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Hi, I'm Teine ('like "train" with no 'r'). Yeah, it's weird. I know. I'm a simple brown-haired, green-eyed, pale-skinned girl that adores writing (when she finds the time). Please feel free to peruse my page, and I hope you find something to your liking.


You may have noticed that I've changed my name, I am now ImperfectSnow, but I'm still the same old Teine.



SakuraXKakashi (My OTP)


SakuraXKiba (I love me some doggy lovin' LOL)

InoXShikamaru (For some reason I just can't imagine Shika with anyone else, not that I don't enjoy a good SakuShika or ShikaTema fic [avoids rocks thrown by ShikaIno fans])

NarutoXHinata (Sorry NaruSasu peeps... I like Hinata *shrugs)

NejiXTenTen (Even though I don't read a lot of NejiTen fics, they're who I imagine ending up together - although it's not really a trainsmash whoever Neji goes with)

On the Yaoi side of things... yeah yeah yeah:

KibaXNeji (I stumbled across Leilita chan's page... THAT'S how I ended up liking them together)

NejiXShikamaru (Neji just fits Yaoi so well... maybe it's all that luscious hair?)

NarutoXSasuke (Not to read a whole story about them... just if they happen to be together I don't mind)

I NEVER read about Lee... I just... can't... ALSO I absolutely adore Genma, he's currently fighting with Itachi and Kakashi for first place in my heart (but sadly, he'll never win... he'll just have to stay in 4th, right behind Shikamaru and Kiba, who share 3rd)

I do ship in other fandoms, but Naruto is the one that occupies all my fanfic reading time!


I recently finished my last year of high school and the past few months have basically been a shit load of work broken up by bouts of exam stress. BUT that's over now and hopefully I can get back to my fics. I've missed writing so much! So sorry to everyone who faved/alerted and reviewed - I'm working on it!

Judge Not :

Currently half way through Chapter 8

Your Choice:

I was SHOCKED to see that it's been TWO YEARS since my last update! I honestly never knew it had been so long because I think about that fic every day! So, once I've shaken 'Judge Not' out of my system I'll get back to that!

One Shots:

So it's not really my style to write one shots but I've had a few ideas wiggling around in my head, so if anyone has any pairing suggestions, I'm all ears!

My Style:

My writing style is a bit strange, I tend to make everything very dramatic and poetic. For example instead of just saying 'Sakura started to cry' I would say 'glistening tears cut desperate trails down Sakura's pallid cheeks'. That's obviously an over exaggeration, but I think you get what I mean. I also tend to elongate and sensationalize the deaths of major characters. I don't do inner monologues, so if you want to hear what the character is thinking then my fics probably aren't the best for you. Only because I tend to make people sound really stupid in internal monologues.

I am South African, so I put 'u's in words (e.g colour, favourite), so don't think I can't spell, it's just the way I've been taught

So that's basically all you need to know about my style. It's just a heads up so you don't waste your time and start reading something that you won't enjoy. If you DO enjoy that kind of style, then please feel free to read my stories. I write to make people feel something akin to sympathy and yearning and obviously because I adore these characters and stories lines and basically just messing with their creator's carefully drawn out plans.


I have an account on Deviantart. ( So I just thought I'd put that out there, just in case there are other DA users out there that would like to chat. I NOW DO FANART! Woo for learning new things!

My First Favourites:

My first few good reads on FF included writer's such as J-Pop Princess (Stripped Bare), Serenanna (Rest in Peace), Cynchick and ronsmyhero.

Critique and Advice:

I really want to better my writing skills so any and all advice is really really appreciated. I get writer's block quite often, or I have a lot of work so I have to stop writing a particular story and then I lose track. So suggestions for endings and next chapters are awesome!

That's about it. Also, thanks to everyone who actually reads and reviews my fics. Your comments really encourage me to try harder.

Peace, Snow/Teine

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Sakura finds herself married to Sasuke, but what happens when she makes a decision that will change everything? One doesn't cheat on the person they love. Right? Adultery is a dark world and Sakura finds that she fits into that world a little too well. (End couple is not yet revelead - SasuSaku & SakuGen) Rated M for VERY adult content. Character death. Please R&R.
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