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Author has written 2 stories for Batman Begins/Dark Knight.

I'm 19 and I bet I'll be the most interesting person you'll meet. I'm fun and I'm pretty open minded. I love to express myself, sure it might not be positive all the time but the truth hurts. I love to laugh and make people laugh. Amazing people is my goal and I'm very unique. I love to dress up as random people and run around Walmart or the streets. It's a blast! Music and art is a passion of mine along with writing. I'm a DC Comics junkie. I have a bunch of collectible comics... Including the first ever appearance of the Joker in the Batman comics. Rare! I have collection of Batman stuff, because I love Batman. Everything from Batman to The Riddler, to Harley Quinn to Catwomen. My favorite character would have to The Joker. You can really relate to him, if you read the comics and watch the cartoons. You get a bit of insight on his past and it's heartbreaking. I have everything from Joker comics to posters, to knick knacks to cartoons, shirts and even the full costumes from the Animated Series to the Dark Knight. Hmmm, I love music... It's a big passion of mine and I love almost every type. I'm understanding and fun, to those that give me a chance. Drop me a line and read my stories! One of my fave hobbies is to run up to people in buisness suiets and tap them and yell "TAG YOUR IT!" and run away. Make people uncomfortable in elevators, like dropping a pen and when someone goes to grab it scream 'THATS MINE!' and dive on it and act like nothing happened. Ride my bike down the street at 3am yelling "THE BRITISH ARE COMING!". Ladder hopping. Just doing anything random and fun. I wish I could find someone else that loved to do those things, I need better/more friends.

I still get sad and a tear in my eye at the thought of Heath Ledger, he's almost been gone a year :( it doesn't feel like it. tear tear I have his autograph and the first thing my brother said when he heard he died was 'wow, that sucks. hey now you can sell that script for a shit load of money!' I told him to fuck off... :(

Hey check out "The Joker's" myspace page... it's freakin amazing. Add and support Mr. J! Kudos!

Also check out Chuckle's Page! -

I love video games, there so fun. I'm addicted to Mortal Combat VS DC Universe for Xbox 360... WOW.

My favorite songs at the moment:

"Gotta Be Somebody" Nickelback (if i had my own theme this would be it)

"Sticking With You" Addison Road

"And if I have to jump,
Then I'll Jump,
And I won't look down,
you can Cry, You can fight,
We can scream and shout,
I'll push and pull,
Until your walls come down,
And you understand I'm gonna be around,
I'm sticking with you"

"18 Days" Saving Able (i just love it)

"The Kiss of Dawn" HIM (loved them for years! this is my new fave. song by them)

"No More Tears" "Not Going Away" and "Shot In The Dark" by Ozzy Osbourne. High light of my life was seeing him in concert last year!

"Toy Box" "Homies" "Three Little Pigs" and "Cotton Candy" by ICP. They rocked in concert! A bunch of clowns running around in a bloody insane Asylum setting was COOL!

"I Wanna Be Bad" Willa Ford. The Clown Prince of Crime pops in my head when ever I hear this song.

"I wanna be bad, you make bad look so good, I got things on my mind, I never thought I would, I wanna be bad, you make bad feel so good, I'm loosing all my cool, I'm about to break the rules, I wanna be bad."

Favorite movies: The Dark Knight is the top of my movie list! Batman Begins... Plus all the older Batman films they are amazing. (I'm a Batman junkie so sue me!) Iron Man, the Saw series, The Strangers, Step Brothers, Twilight, The House Bunny, Elf! Anything Tim Burton... Anything that's funny, twisted, scary or action I'm there!!

Favorite books: Crank, Glass, Impulse, Identical, Burned, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Helter Skelter... anything twisted.

Favorite shows: Family Guy, The Batman, Batman Animated Series, King of the Hill, Drake and Josh, Rob and Big, No. 1 Countdown, Chelsey Lately, The Soup, Roseanna, The Golden Girls, Reba, Still Standing, 3rd Rock From The Sun, True Life, M80, CSI: Miami, Third Watch, The Jetsons, The Flinstones, Robot Chicken!... Alot more!

I love Batman: The Animated Series! The Joker is so funny! "I'm brave enough to take on the Batman but the IRS NOOOOOOOO Way!" He just cracks me up! Mark Hamill is a freakin genius and I couldn't believe that voice came out of him!

