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Hey guys! I've changed my username back to original, seeing my little sister has no more interest in fanfictions and doesn't write anymore. So, no reason to keep that name, or the translated stories.

Name: avpke
Age: One more than last year...
Favourite movies: AVP, Predator 1-2, Alien 1-4, Narnia, Golden Compass, Dragon Wars, Lord of the Rings
Favourite games: Skyrim, WolfQuest, Space Interceptor, Heroes of Might and Magic, Alien vs. Predator 2 and 2010, Endless Forest

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I am also open for roleplay in various categories. Mostly I play beasts, animals. Here are my characters and the fandoms I play in:

Aliens Vs Predator/ Aliens

Name: Sparky

Gender: Male

Species: Xenomorph/Hard Meat

Age: 5 years

Rank: Worker


Possesses the physical appearance of a normal Alien Worker that was developed within the body of a human. Shining and smooth black exoskeleton protects his slim form. Having been born at a lab, and having undergone several tests and training, his normal appearance was altered to match his profession.

  • His inner mouth was removed to reduce risk of handling him for both his ‘Queen’ and marines
  • His scent glands on his back were removed to give him the ultimate stealth in Xenomorph hives and among his kin, his skin this way taking in the scent of the hive itself.
  • A cam was installed into the upper part of his chest, facing forward, so the scientists and his ‘Queen’ can see where he is going and what he does
  • A GPS tracker and mic was installed into his elongated head to give a chance for his ‘Queen’ to communicate with him and get visuals of his location by the tracking device.
  • Gear:

  • Cam installed in his chest
  • GPS and mic installed in his head.
  • He sometimes carries a small pouch on his back to smuggle in things into hives and help his tasks
  • Weapons: -none-


    Sparky, being a Xenomorph, has no true personality, but has a behavioral pattern, which is unique to him. He only obeys his ‘Queen’ and is generally hostile towards anyone else, especially feels threatened by marines, but usually only attacks once given the command. He is rather silent, which can be the result of his abnormal communication link to his true Queen, who he does not hear at all. Due to having been hand-raised by a human, he tolerates the species of man. Also, having not learned and not having the urge to work as a Worker, he finds time to learn new things, and actually have fun by playing with whatever he can find. He also loves chocolate.


  • Can use his claws, fangs, and tail to attack and wound people fatally
  • Quick and agile - Can squeeze himself through any hole where his head passes through, like any of his kin
  • Hard chitin protects him from the odds
  • Has acidic blood, which not many materials can withstand
  • Stealth - Has no scent glands, so can move in hives undetected, his almost soundless sneaking proves to be effective against predators
  • Can understand command words, but only obeys them when spoken by his ‘Queen’
  • When on a mission, he has help and commands from the outside, thanks to the mic and tracker
  • Weaknesses:

  • No Inner Mouth - He has one less weapon than his kin the use. The most powerful one had to be removed to enable safer handling and avoid quick deaths caused by him
  • Fire - It not only blocks his vision, but his chitin can explode and kill him when exposed to said element
  • Dependent on his Queen - Without her guidance, he wouldn't know what to do, sometimes even waits for her command to defend himself. Cutting communication between them can be fatal
  • Not trusted - Marines and other scientists have a hard time accepting him into their teams
  • Bio:

    Sparky was born in a lab of Weyland-Yutani with 3 other siblings. They participated in a research and project, where Xenomorph embryos are altered within the Facehuggers to cut connection and communication between them and their Queen, wanting to see their behavior. While his siblings failed, Sparky was successfully raised by a human scientist, who then he recognized as his Queen. He was taught by her commands, which he started to note and complete in exchange of some chocolate, his favorite food, having grown up on it. While he still does expect a reward, he can go without treats.

    Only after a few months of training did he almost bite in the head of his trainer with his inner mouth, so to reduce risk, he was sent to surgery, where they removed said organ. In the past years he underwent various surgery to fit him into his role of spy, tracker, and assassin, adorned him with technology.

    Now, after five years of training, he is ready for his first mission with the marines.


