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I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. — William Blake

Greetings, I’m a useless individual that is something of a romantic dreamer. I've become a bit of a realist of late, I rather fear. My horrid, pessimistic notions are usually perplexing and arcane to the average, adult mind. Actually, I’m a little cynical when it comes to being serious, so forgive me if I laugh at someone getting electrocuted by a shock-box. (Ghostbusters, anyone?)

My main interests on this material plane basically contrive of very unorthodox spiritual beliefs, family, stories and folklore, and, of course, writing. (Without these elements, I doubt I could exist.)

I enjoy the art of expression, whether it is performing or visual. However, doing photography is a different matter entirely…Horrid memories, don’t ask. Reading is also an atrocious addiction that I cannot seem to overcome. My taste runs in those kinds of stories that catch my interest within the first, few, precious moments, and hold me until the inevitable end. It is rather saddening when such a rare, captivating story can hold my brief attention, and make me shed tears when it ends… But, I have a good cry and move on…

Current Projects/Stories I am Working on:

The Mask's Lament: A continuation of The Phantom of the Opera. This story is based on the original novel by Gaston Leroux, which gives a plausible what-if scenario of Erik managing to have his Christine, after all. Their journey, combined with a suspicion of an attempted murder, leads both down a winding path of palace intrigue and realistic fantasy—one that inexorably leads to the realization of something ordained, long before they ever met.

Promise of the Last Kiss: Based on both the J.M. Barrie novel and the 2003 Peter Pan film, Promise of the Last Kiss is a continuation of the fanciful tale of a boy who refused to grow up, an antagonized captain who only dared to dream, and the one woman who was torn between them. The obligations of having to accept responsibility and the inevitable setting aside of childish things comes to the forefront where the young Wendy Darling has to finally grow up and choose. (This story will be almost as long as The Mask's Lament, as it delves into the mysteries of the human heart, and the journey one makes when growing up.)

To Analyse a Murderer: Which I am happy to say is finally complete! :D However, I promised to post some links regarding a few historical aspects of nineteenth century London. As such, here they are:

“Deformito-Mania,” Punch, 1847

A brief excerpt on the Hall of Ugliness

And on all things Jack the Ripper

A Haunting Reflection: Is another story devoted to the world of Peter Pan and its characters. Like some of my other works, this story will be dark, intense, and hopefully, one that will leave a person thinking, well after the story ends. I do not intend for this story to be overly long, since I'm working on so many other stories at the moment. But yes, for those of you who enjoy very dark and hopelessly romantic—as in Romantic Poets William Blake/Wuthering Heights/Jane Eyre romantic, not Harlequin Romance romantic—stories filled with horror, suspense, guilt, forgiveness, redemption, love, as well as having a bit of light at the proverbial end of the tunnel, then A Haunting Reflection may be a cure for those averse to fluff. Even though...fluff can be nice sometimes, though not for this story. Indeed, I doubt Hook would allow 'fluff' in any way, shape, or form near this story, in particular, as this shall also be a very dark take on the Hook/Wendy pairing. Really, sometimes dark romance can be just as beautiful and riveting as that of light. But now, I am waxing poetic! -.-;

His Dark Possession: Based on James Cameron's Titanic, this will be an alternate, 'what-if' story centring round the ever-conflicted, ever-complex, if not ever-complicated, relationship of Cal and Rose. And I must confess that I realize that I am now, currently, working on quite a few projects at the moment, but I simply could not resist writing this—especially since I love Cal's character so much. There is my love for him, and the fact that I am so tired of people completely bastardizing his character without true cause for doing so. I mean, the poor guy eventually blew his brains out. Is that not enough for retribution? (Sighs.)

Anyway, this story will be an AU, and will take place in the months preceding the Crash of '29, and then following soon after, since it appears that Cal has not quite, completely, let go of his former love—not even in death. o.0;

I also mentioned in my author's notes that I would post some links regarding the similarities between Rose and Dante Gabriel Rossetti's painting Veronica Veronese, as well as photos for Pittsburgh's Carnegie Music Hall. And so, without further ado, here they are, as promised:

Cal and Rose's photo still from one of Titanic's deleted scenes

The timeless Veronica Veronese

Carnegie Music Hall Foyer

Carnegie Music Hall

Phipps Conservatory

The Original Nixon Theatre

Edgar Cayce

Traitor of Dreams: A continuation of Jim Henson's Labyrinth. (Currently, I am not working on this story.)