I love Harley Quinn and Ivy; they make the best villainess team ever. The Episodes 'Girls Night Out' and 'Holiday Knights' made me laugh. I love how Harley drives in the "Superman/Batman movie" My uncle laughed sooo hard I thought he was going to die. Bust a gut!!

I think the Joker and Harley Quinn are adorable. She loves way too much poor girl. Mr. J loves her though, you can tell.

"Whoa mamma! Check out the cute hitch hiker!" - Harley

"Yoo-Hoo!" - The Joker pulls up his pant leg and waves.

"Squeak" - Harley slams on the breaks.

I liked The Creeper too! He was another character that cracked me up. "They call me... Yellow skinned wacky man! But I prefer the Creeper!" "I want the inside story on the Joker... and your phone number growls"

Favorite stars: Heath Ledger (since I was in 5th grade!) Jake Gyllenhall (Since the Bubble Boy days!) Mila Joviach (enough said), JOhnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, too many to think of.

What I think about Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight...

First off, all I have to say is... Wow. Those of you that have been Batman fans since day one and know of the Joker's background. I'd have to say and I'd think you'd agree that Heath Ledger got the Joker down better then anyone else. Not only is he scary and dark (like he should be) but he has that twisted sense of humor and that dark charm that only the Clown Prince has. Dont get me wrong, Jack did an amazing job as the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman film. However, he was more of a comic/cartoon character... He was all about the funny and not about the destruction and passion to make Gotham suffer. Sure he was a violent type but not real.

Heath Ledger did something that no one in the past has ever done with this character... Made him real. Made him believe able enough to where you were afraid you'd run into the Joker somewhere on the streets. It was like the Joker was a real person that you could go out and find or expect to see on the news or top most wanted list. The looks of the Joker was amazing, he didn't look like a twisted lab experiment but a real person. Behind the paint and carved smile, you can see that he was once a real person. Someone that was troubled and got pushed to the point of insanity. Not only did Heath make the Joker real he made him be accepted into the hearts of many people. The Joker is a character where you hate and fear him yet you cant help but wonder and worry about him. This summer the Joker went from being in the shadows and ruler of the comic book world, to capturing the hearts of many viewers.

This was an Oscar winning performance and an award winning movie. Heath put himself through almost the unbearable just to bring the Clown Prince of Crime to the big screen and real. From shielding himself from the outside world just to get the character down, from talk, walk, posture, movement, laugh, and look. From telling Christian Bail to hit him as hard as he could during the interrogation scene, just to make it real and so he gets the feel of the scene to mentally getting into the role. Heath Ledger was an amazing actor who will be missed and has showed everyone what he was capable of. I feel that his last finished project should be honored with an Oscar nomination at the least. It that will happen it would be great, but who knows if the Oscars will even take this roll or movie into consideration. Half of the movies that are nominated for Oscars I have never heard of. Which is a shame, because there are so many movies and stars out there that have worked their tails off but never get any recognition. If The Dark Knight, and Heath Ledger's performance become like all the other great movies and rolls that get ignored... Then it goes to show you that record Breaking Blockbusters must not be what their looking for.

My Myspace is decked out with the Joker from the Dark Knight. Made the background myself becuase what can I say, the Joker is amazing! Yes I'm one of those that think the Joker is adorable soooo all you haters that think it's weird can just shut up. Your mom goes to college!

I really liked Rachel Dawes in the Nolan films. She was the only chick really... Being how she got blown up by a fine ass clown, I wonder who their going to have as the chick. I mean, every superhero film has a chick... Maybe Harley Quinn? I doubt it though, being how there's no more Joker... thinks

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I think the Joker and Rachel make a cute couple. I mean, opposites attract right? I think it's the perfect set up! She's an Assistant D.A and he's Gotham's most wanted. Idea for the perfect twisted relationship.

Joker and Harley Quinn, just because it's meant to be! The whole story line behind their relationship is perfect. Plus she is madly in love with him, and he's all grumpy yet shows some tough love. I love them.

Batman and Joker, Hmmmm... interesting. I still haven't figured that one out yet, but okay. A lot of people love that pair but, I just can't see our Joker traveling down that road. Look at all the amazing women that love him! However, okay good plot and set up. Hero/villain. Grim/Happy. Good/Evil. I'd read it and I am lol.

Hermione and Harry! I love that couple! I actually thought that was how it was going to be. Because they always said how Harry looked like his dad and Hermione looked like his mom. GRRRRRR. I hated the ending of that damn series. (o: I love Ron though :o)

(Stereotypes suck!)

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
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