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Hello Everyone




Its been a while since I've been on this site.

I've come to write again. If you're anything like me, which I'm sure most of you are, writing is an escape from reality. Just for a short while. I started years ago when I was still in my teens... my goodness that was a long time ago. So yes, I have past the 20th marker and officially in my twenties. Not sure how I feel about that. Responsibilities can be such a drag, which brings us back to the whole motto 'writing is an escape from reality.' Ok, enough about my rambling. I do that quite often. I am picking up old stories and starting new ones. I hope I have not lost all my readers, like I said, its been a LONG time. I truly appreciate all the private messages and to answer your question, "yes, I am picking up some old stories." So be on the look out!


About me

I am a woman who just recently graduated from college, FINALLY! Working and studying at the same time... not fun. I live somewhere in the USA. In a wonderful city that I love and I will never leave. I am professional artist and I do not display not my work on this site. My art work is strictly mine. I enjoy writing when I have time and maybe one day... years from now, I'll have my own books published. But for now, I'm enjoying fan fiction. These past few years had been very rough but I am a survivor and nothing ever gets in my way. My favorite pastime is reading and watching movies.

Absolute favorite is Lord of the Rings! Peter Jackson is a wonderful director, very thorough. I do enjoy Games of Thrones, Dragon Ball, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Robin Hood, Classic Literature, Disney, Once a upon a time, Charmed, Francine Rivers books, and so much more. Its too long of a list. I only like the first book of Twilight, in case you were wondering why I wrote stories for it but didn't mention it in my list.

I play very few games. I am not a big gamer but I love FINAL FANTASY and Dragon age... thats probably about it.

I am very picky about fic stories. I love it when I can feel the emotion of the story. I'm not to keen on parodies, it just ruin it for me. But that just me. I absolutely hate love triangles. Simply because, if you love someone, BE with that person.


Lord of the Rings Story

Before I can say anything, I must say if you have not read the book... YOU ARE MISSING OUT. They are frickin AWESOME! Run to the store and buy the books. Tolkien is truly one of a kind author. Its simply brilliant. Anyways, I am trying my hand at writing some LOTR fan-stories. And I must say, I am having so much fun. My favorite character is Gandalf and Legolas (Not the Actor!), I just like elves and wizards!


The Silver Ring: I have come to the realization that I simply not going to finish. In fact, I'll probably delete it.

Second Chance at Another Life: This story takes on the typical idea of 'Girl falls into Middle Earth.' I will be revising sometime soon and improve the story more. The story is done through Amelia Nelson's POV. It takes place years prior to the LOTR plot. Amelia died a tragic death and is given a second chance to complete a mission. Complete!

The Road Unknown: A complex and interesting story. A sequel to Second Chance at Another Life. After several decades, Amelia had become a skilled warrior and lives amongst elves. When its time to complete her task, she joined the fellowship on their quest to destroy the One Ring. In progress!


Final Fantasy VII

As much as I love this game, I will not be adding anything new to this genre, as of now. Later that might change, but I doubt it. I do have some one-shot romances and complete stories. I urge you give it a try if you like Cloti Romance.


Twilight Stories

So, I have several story that involve Twilight. Unfortunately I lost the interest in the books a long time ago which is why I discontinued some of those stories. I thought the idea of the first book was ok and to be the only book I like. I found that the character Jacob was ridiculous which made me not like the story anymore. The love triangle was not believable and VERY stupid. I simply couldn't even read those part, I fast-forward through them. I never liked love triangles.

What to expect:

Crescent Moon: Due to all the PM, I will continue this. It will be a rather long story. It takes place in Forks. Bella is the youngest sister of the Charmed Ones. When evil is rising, Bella meets Edward.

Pieces of the Past: Discontinued! Tried to pick it up but simply don't want to write it.

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The Road Unknown reviews
Sequel- Second Chance at Another Life: Amelia Nelson, that was the name I once called myself. The more I've come to accept my second life, the less I yearn for my old life. Everything had changed and I felt in my heart. Darkness has descended. The time has come and I could no longer turn away. The one ring had been found. -TenthWalker- (Full summary inside)
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Amelia lingered in deep depths of water. Not breathing or moving, until suddenly Amelia awakens and swims to shore. Her old life is gone and her second life begins in Middle-earth. Struggling to adapt to her new life, Amelia builds friendships. Prior to LOTR. T for some chapters.
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