The Arrangement: Is one of my latest stories, and is a return to the world of Final Fantasy VII. This story is unlike any of my previous works from the fandom, as it deals with a more in-depth analysis of what happens after Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus. Without giving too much away, the plot basically focuses on an arranged marriage between Rufus ShinRa and Yuffie Kisaragi. Yeah. A very rare pairing, I confess, that's surely asking for a lot of angst, if not trouble. Hearts will be broken, mended, and probably broken again before this story is finished, for such is a marriage based on an arrangement made by two mutual enemies.

Yuffie’s Cocktail Dress

This Night // Rufus ShinRa

In PiecesA rather—hopefully—short story based on the 2001 Thirteen Ghosts remake. This story will focus primarily on Kathy Kriticos—the daughter of Arthur Kriticos, the film's protagonist performed by the wonderful Tony Shalhoub—and her life after the glass house. And, yes, I can confirm that some of the ghosts from the film will show up. Who they are, however, will remain a mystery for the moment. ;)

Untitled Secret Garden three-shot

His Sister's Keeper A what-if continuation of the 1968 Night of the Living Dead, after the events of the film. This story will be written in five parts, and will focus on Barbara, as well as those who manage to survive that night at the farmhouse.


May 17th, 2013: The third and final part of chapter nine for The Arrangement is finally here! I'll more than likely look over this final part, however, since I feel that I probably didn't catch everything on the first revision. I'll be sure to have an updated version posted, if in the event that I do catch something that I might've missed. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this new part; we've finally gotten to the honeymoon bit! :D

June 14th, 2013: Hello, everyone, I trust summer is going well for all of you! Mine has been interesting, to say the least. As such, I'm also afraid that I don't have much of an update this time. :( As I suspected, there were a few things that needed to be corrected with my previous update on The Arrangement. I've uploaded a revised version of the chapter, and have extended my author's note a bit, since I forgot to mention what "unofficial" song fits the theme of the story. For those curious, you may take a peek at my notes! ;)

On a further note, I also plan to begin work on the next chapter, as well as finishing up An Unexpected Realization. Kate, I promise: you will see our little "challenge" reach some kind of satisfying conclusion before the year is out. Just keep on my case about it until then! I'm also working on an original novel idea, but I'm also going to work in-between that and my stories on here, so no worries that I'm about to abandon anything any time soon. I don't like to leave things unfinished, and I'm on a roll with ideas for quite a few stories at the moment. Until next time!

October 9th, 2013: Hello, everyone, I understand that it's sadly been some months since my last update, and I'm very sorry for it. With work demanding much of my time, and then getting myself together to return to graduate school, I just haven't found the time, let alone any inspiration, to update.

Nevertheless, I have every intention of at least finishing the next chapter of The Arrangement. I already have the opening written. And since I'll be on fall break for the next two days, I also intend to respond to those of you who have either reviewed or PMed in the last two months. I'm very sorry that it's taken me this long to get back to all of you; I haven't logged into in over two months. :( It almost feels like an eternity since the summer; I've really missed everyone on here. Hopefully, with this much needed break from teaching, I'll have a chance to write and reconnect with everyone! :)

May 13th, 2014: My, my, it's been some time, hasn't it? And for that, I deeply apologize to everyone I haven't been in contact with on this site. I've been so busy with college and life in general that I haven't had much time to be on this site; or even write, for that matter. :( I hate using college and work as an excuse, but both have been my life for the past year, and it looks like I have another year before I can finally set college aside for a while, and focus on everything else. I've really missed everyone on this site; I haven't forgotten any of you! And I really want to thank everyone who is continuing to read and PM me. You guys and gals really mean a lot to me!

