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Name: Buddy. (I ain't telling you my full name!)

Age: 22 not for long though

Gender: Male

City: Riverside

State: California, baby! Wow!

Fanfic name: BuddyJack

Fanfic avatar: Jack Skellington dressed as Jack Sparrow, how cool is that?

Character: I love comedy, can't live without it! I also like mysteries, adventure/action, and fantasy. I also love cartoons... but that doesn't mean that I'm a fan of all cartoons. Just ones that seem appropriat or more cool enough.

Apperance: BuddyJack was once a normal everyday guy, until he spend some time in Toontown so long that he started to become a toon himself. He has hair that is brown and nearly like a mad scientist. He has a small brown eye on the left and a red swirl on the right. His skin is bright colored, and nearly taned. His smile is as long as the Chesier Cat's. He wears a blue top hat, white gloves, white shirt, blue tuxedo, green bow-tie with red polke-dots, blue pants, and brown polished shoes. He has many different types of laughs, such as humming, chuckling, and manic.

Personality: BuddyJack may behave like a guy that's lost his marbels, but he still has human emotions such as happiness, anger, fear, and sadness and has an I.Q. that is above average. When ever he sees an opportunity to humor himself and others around him, he would let out witty comments that really bring in laughs. Sometimes, his comments would make people he's joking about mad, mostly the villains. Although, when he feels left out and no one seems to notice him, he would moop and keep quiet. When someone finaly talks to him, he would say things like, 'oh, you've finally noticed that there is an extra person here?' or 'oh, now you want to here what I have to say in this?' Despite his self pitiness, he would feel bad for his friends as well, no matter how serious their mistakes were. However, when ever someone does something he doesn't like, that's when he gets serious. He always feels uncomfortable around creey places at night. He always believes that a ghost would come at him fast at any time, considering that he's seen many scary ghost movies and video games.

Origin: BuddyJack was a normal young man, but deep down, he's actually someone that is aware of the existance of creatures easily refured to as toons. After stumbling into an odd hole, he found himself in the abandond mines of Toontown. He traveld the tunnels until he found the sight of the newly discovered world of toons. Too bad he would be the only one who saw it and beleived it. It wasn't long though when two toons, Grim Jr. and Minnie-Mandy caught him without him noticing. They ran to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and informed him of the 'intruding' mortal. And so, to his unfortanet surprise, he gets arrested and sent to court. They accused him of being a spy for a seceret government. He told them that he came here by accident and allowed them to see his pockets with an x-ray. They found him innocent and let him go. They agreed to build him a house for him to stay in. He was glad that he had a home to live in a care-free place, but he still misses his real home in the real world. As time went by, he started to notice that his colors were getting brighter, his eyes were being more noticable, his limbs flet like they were made of rubber, and every one way trip to the graveyard was more like just a one way ticket to the hospital. He asked Oswald what was happening to him, and Oswald sighed as if it was something seirous and answered that he has been spending time in Toontown for so long that he was starting to become one of them. When the transformation was complet, BuddyJack became mad, nuttier than ever. But it wasn't seirous, he was still friendly, sane, and smart as ever, but he was more of a wako that is crazy about cartoons and things that happen in cartoons. And so, now a days, he enjoyed being a toon, being mescheifous and hilarous. The residents may find that he's an asylum reject, but they find that he's a nice loveable guy deep down.

Abilities: BuddyJack has the power to warp reality which fits his personality. He can teleport, change colors, shapeshift himself and others around him, and other stuff, but only for good.

Special Power: He can defy logic and has some sort of power that enables him to warp reality.

Friends: Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. Goofy. Oswald. Mario. Luigi. Yoshi. Sonic. Milse 'Tails' Prower. Amy Rose. Brick Jojo. Buttercup Utonium. Boomer Jojo. Phoenix Wright. Maya Fey. Pearl Fey. Ash Ketchum. Misty. Brock.

Enemies: Pete. Bowser. Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik. Mojo Jojo. HIM. Dahlia Hawthorne. Team Rocket.


NegaJack, one of BuddyJack's evil counterpart and greatest enemy. The only simularity is they both of them are nuts, only NegaJack is more serious and loses his temper more than his good counterpart. When ever his evil plans fail or don't go the way he planed them to go, he would go on a break down with anger and frustration, sometimes he would throw a tantrum like a big baby. And, unlike BuddyJack, who claims no ownage of characters that are not OCs or his OCs, NegaJack tends to steal ideas from others, calling them his CopyRight Emissary. Since his ripoff lackeys are part of the main resonse all his plans are like crap, he would get angry with them and beat them up, punish them, lecture them harshly and demote them, even though there is no possible way to demote them lower. He is also mad enough to mix other cartoons' DNA to create monsterous abominations that will obey him and not attack him but his enemies. Despite creating copies of the villains, they see him more as an ally or a competition. As for the good guys, they were more ticked off of him for doing something so illegal, quickly naming him one of the most hated villains in the univers.

Relationships of cartoons I like:


Ash x May (Pokemon)

Sora x Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Brick x Buttercup (PPGD)


Mario & Sonic (Mario Bros./ Sonic the Hedgehog)

Bo & Winnie (Sugar Bits/Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School)

Blossom & Boomer (PPGD)


March 31, 2010: I'm back everybody!! (Lights ray at me as my name appears in big giant golden capitol words and the song plays) Voice: Here he is... the idiot of the year, he's been away for awhile, but he's back, the idiot... of the year... (I shot him for calling me idiot. I blow the smoke from the gun.) That's right folks, I'm back... the darn Internet wasn't working, but it's working again now. See ya around. Voice: There he goes... the idiot of the year... (I shot him again.)

June 17: I just like to say... I GRADUATED!!! (Dances around!) (A man shouts "Nobody cares!" and I shot him as he falls off a cliff.)

August 25: I am so, so sorry for the wait you guys are going through! You know, Writers-block! I gotta get with it and get some ideas. Again, sorry for the inconvenient, if there was any.

June 25 2013: I am going to Sandiago for a three day vacation so I won't be making stories any time soon. See you on Thursday!

June 27: I'm baaaaaack!

Somebody: No body cares!

Me: Excuse me? *Snaps fingers to make guy be chained up and hanged upside down above a shark tank*

Guy: AAAAAHHHHH!!! OKAY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! Pleas put me down...!

Me: Okay. *Snaps finger to make him drop to the tank*


Me: *Snaps fingers to make him stop falling.* You should learn to be more specific with people like me. Anyway, it's good to be back.

July 15: WARNING! Due to notifications that I might get sued for copyright violations, I had to delete the parodies that copied the movies and shows, sad to say. So in order to avoid being shut down, I would like for everybody who favorited my said parodies to remove it from your fave list. I would really appreciate it if you did that. Thank you.

July 11 2014: I have now got an account on DeviantArt after being convinced by a fellow author. Just search my name on the site.

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