  • He absolutely adores chocolate, but does not accept it from anyone other than his trainer
  • He knows his ‘Queen’ since he was a chestburster, and has a deep connection with her
  • He seems to show the understanding and intelligence of a dog, although there is a lot more potential they are still training on.
  • He likes being caressed on the head, which normally coaxes him to sleep
  • He still has the urge to kill by his inner mouth and sometimes makes the mistake of just opening his mouth and not using his teeth. He is being trained to forget that organ still
  • x.X.x

    Name: Dr. Edit Nagy

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Age: 28

    Rank: Weyland-Yutani Scientist


    5.4 feet tall, slim, weak-looking woman with brown eyes and brown hair that grows to her shoulders. She is not at all athletic. She also wears glasses and never wears make-up. Edit never goes out without wearing her scientist robe, which distinguishes her of the normal personnel, so if she hurries, she can go through crowds much quicker.


  • A datapad which contains all the information of her research and her projects with Sparky. It is also connected to his GPS and cam
  • A tiny earphone for one ear, which also extends in a mix, which she uses to connect it to her phone to talk, or to Sparky’s mic
  • All scientific knick-knacks a scientist should have on their person (pens, notes, phone, etc)
  • Weapons: Edit only possesses a very small model of a pistol as means of self-defense.


    Slight introvert, with low self-esteem in life, but learned a lot and gotten more confident over the years. When she does her job… that is another story. She is most confident with Sparky and the project she is participating in. She loves her job which enabled her to continue her student research, and especially the work with Sparky. She is rather shy and hard to make friends with, but is just too loyal once you get to know her. Edit is rather hard-working, a bad sleeper, and cannot start her job in the morning without at least one cup of coffee.


  • Edit has high intelligence, learning quickly and effectively
  • Knows computers very well and can handle her datapad like she was born and grew up with it in her hands
  • She can handle Sparky. That alone speaks volumes.
  • Hard-working, can handle stress, and does her job with a passion, which Weyland appreciates
  • Weaknesses:

  • She is not trained to hold her own in a fight, she is just a scientist
  • While she has a gun, it is only to make her feel safe. She can’t truly handle it
  • Not a good team-player. She worked alone so far, so it would be hard to put her into one
  • Her job is dependent on her success with Sparky - Edit knows, that Weyland only put her into his corporation because her good understanding and study of animal behavior, and her logic in it, so she can work with Xenomorphs. If Sparky fails… she will pretty much die, because she knows there is no such thing as ‘firing’ from the corporation. She knows too much
  • Marines look down on her, seeing her profession, as they don’t value the intelligence of scientists, but the performance in the battlefield. She takes insults badly
  • Bio:

    She has grown up in a big family with five older sisters. She was the youngest, but her parents mostly cared for her older siblings. Not like she had a problem with that. She always was more introvert, never had any friends or lover, but was in love with books and studying, also smart enough to learn languages and study physics, chem, biology. She won one student US competition with her research in behavioral study on animals, which caught Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s attention.

    She got her job invitation soon after, so had to quit university in order to start working there. While she thought it is going to be a dream, she had to wake up. There was loads of work on her neck soon enough, an expectant boss at her tail, and smug scientists talking down to the ‘new girl’. She could however continue her own research on animal behavior with every equipment she wished for. Five years ago she was asked to expand on her research… onto Xenomorphs. From which she feared at first.

    Her research brought some results, which Weyland used to cut the connection between the Queen and her offspring in three Xeno embryos. But only one succeeded entirely. She raised Sparky in a matter of two days, in the end feeding the still aggressive Alien from her hands. She managed to make him listen by offering or refusing the bits of chocolate.

    She used her studies and research to get the Alien to do as she wished, with many hardships, along which she grew to like the stubborn little Xenomorph, which she named Sparky, thanks to his shiny exoskeleton.

    She worked with him for five years, sometimes coming to the edge of failure, but so far no problems arose. She taught the Xeno to follow simple commands by words or by hand gestures, for which he received a reward in chocolate.

    After five years of intense training, they are ready for their first mission.


