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sire spelled backward is Eris, the goddess of discord and in Greek mythology, 3 would be for the number of goddess involved in the judgment of Paris namely Hera, Athena and Aphrodite...I just threw in the mistress for 'fun' meh..too troublesome. So the name's pretty much derived from the main cause of the fated judgment of Paris and eventually Trojan War. I forgot there's also a dwarf planet named 'Eris' after the said planet caused dispute among astronomers...cool.

Gender: Female (duh..mistress)

Age: 16 or so...

Disclaimer: I don't know where I found that adorable Hitsugaya/Momo pic and who drew it but one thing I'm sure of is it's not mine.

About mistress_sire03

I'm nice to those people nice to me but most of the time, I'm somewhat a bitch ...and a bastard through and through(especially to those people I'm annoyed, just because I am). Though I keep my sadistic comments all to myself and sometimes they just come out as half-meant lies or sarcastic dialogues. This particular description can be applicable in real life, persons I have trouble socializing with and real situations. I can't apply it here in the web since really I'm here for nice stories, nice plots and frankly I've yet to meet the authors and such so really I have no right to judge them unless there's something about the fic that I can comment on or the author is really someone between a bitch and a bastard. I'm completely lazy...the way Shikamaru's laziness can be considered law. Super Lazy to boot with the capital S.

Likes: I generally like-no love anime and manga although I prefer reading manga online. I'm your resident bookworm, I love books... all sorts of genre. I also love to read fanfictions online (especially if the original plot doesn't suit my taste -escapes reality-). I also love to doodle-not draw...my subject notebooks are full of them. Honest criticism...

Hates: About writing...incoherent words which 'some' comprehends as a decent 'sentence' (e.g. text talk..grr.I tink it shuld b c0nsderd ilegal 4 lyf!!1!! or something like that...) I also absolutely hate spellings(for me) and hate reading misspelled words(others...God!that's what dictionaries and spell checks are for!) that goes the same for misspelled names(sigh...what are free encyclopedias for?). Beating around the bush. Writer's block. I can tolerate OCs as long as they're not Mary Sues...school...homework or whatever. Oh...and cooking...I hate cooking. Whenever I get stuck with my younger 11-year old brother and I just happen to be the -blegh- responsible 16 year old daughter, I always managed to make a black coal out of all the food--be it frying a simple chicken fillet. For goodness sake I jump at the sound of oil cackling! And then the food ends up overcooked--because I leave it too long until I can't see any bits of oil jumping--or undercooked--because I always cook in low fire. Keyword: always.

I'm not a proud writer honestly I can't write that well though...I try to make mine at least presentable...



On reviewing:

Before, I can categorize myself under the "read then hope it'll update" kind of a reader. I figured writing a review would be a hassle and just think about the time I can use instead of typing a nonsense feed back. And even if I don't leave a review there would still be other generous readers to come after me. I admit, however, that most of the time I would like to leave an input but I just can't seem to put it into words. For example, I wouldn't want to leave a review like this: "Ohh it's so good, please update!". Not that it's wrong or whatever but it's not my style to give half-made comments. I mean I know the author is expecting a nice input but really just a sentence of review can be disheartening. That's why I said it's a hassle and it takes time because when I review I make it sure that at least I can comment on the author's way of writing or the way he/she personalize a character. When I write, "I really like the way you write" I mean it; same goes when I leave a comment like "I like how you made insertcharactername a insertcharacterization" or "I like your insertcharactername". I might have made my comments look like a big spoonful of flattery or whatever but I know for one that whatever I write I mean it.

Add to the fact that I'm like a retard on loose whenever I review (Yup, I'm mentally challenged--I think) so I dunno I feel like I have to justify my personality whenever I leave a review. Maybe because the only time I make comments is when I feel a little bit retarded? Sugar high? School stressed? I happen to be one of the many who realized what would happen when you mix frustration, annoyance, stress and lack of sleep...I think my classmates thought I was an emo kid.

