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HAS IT REALLY BEEN LIKE TWO YEARS!? See okay, before you guys hastily chop my head off...please don't I might need that...I sort of...forgot about this profile while I was working on some new stuff...sooooo I suppose Ill be transferring this all over. I AM SO SORRY! I got so caught up in my RE fanfics that I like forgot about these. I doubt any of you are even around in more. Oh man...I am so terribly sorry. Anyways uhm...Ill be transferring these stories to my newer account which is under the penname of EchoCIDE. No I probably won't update anytime soon but its only because of my terrible writers block. I think though I am able to maybe pick these stories back up...all with the exception of Starting Over...I'll probably scrap it and rewrite it. So this profile is getting deleted I suppose and that means all of your lovely reviews will too. -sobs- But on the off chance I do get around to all of this...=sigh= we'll see. Once again I apologize PROFUSELY for I have been a horrible author lately...just so many story ideas have been flooding my brain and combined with those and the ones I already have published and just LIFE ITSELF i've been so unmotivated...Okay okay. I hope you guys don't hate me too much.

Jan. 05. 09.

Okay, currently I am working on two fics; the first one Because The Night is a KakuHina fic and is at a stand still for the moment. I should have all of the fourth chapter up by tomorrow, -complete with lemon!- and the second Starting Over is a KisaSaku which is my newest development. Just thought I would write this update here on my profile to keep my lovely readers updated. If you have any questions in regard to the stories just post me one in a review or something and I will write you back. Thanks for staying with me!


May. 10. 09.

OKAY EVERYONE IF I MAY HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! Lol. Yes the rumors are true-just kidding there are no rumors, but I have always wanted to announce something like that, makes me sound important but anyway-but as you all know my fic, Because The Night has been on Hiatus for quite some time now...3 months or something like that? ANYWAYS...I have started on the fourth chapter finally and hopefully I will have it up AT LEAST by tonight, and by tonight I mean like...4 in the morning or something. So do not fret my awesome compatriots because Kakuzu and Hinata are finally back. As for my Starting Over fans...I will be updating that also as soon as BTN has been updated. So hang on tight and hopefully this particular chapter will be worth reading. I LOVE YOU GUYS! No authoress could ask for a better group of readers. Thanks for staying with me guys!


May. 17. 09.

OKAY OKAY I KNOW, I BETTER GET ON BTC OR ELSE! shrugs sheepishly I knooooooow. But Readers-sempai, can't I please have some dango! Ny-chan is a gooood girl! Yay! (sorry Tobi moment) Anyhow, I have most of the fourth chappie written up ya dig? I just have to ya know...finish it? lol. So anyhow...looks around I was working on it I really was! But I got distracted..I looked in a tin can and saw a dead plant and I was all...ZETSU-SAN! So now I am writing a Zetsu story...I AM STILL GOING TO UPDATE BECAUSE THE NIGHT DON'T WORRY GUYS! Oh...and Starting Over is on major hiatus until i finish both of these stories Poison Ivy and Because The Night. I didn't have that many fans of it anyways...ill put it off. But I will get back on it I promise! Just been so busy. ANYWAYS Check out Poison Ivy pretty please? I promise it's not terrible! So I love you guys so much and thanks for staying with me guys!


May. 18. 09

I have some goood newwwws my dear readers! Last night I began making the AMV for Because The Night and I must say, it is quite nice so far. You will go watch it. turns on Sharingan If only huh? That would be so cool..anyways...off the topic here. The AMV will hopefully be done soon and I am almost done with chapter four of BTC so come on people! Let's go...oh and umm..I have a quest for you all. If you can find me any good Kakuzu videos I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks guys!


May. 19. 09

Alright, so chapter four of Because The Night has been posted up, and as for my AMV well...YouTube had a few problems with my video apparently, and wound up cutting off the last minute and a half of it, so I am going to try uploading it again and if it happens again I'll put it on my myspace. OH YEAH. That reminds me, add my myspace for updates on the story. Today I am working on chapter three for Poison Ivy and if I get that done, I'll post it up tonight and then start on chapter five of Because The Night and hopefully be done with it-it will be longer than the last chapter I promise-anyhow keep in touch with me and DON'T FORGET TO POST THOSE REVIEWS! I get disdainful if you don't.


May. 23. 09

Okay, so here's a little shoutout to all of my readers and my fans. And a little update so everyone knows what's up. First off, as for my most viewed and read, fic Because The Night, I am having a little problem with it's production at the moment and I am not quite sure how to go on with it but don't fret dear fans, it will be up soon. Okay my next most prosperous story, Poison Ivy, honestly I have the perfect idea for the next chapter only I haven't had much time to type it out. It will be done soon too. Now, as for Starting Over, I have just and I mean just uploaded the umm well it's the second chapter really, after the prologue. And I was reading through my old Star Wars KoTOR story and I think I might keep on with that, anywho. I love you guys. And thank you for staying with me guys.


May. 30. 09.

In case you guys were wondering..my new avatar is some little piece of boredom I did while I was toying around on paint. YES I DID IT ON PAINT. And I don't think it's that bad for a paint file. Lol. Well..it's supposed to be Hinata and Kisame..but Hina-chan kind of got cut out...and all that..anyways..just thought I'd let you know.

July. 12. 09

K guys my internet has been off and i haven't had a chance to update. btw because the night is at a standstill for the moment, but poison ivy is still coming and so is starting over. just hang with me guys I'll have it up soon enough.


September. 1. 09

Haha..okay. I got some slightly shocked reviews from the last chapter of Because The Night, and honestly, I can tell you that even Iwas blushing furiously while writing that chapter. Seriously. It won't be as bad with the Lemon though, mostly because I am more used to umm...'two to tango' acts than solo ones. Lol i also had to laugh at the reviews...they were hilarious. And Angel-chan..I am indeed alive and kicking and you will get your chapter soon my dear. I just have to work out some kinks but once I do we'll be on the road to lemon-dom. Lol okay, next order of business, the fourth chapter for Starting Over was just posted so if you haven't read it yet..GO DO IT. lol I have to honestly say that I am quite proud of that one. Umm...my new short story will be pretty impromptu mostly just posting little chappies when I get done with SO and BTN and PI. As for Poison Ivy, well I recently put a new chappie up but as soon as I get BTN updated Ill start on Poison Ivy. Okay so that's all I have as far as updates go. OH i am currently looking for a beta reader, so if you are interested, hit me up on here or at my email @ anaproxy@yahoo.com. BYE GUYS!


April. 24.11

Wow...so it's been a very long time since I've been to this site. There have been many things that have stopped my writing. As it were...-if I even have anyone still interested- when I last left off, I made a very bad mistake alot of writers make. I got too ahead of myself and had way too many projects going at one time. Like I said, a fatal flaw on my part. So..I'm halting BTN indefinitely, also and SO, I'm going to focus on getting Poison Ivy back up to speed. I'm deleting the one shot thing I had. If you guys are still interested, by all means. If not, I don't blame you. I'm currently rewriting the very end of the last chapter that was posted for Poison Ivy, it wasn't very good so..I felt I should change it. Bye guys!


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