And now, with regard to my stories, I have returned to a few of them. A Haunting Reflection, His Dark Possession, and The Arrangement are still my top priorities in finishing. I also have something of another Peter Pan oneshot that I've been playing around with. We'll see where it goes, but the aforementioned three will definitely come before any new projects. I plan to work on them, whenever I can this summer. And hopefully, I shall have some new material posted soon. Thanks again, everyone, for bearing with me! :)

December 31st, 2014: Happy New Year, everyone! After a very long hiatus, I have finally returned, if only briefly. College has been an overwhelmingly nightmarish experience this semester, and I fear I must return to it very soon. However, I have worked on a few stories in the short time I've had away from it. Current updates should go as follows:

An Unexpected Realisation will be completed next.

The next chapter of The Arrangement should then follow.

Headway has been made on the second half of chapter eight of His Dark Possession.

Chapter five's second half of A Haunting Reflection has also received some attention.

This is a short list on the order of how updates should go. For the moment, however, I've written a small vignette for The Phantom of the Opera as a New Year's present for everyone, as well as a fond farewell to a very chaotic 2014. Here's to hoping that 2015 will be just as amazing and less overwhelming as its predecessor. ;)

June 8th, 2016: I daresay that it may be shocking to see an update after such a long hiatus. I want to first apologize to those who have left feedback or PM'd me. I am utterly sorry for not responding in a timely manner, or if I haven't responded at all. My current occupation has sadly left me little time to respond to anyone who has wondered why I haven't updated in such a long time. My job, suffice it to say, has been an utter flustercluck, and I've had precious little time to call my own, owing to the amount of work and attention I've had to give throughout this school-year. I shall refrain from divulging any boring details, as I am delighted to finally have some time to paint and write.

I also had the opportunity to see an Off-Broadway performance of The Phantom of the Opera, and, try as I might, it looks as though Erik has pulled me back into his darkness again. I plan to return to "The Mask's Lament," and perhaps write a few oneshots along the way. I also want to add another chapter to "His Dark Possession," because I hate leaving that story unfinished, and I really want to have a Cal/Rose reunion. Also, I have another chapter of "The Arrangement" finished. I plan to finish revising, and I should hopefully post it by the weekend.

Again, I apologize for the lack of updates. All of you mean a lot to me. Thank you for your continued interest, thoughts, and support! :D

July 12th, 2016: The Arrangement has finally been updated! I hope everyone enjoys it.

On another note, I'm almost finished with the second part of His Dark Possession, which I hope to post this weekend!

December 29th, 2016: I am currently writing a three-shot that focuses on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel The Secret Garden. I plan to publish the first of the three oneshots before the New Year. This has been a work-in-progress in my mind for several years now. Truly. I do intend to publish the other two parts, whilst working on some of my other stories. Work, presently, is so utterly suffocating and disappointing, at the moment. Why teachers want to teach those who wish not to learn, and have no intent of doing so, is an ever-questionable labyrinth of the mind that I cannot even begin to fathom. I shan't go into it. Not now. Just know that...I find sanity amid work that currently un-inhabits a sense of creativity and individuality...and this is not among the students I teach. God...I do so loathe the asinine behavior of my department. Just stop teaching and corrupting the future generation, will you?! I utterly loathe and despise each and every teacher who acquires tenure, and then proceeds to talk behind his/her students behind his/her back. Seriously. Just. Stop. Teaching. This is a life-changing career, not an occupation.

January 30th 2017Happy belated New Year to all! I apologize for not updating with a new story last month. However, upon reflection of the year 2016, I decided not to permanently attach any of my works to such a year. 2016 took David Bowie and Alan Rickman away from everyone. No. Just, no.

As such, I have decided to finish and publish a slew of half-finished works this year. Sadly, I have little time to write until spring break, but I shall endeavor to post quite a lot when that time comes. I honestly grow half-sick of grading papers. (*That's an quasi-allusion to "The Lady of Shallot" that my honors sophomores would, unfortunately, utterly fail to grasp. It's honestly rather trying at times, shoving literature into their unwilling minds. This generation is so very dependent on phones and tablets. They think they know everything. (Sighs.))

September 7th 2017I've just now noticed that my last update was in January. (Sighs.) Teaching will do that. The good news is that I am no longer teaching at the facility that was the bane of my existence for two years. I'm in another county and am not busting my backside for nothing. Also, I've been working on several stories since the summer. I plan to update over the next few weeks. I know that I always plan to update, but I've not had the time, strength, nor the mindset to do so. I'm thinking of leaving teaching altogether because it's taking so much away from everything else that's important to me. :/ I loathe being a statistic, but the future of my state's retirement system and teacher's pension looks pretty bleak. Even my siblings are quaking in their boots.