  • As a child she always wanted to work for Weyland-Yutani. When she was sent an invitation, it was her dream come true.
  • She ‘cheated’ at her animal behavior study for the US competition for students. She wrote an email to Weyland-Yutani, wanting to use one of their researches as an example. Once she was denied, she was determined and after some hardships managed to hack into one of their databases and found more than what she asked for. Weyland-Yutani never called her out on it even if they noticed. It would mean a huge blow to their image, in a spreading rumor of a 16 years old little girl having managed to hack their main computer. Besides, it wasn't much she took.
  • She has no rivals in the research and project with Sparky. He was the only Alien that succeeded in training

  • Lord of the Rings:

    Name: Adunaphel

    Gender: male

    Age: ?

    Race: Nazgul (Assassin)

    Affiliation: Sauron


  • Shortswords
  • Daggers -most are morgul
  • Nazgul shriek
  • Clothing/armor: Dark black robes with grey metal gauntlets on hands and greaves on feet -ergo like a normal Nazgul

    Appearance: Like a Nazgul? Has no true appearance than his clothes.


  • Intelligent
  • Good observer
  • Patient
  • Tolerant
  • Sociable
  • Ruthless when fighting
  • Submissive among his kin
  • Strengths:

  • Very good diplomat
  • Skilled swordsman
  • Good accuracy at throwing daggers
  • Tactical thinking
  • Double damage output -dual wielding his swords and daggers
  • Agility and speed
  • Weaknesses:

  • Heavy armored foes -he outdoes them by speed but cant do much damage
  • Bright light -makes him blind
  • His nose can be drowned by too intense scents
  • No defense at all
  • Dependent on his speed and agility
  • Fire - Slow dancing fire draws his attention for long periods of time
  • Enchanted weapons - fire and ice can harm him both, but only ice can even kill him
  • There is a flower called Wraith's Bane. White and simple. For wraiths, it is like catnip for cats, draws his attention and forgets himself, becoming vulnerable
  • Can be effectively wounded by morgul blades due to the enchantment's nature
  • Fatal weakness: Ice
  • Bio:

    He was born human, the king of Harad. He had a quite blooming kingdom, however it was threatened by the rise of Ren and Dwar, who wanted a large potion of it. When he was called upon by the Dark Lord, he hesitated but took the ring of power to protect his lands. He succeeded, no war broke out, and with the other eight kings became allies. The ring however poisoned his mind as well, and completely ruined his kingdom. Became Ringwraith with the eight kings, served his master -Sauron- loyally, and became the advisor of Er-Murazor.


  • Has a… human skull fetish… Likes to collect them and hang them in his room and horse. Sometimes he simply kills a human because he likes the shape of his skull…
  • Is the only among his brothers who can mimic mortal behavior and emotions, thanks to the journals he kept from his own mortal life.
  • Has a descendant among the elves, but she doesn't know about it yet.
  • x.X.x

    Name: Hoarmurath

    Gender: male

    Age: ?

    Race: Nazgul (Mage)

    Affiliation: Army of Sauron


  • Destruction, illusion, alteration, restoration magic, enchanting -yep taken from Skyrim
  • Black-darkred sharp gauntlets on both hands
  • Clothing/armor: Like any Nazgul, but he has a black-darkred gauntlet on his hands.

    Appearance: Like a Nazgul…


  • Cruel
  • Insane at times
  • Dominant
  • Over-confident
  • Stubborn
  • Persistent
  • Proud
  • Teasing
  • Abusive
  • Impatient
  • Temper
  • Strengths:

  • Magic -casting and countering
  • Quick thinking
  • Seemingly no weakness
  • Intimidation
  • Weaknesses:

  • Physical combat -cannot spar
  • Being surrounded -cant fight more than two people at once, however if completely surrounded, will use AOE
  • Bright light blinds him
  • Fire - Slow dancing fire draws his attention for long periods of time
  • Enchanted weapons - fire and ice can harm him both, but not kill him
  • There is a flower called Wraith's Bane. White and simple. For wraiths, it is like catnip for cats, draws his attention and forgets himself, becoming vulnerable
  • Can be effectively wounded by morgul blades due to the enchantment's nature
  • Fatal weakness: his ring
  • Bio:

    He was born human in the middle of the Second age. He had been studying the arcane arts at a young age, which his father –the king of Dir- was disapproving. He wanted him to learn something 'real men' fight with. Namely sparring with blades –which he refused in favor for magic. In return he was denied the right to be the heir to the throne; instead the king wanted a grandson to rule after his death. Hoarmurath refused to be wed or touch any woman because of this. His hatred for his father grew, just like –deep down- his desperation for female company. Soon, he poisoned his father to get to the throne. Became a harsh king, wanting to show the world, that he –a mage- was just as good at keeping a land as any swordsman.

