ups and Downs of Motherhood:

I did not draw this, this belongs to the rightful owner and I'm just an inspired writer who fed off this. Please give the right person the respect and praise they deserve!!

Hinata and Sasuke in Cupid's Son :

Once again, I did not draw this, Lems did! She's amazing! Give her the respect and praie she deserves!!!

Possible Ideas and Fanfics:

The Little Things

Pairing(S): Hinata H. and Naruto U. (Wow, this would be my first NaruHina)

Summary: Hinata is part of the prestigious Hyuga family but when she realizes she can't live up to her last name, she gives it all up but as a consequence, she looses all the benefits of being a Hyuga which includes the family mansion, her BMW, and her Gold Visa Card. Not giving up, Hinata sets out to live on her own and grow without depending on the help of her family. Coincidentally, a new apartment was available for rent in Tokyo and Hinata jumps on the opportunity immediately. But as they say, look before you leap!

Note: I think this is a pretty cliche story and I love cliches. I got influences from the asian drama Personal Taste. I've written chapter one, I just need motivation to write the rest.

Cupid's Son

Pairing(S): Hinata H. and Sasuke U.

Summary: When the new girl in town catches the heart throb loner shooting arrows that make people fall in love with each other, life turns upside down for him but many opportunities come up for her, including falling in love with Cupid's son himself! In a tale of adventure, two unlikely people team up to help others find through love while learning about themselves and sacrifices people make for love.

Note: Haha, it's definitely an unbelievable plot. I've never written a supernatural story, but I think I'll enjoy writing this one. I've already pre-written the chapters so I plan on uploading pretty soon! Even though the plot is out there, I don't think the character will be too OOC. Sasuke will still be cool and Hinata will still be shy, timid...maybe a little more clumsy and dense.

Couldn't help myself:

You're a 90's kid if:

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Post this in your profile if you remember these days . . . .
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Stay updated! Feel free to ask any questions. Encouragement is greatly appreciated.

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Can you repeat that?" He said almost as shocked as I was."Would you like to stay with me until you can get a place to stay? I don't have a lot of room, but it's the least I can do.""Are you crazy?" He asked surprised.I think I am. Au,OOC,Reviews please!
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