Nevertheless, these are the following stories I intend to update/post this fall:

His Dark Possession An upcoming chapter (Noveember)

The Arrangement An upcoming chapter (November)

His Sister's Keeper (Night of the Living Dead 1968) (October)

In Pieces (Thirteen Ghosts) (October)

Secret Garden Three-shot Story (November/December)

October 30th, 2017: Just a quick update. I have finally posted Part I of my Night of the Living Dead short story. I really wanted to post it by Halloween. It's called "His Sister's Keeper" and will be a very dark take on the post-apocalyptic world of the living dead.

Also, I have almost concluded the second part of chapter eight of "His Dark Possession." I intend to revise and post, hopefully, by tomorrow. I'm also posting my Thirteen Ghosts story "In Pieces" tomorrow as well! So sorry for the wait; I have been very busy these couple of months.

I also intend to have another chapter of "The Arrangement" posted by next month. Fingers crossed on that one! :) Until tomorrow!

January 24th, 2018: Uploaded the first chapter to my Thirteen Ghosts story. I'm on the verge of posting a polished chapter to "The Arrangement." Many thanks to those still reading that story and to the others! I'm still working on them! See you soon!

Random Thoughts:

Toonami needs to return to CN. Seriously. Television bites anymore without it…

I am left-handed, although I've long been adapted to a right-handed world.

Seeing the world in a most unorthodox manner makes living far more interesting, I feel.

I follow some rules in general, although I tend to ignore others.

Suck an elf! You know you wanna say it. (Grins wickedly.)

I love running in the cold rain and staring at different phases of the moon.

Dark violet, peridot green, and deep turquoise are three of my favorite colors.

And contrary to popular belief, I actually prefer to be wild and absolutely savage in my writing and mannerisms, than be anything remotely civilized.

A few things about me and my squirrely way of writing in particular: Depending on the body of work, I write in both the U.S/U.K. spelling formats. I don't respond to people who flame, since I believe that such individuals are not worth the brain capacity to even consider, so I don’t bother to respond to their nonsense. I’ve met quite a few people like that in real life, and, really, they’re not worth the effort in trying to reason with, much less worry about. So I don’t. Comments and constructive criticism on my work, however, is very much welcome and greatly appreciated. I also endeavor to try to respond to anyone who leaves a review or sends a message. It may take me a few days, since things come up and I’m not always online, but I will try to return a response, I promise! I don't always adhere to the rules of grammar, since I simply stopped caring about what a bunch of well-learned scholars say and think. In fact, concerning grammar, I sometimes ignore almost everything that goes with it. I break rules. Like, ending a sentence with a preposition, splitting infinitives, and neglecting to correct sentence fragments. I write the way I feel a story needs to go. I couldn't care less about the mechanics behind it, since, really, who makes the rules and says that writers must always follow them? It's all a bit ridiculous, really. I promise to review whenever I favorite a story, although I can't review every chapter, since I unfortunately don't have the time for it anymore. My writing is much too complicated to ever be simple. I usually don't make things easy for the characters that I write. It just isn't in my nature, let alone in the story's integrity, to give an easy out for characters; for where would a story go if everything was simple, beautiful, and just plain rosey? As a lover and student of history, I also strive for historical accuracy in my work, but there are times when compromises have to be made, especially when concerning historical fiction, which is a complete and utter oxymoron in and of itself if you think about it. I also find the whole concept of people using the now standardized complaint of authors using flowery language to be severely overrated. Really. If someone can manage to get through a novel by James Joyce, Henry James, or Edith Wharton, then that person can very well break through a literary world that's been dumbed down to the point that any amount of detail is subject to be deemed as flowery. I'd choose descriptives and poetic lanugage over writing that lacks feeling or emotion any day. I also don't believe in the whole notion of writing for one's self on this site, let alone in the publishing world. That kind of thing seriously needs to be kept for a diary, not for the public to see. I honestly hate it when people complain when they receive criticism and use that as an excuse for their upset. Receiving criticism is the way the world works in any field or subject of life. It's simply the way people are. I also mainly write on the subject of death, in all its various forms. It's what I do. It's what comes naturally. Word count-wise, for most of my chapters/oneshots, is usually too long to even bother with in counting. It's just difficult for me, to write short chapters. (Sighs.) And that's really all I have to say on this particular subject matter, I think.

