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News update

23rd May

Heya, guys; look I'm really sorry about not updating like i Promised. Life in the past few months have been hell in every sense of the word. Now that the worst is over I've reread the first story of Different Choices and feel that I'm forcing the story. In addition to that I'm just thinking about deleating it. Honestly, it wasn't my intention for the story to go like this. I had a really good feeling about it when I started writing it but I think I trie dto add to much all at once. Especially as I wrote it after finishing Dark Days which I really enjoyed and didn't plan things thorugh. I'm really sorry to everyone out there who read and enjoyed it. Really I am.


jen x

About me! :)

I'm 20yrs old, live in the UK; I love Harry Potter (strangely I'm the only one in my family who not only loves harry potter but also has been sucked into the world of fanfic. Nice world btw. Thoroughly enjoyable!) I also love writing so naturally I combined the two and going from my reviews it working really well. I have other books I like though currently Harry Potter is my favorite. My fav music varies though I mostly enjoy rockish/middle of the road.

I like shopping, shoe shopping, partying, makeup shopping, more shopping, clubbing, more shopping...u get the picture, I'm a complete girly girl complete with high heals.

Stories I'm hoping to post are:

-Dark Days: Harry Potter died and a story of a world where Voldemort rules (Done!)

-The Black Legends: The full story of the Black family (maybe, still deciding)

-A Harry!Slytheirn fic (not sure about this yet.)

-Different Choices-a seven story project when Neville is the boy who lived (in progress)

-A Magical Dudley fic?

-Time travel back to the founders era as I have noticed there are not a lot of them about, or maybe to Grindalward and Dumbledore's time at school?.

Anywho I've just finished Dark Days and now am doing Differnt Choices lead to different roads

Here is some background info on Dark Days:


Rodolphus Lestrange: Headmaster of Hogwarts

Bellatrix Lestrange: Transfiguration and deputy head

Rabastan Lestrange: Blood Studies teacher

Alecto Carrow: Muggle Studies teacher

Amycus Carrow: Dark Charms teacher

Nott: Dark Arts Teacher

Selwyn: Ancient Runes teacher

Severus Snape: Potions Master (what else)

Walden Mcnair: care of magical creatures teacher

Antonin Dolohov: Astronomy teacher

Jugson: Flying instructor

Avery: History of famous purebloods teacher

Ministry Officials

Lucius Malfoy: Minister of Magic

Narcissa Malfoy: Senior Undersecutary for the minister

Yaxley: Head of Magical Law Enforcement

Thorfinn Rowle: Head of control of magical creatures

Travers: head of the Auror office

Rookwood: Head of Department of mysteries

Mulciber: Head of magical accidents and catastrophes

Time Line

Harry and co finish Hogwarts (they DON'T go on a Horcruxe hunt in their seventh year though Dumbledore does die at the end of book 6); after finishing school Harry and co join resistance while going on a Horcruxe hunt; Voldemort takes over the ministry and wizarding world. Resistance carries on until 2nd June when Harry is killed after killing the snake. Rebellion carries on. Hugo born in December, Josie born in July. Ron and others are killed in Burrow attack on 7th December. Hermione is taken in for questioning and arrested and sent to Azkaban. James dies in August the year after and Luna follows shortly. Neville gives up and creates Sanctuary.

Fics I don't like are Hermione/Severus unless they are extremely well written and so far I have only come across one that worked. I don't mind slash but I don't read it as I prefer characters in cannon though I don't mind Harry/Hermione ships or Dumbledore/Minerva.

Most of the fics I like are time travel, AU, humour or fics based around death eaters as I firmly believe that there are two sides to every story. Though saying that when I myself write about death eaters I try my utmost best to make them the most hateable (even a word?) characters possible. A classic example is my story Dark Days. The most hateful they are the better I like them :) I don't mind James/Lily fics as well as Scorpius/Rose. Somehow they work well together.

Another thing I can't stand is when I read fics written by people who don't live in the UK and who neglect to do research on the culture, exams, what the average breakfast is (pancakes and syrup, a big english breakfast and toast with marmalade and cereal is not an average breakfast. It's one or the other). I dont mind typos and the occasioanl grammer or spelling error (as i make them all the time); but it's when people just write in text language or can't be bothered just to re-read what they've written and it takes half an hour to deciper it: that just turns me off. Anyway, rant over.

When it comes to fav characters in HP, Neville wins every time. Neville and Hermione are my fav characters and you will notice that in all my stories (except Forbidden Love), although I add OC, in both Nev and Hermione remain throughout. Ron is, as far as I'm concerned, an idiot and Harry just became more and more unrealistic as the books went on. By book 5 my love for Nev went through the roof. Going through as much crap that Harry went through and you wouldn't turn out still as innocent as he did at the end.

And, of course, I love reviews and whenever I read a fic I always leave a review as I feel feedback is an important part of a writers existence

Anyway, personal opinions over with now :P

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