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You know you've read too much Harry Potter fanfiction when...

1. You start confusing it with the books.

2. You genuinely think that infamous fanfiction characters like the Professor, Henchgirl, and Danger Granger were actually in the books.

3. You believe that Harry and Hermione were canon.

4. You know Charlie Weasley was a main character.

5. And so was Mark Evans.

6. You start using phrases like "Merlin's pants" and "Bloody Hell" on a reglar basis.

7. You see a rat and scream "It's Wormtail!"

8. You see a big black dog and scream "It's a Grim!"

9. You believe that Dumbledore can't be gay because he and McGonagall were meant to be.

10. You know Cedric is still alive because he's too hot to die.

I am cursed. I started with two bunnies, but then - as bunnies are wont to do - THEY MULTIPLIED. Cue scarily evil music.

OH NO! ONE OF THEM ESCAPED! Ooh! Look out he's heading your way! It's a she! Sorry! She slipped out of my grasp. Get her! Oh Merlin's most volumous cloak! Is that - what I think it is? Back up slowly. Make no sudden moves. We don't want to provoke her. I've been spotted. Save yourself! I'm not leaving without you! Then you'll have to take the rabid plot-bunny along as well! She's not letting go of me! Ooh pretty! I like! She's got you too! Someone save us!

The rabid plot-bunny has kidnapped me. She won't let me go until I finish writing the end of her story. The problem - I'm still working on the middle of her story. SIGH. Stupid bunnies. They just had to be so cute with their little pink noses, and brown and white fur, and one blue eye and one brown on the baby bunny. SIGH. Cue bunny theme song.

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It Does Not Do To Dwell on Dreams And Forget To Live...J.K. Rowling

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