Regarding films and literature and everything else in between, if I had to choose between fantasy and realism, I would probably end up choosing realism. I'm afraid I've lost my edge, when it comes to perfectly happy endings.

There are also some stories that don't need everything tied up in a pretty pink bow at the end. I feel that it's sometimes best to just leave a few things open for the reader's imagination.

Villain/Heroine pairings are truly tantalizing to ship and write, although there are some that are beyond ridiculous. Sometimes a classic canon pairing can be a good thing.

Love Triangles, whether they're in literature, films, games, or any other medium or form of entertainment, can become absolutely crazy. Flame wars among fans are bad. Period.

Character bashing is also something of which I highly disapprove of. It's usually something I see, when concerning a story that's considered romantic. The aforementioned story basically plays out, and some individuals are absolutely butthurt over their "ship" not ending up to be the "canon pairing." Yeah. This usually involves love triangles or some such nonsense. I love certain fandoms, I really do, but sometimes I have to take a step back from them, mainly for this reason.

I also love a good, concrete, believeable, angsty romance, save for those that are overly fluffy. o.0;

Lemons are also something I tend to indulge in—both the edible and non-edible kinds. Yes, I sometimes enjoy trashy romance novels, along with a nice, cold glass of lemonade. (Provocative wink.)

And if I have to be perfectly honest, then I must say that Gaston Leroux's: The Phantom of the Opera has to be my favorite novel. Ever. It just is, and I don't know why...

I doubt I shall ever turn down a fish taco, especially free ones!

Sushi is also wonderful!

I am truly alive from September through March. As for the rest of the year, I simply exist. I really hate half of every year. I love fall/winter, bare trees, ice/snow, gray skies, short dark days, and the driving winter cold. Sunlight, a relatively high humidity, and the blistering heat I avoid like the plague. o.0;

I’ve also come to the point where I’m so sick of the whole supernaturally-challenged, angsty boyfriend-type phenomena that seems to be spreading across the world. Good God, sometimes death is an actual mercy, just as immortality and living all happily-ever-after, with no problems whatsoever, is so terribly overrated at times. It just isn't real.

Legacy of Kain = Best. Game. Series. Ever. For me, at least.

3D isn't everything.

And, oddly enough, I collect old postcards. I really love those things.

I have a penchant for studying Old English, Norse Mythology, and Japanese culture. My room is seriously a mishmash of that particular combination.

In almost every major city I'm in, I always try to go to the Hard Rock Café there and get a pin. It's a bit of an odd quirk of mine, I confess, but I make it a personal pilgrimage in my love/devotion to Rock and Roll.

I have chronic nightmares about zombies. Seriously. And yet, I still watch zombie horror survivor films and T.V. shows like The Walking Dead. o.0; Go figure.

I still collect dolls, and I continuously endeavor to try to never be ashamed of that fact. I also sometimes collect action figures, too. Love Play Arts figures. Love.

As for Shakespeare and the question of his authorship, I'm really not all that concerned about it. We have the body of that particular work—whosever it may be—so what does it matter who wrote it? For myself, I'm on the fence, as to the whole Stratfordian/Oxfordian argument. Those two factions honestly remind me of the Lion and the Unicorn duking it out from Alice Through the Looking-Glass. o.0; Still, I admit that I do like a rather compelling argument of this sort, and the whole Edward de Vere angle, I confess, intrigues me.

Seeing almost anything Hello Kitty makes my day. :)

On a final note, I also work, so updates will unfortunately not be as constant, compared to when I was in high school. However, I promise to update whenever I can, since writing is a part of me, and is something I cannot abandon entirely. My eternal thanks to all who have read, reviewed, and have remained patient with me throughout the years; all of you mean a lot to me! Thanks so much for being there, when I needed it most! :D

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