So for now, I'm trying to establish a habit which is to review while I can or just while my Shikamaru-like laziness when presented with an open field and thick fluffy clouds would not kick in. Be rest assured however that what I type is what I really think about your story and it goes double to when I comment about grammar mistakes (I'm not a genius at that part, I just consider myself lucky to notice one) since it means I really took a great interest in the story.


Anime/manga and the pairings I support

Naruto: NejiTen, SasuTen, NaruSaku, ShikaIno, KibaHina, ItaSaku, KakaSaku, GaaSaku, DeiSaku, SasuHina, AsumaKurenai, GenmaAnko, MinatoKushina.

Bleach: HitsugayaHinamori, IchiRuki, IshidaHime, UlquiHime.

Shaman King: HaoJeanne, HaoAnna, YohAnna.

DNAngel: DarkRiku, SatoshiRisa.

Card Captor Sakura: EriolTomoyo, SyaoranSakura, TouyaNakuru.

Pokemon: DrewMay, AshMisty.

Others: Daa!Daa!Daa!, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Rave Master, One Piece, Spiral, Detective Conan, Gakuen Alice and...I'll add up others later, thinking takes up too much time...

I am also a big fan of CloudTifa (FF VII) and ZackAerith (same game).

Anime/manga and the pairings I detest

NejiHina-Always and forever will I dislike this pairing. I don't care about their first degree cousin relationship or 'incest', frankly I've accepted that. However Neji+Hinata+Love=puke(for me). I just can't see what will be the basis for their relationship. Though a brother/sister bond will be acceptable.

LeeTen- No...just no.

AnyoneNeji- Yes, I know I'm completely unfair. I always pair Tenten up with almost everybody but I'm a little bit selfish on Neji's side...so no anyone except Tenten for Neji.

CloudAerith- Ha! Aerith's dead. (period) I doubt Cloud would fall on the necrophiliac category.

I don't really hate NaruHina, SasuSaku and NaruSasu...sometimes I can tolerate these pairing.

Upcoming Projects

NaruSaku Sanctuary- 50 scenes challenge, prompt one posted.

NejiTen Au Revoir- chapter one posted. On hiatus

SasuTen Bus stop-I don't know when it'll come.

NaruSaku Ten Rules of Office Etiquette- I'm not too sure bout this but I think I'll love the plot.

NejiTen My Lovely Maiden- thirty kisses challenge but I'm still not sure when it will come.

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04/03/07: Creation of mistress_sire03...and as of now profile and authored stories is still in process...It just kind of occured to me one time..I want to have a page of my own after reading lots(and I mean lots) of FF stories...so here's the fruit of my wish and a moment of 'unlaziness' which is unnatural in my standards. Currently searching far and wide for a beta reader of a fic that's been plaguing me since yesterday.

05/15/2008: MinatoKushina Twenty truths completed. Not associated to any LJ community.

06/01/08: I'm officially 16 years old...meh...too troublesome.

06/03/08: I'm looking for a beta...I have about four plots and many more unwritten ones. Yep, plot bunnies raging this time of the year--pretty surprising actually. So anyone up for betaing? One SasuHina, Two NaruSaku and then one somewhat NaruHarem--somewhat.

06/03/08: Au Revoir posted. Honestly its just a diversion and I don't even know if I'm going to continue it. Well, I found betas and now I'm only waiting for the plot bunny to act again.

07/19/08: Added a rant corner...something I really need after six hours on a hellhole called school, campus, university, academy, learning center or whatever.

08/21/08: Yes the first of my projects! From the 50scenes community, that won't be the last though, I still have the 30kisses and the 15pairings...stupid of me yes...

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It's not goodbye because we'll meet again...I don't know next century, next lifetime maybe, but I'm sure as hell I'll see you again. It's not a promise, it's a fact.' When you find yourself racing to make a change, seven days is such a short time.NejiTen.
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