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Former Twilight Obsessee. College student. Coffee Drinker. Love God, love writing, love family.

Some of my favorite Twilight (and New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn) quotes...

"But I'll never see anything else, Bella. I only see you. Even when I close my eyes and try to see something else." -Jacob

"That's not nearly as fun as the way I imagined it." -Edward

"Hey, vampire girl!" -Embry

"But how could you believe me? After all the thousand times I've told you I love you, how could you let one word break your faith in me?" -Edward

"What's the best part? You swallowing an entire cow whole?" -Bella "No. That's the finale." -Jacob

"Aw, Paul doesn't lost his temper everyday. Maybe two out of three." -Embry

"Wolf thing." -Jacob

"I bet she's tougher than that. She runs with vampires." -Embry

"Please, Bella. I'm begging." -Jacob "Jake, I have to-" -Bella "You don't, though. You really don't. You could stay here with me. You could stay alive. For Charlie. For me. Don't die, Bella. Don't go. Don't." "Bye, Jake. Sorry."

"Your truck is slow." -Embry

"You broke my nose, idiot." -Paul

"Ouch. Wow, I bet Leah's really ging to love to hear that you want to spend some quality time with her. It'll just warm the cockles of her heart." -Jacob

Now, of course, when I really wanted a good snarling, ripping, break-the-trees-down match, he had to be all mellow. -Jacob

All this mandatory love-at-first-sight was completely sickening! -Jacob

"You missed the part. Princess theme. She made me wear a crown, and then Emily suggested they all try out her new play makeup on me." -Quil "Wow, I'm really sorry I wasn't around to see that." -Jacob "Don't worry, Emily has pictures. Actually, I look pretty hot."

"I thought I told you to shut it, Seth." -Sam

"You know, Jake, maybe you should think about getting a life." -Quil

Why didn't I just walk away? Oh right, because I'm an idiot.

The two things at the very top of my things-I-never-want-to-do-list.

"Do you belong to a coven now, Jacob?" -Sam

"You want me to be as forgiving as you are? We can't all be saints and martyrs." -Jacob

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