    Soon was approached by the Dark Lord and received a ring of power. Giving him immortality and greater strength. In return it poisoned his mind, and made him hate mortals or any living beings, loathe yet crave blood, and was forced to do as his master told him by the greater power of his own ring –which he did without question or opposition for the power he gained. His behavior became worse. His land lost its beauty, he became a dark mage and started keeping slaves for his own amusement –mainly women to make up for the lost times in his youth, which also carried on when he became a Nazgul. Became a Ringwraith with eight other kings, losing his appearance, face and true emotions.He remembers little from his mortal life, the only things that remained is the knowledge of magic. He served under Sauron loyally. He only acknowledged the Witch King as a better mage than him. After his death, he was working hard to gain leadership.

    After the war of the ring, he and his brothers were imprisoned in different cities, unable to get out. His prison was in Helms Deep, his old kingdom of Rohan. After about 200 years of imprisonment he managed to flee once a few of his brothers came to his aid. He answered the call of his Lord and finding no leadership for the Nazgul, he now desperately tries to set his place as the new leader and show dominance.


  • As every Nazgul, he has a fatal weakness as well. Unlike the most, his ring did not meld with him, instead it sits freely on his finger, that's why he carries a hard gauntlet to hide and protect it. Once the ring is taken he can be killed like any mortal and loses some of his power.
  • The combined scent of chocolate and raisins seem to attract his attention and calms him down.
  • x.X.x

    Name: Ren

    Gender: male

    Age: ?

    Race: Nazgul (Jack-of-all-trades)

    Affiliation: Sauron


  • Sword
  • Morgul blade
  • Nazgul shriek
  • Clothing/armor: Dark black robes with grey metal gauntlets on hands and greaves on feet -ergo like a normal Nazgul

    Appearance: Like a Nazgul? Has no true appearance than his clothes.


  • Childish
  • Sarcastic
  • Real prankster
  • Unlucky
  • Short attention span
  • Immature
  • Knows his priorities
  • Loyal
  • Strengths:

  • Jack-of-all-trades: Knows how to use and wiled most weapons, be it a mace, sword, bow or spear
  • Has all basic abilities of Nazgul, including immortality and the terrible shriek
  • Has a knack for organizing missions and keeping order
  • Many underestimate him because of his behavior
  • Weaknesses:

  • Bright light -makes him blind
  • Sweet scents - He is disgusted by them
  • While he knows how to wield most weapons, he did not master them but has average skills
  • He has most trouble with accuracy and archery
  • Terrible sense of balance
  • Extremely short attention span
  • Magic
  • Fatal weakness: Ghosts - They can hurt him like he is a mortal. Also has a natural fear of them because of this.
  • Bio:

    He was born human, the king of Dale. He was raised by his mother, who took over the throne completely as queen after his father died in battle. He has been four at that time, and so not having any father figure, he quickly developed the permanent childish personality. Once he came of age, and turned 18, his mother stepped down and he became king. While some frown at his way of ruling and his lack of serious behavior, most actually like his way and serve him loyally. He accepted the ring not knowing what he agreed to, having been tricked. Eventually he became one of the Nine Nazgul. Strangely enough, he didn't lose his childish and immature behavior, becoming a constant pain in the butt for his brothers.


  • He is an extreme hoarder. Anything that shines, glistens, is odd or colored brightly will land in his collection of items. He is also extremely territorial around them and will defend it from others.
  • He thinks children are dwarves. He doesn't understand the concept of birth and growing up, so small sized people are listed to dwarves.
  • He is also extremely curious. If he sees something and doesn't understand it... he rips it apart to find out more about it. (DON'T GIVE HIM TALKING PLUSH!)
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