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Author has written 4 stories for Flight 29 Down, and Camp Rock.

Hi guys!! Thanks for checking out my story(s).

As a writer on fanfic, I will do my best to update on stories and review any that I can.

Some of you know of my new rule: 5 reviews=an update. Readers and writers alike need to know that whether you're helping a fellow writer, or just reading for fun, what you think is important. I also believe that writer should enable the anonymos(sp.?) reviews thing. That way you might get more reviews, and some insight from you're friends who don't have an account. I do see the other side of it though: writers need someone who's going to help them, not just get a review from someone who isn't seriously going to keep up wiht the story.

12/24/10- Hey guys! I'm starting to wonder if anyone check my profile... But I think I can start getting on here again. We'll see. Search me on Mibba!!!!

9/25/09 - Hello people of FanFiction!! Sorry I've disappeared and fallen off the face of the planet! My Father blocked the site on my comp, so I'm getting on here only a couple more times to let you know that I have moved to and have created an account there. It's the same username, and you can just go to Users and click Search. I have all of my stories uploaded and stuff so check it out. I know people still read my stories because I still get the emails. Please go to Mibba and look for me, I miss you guys!! Mibba is a great site. Hard to understand at first, but definatly worth trying. Hope to talk to you guys soon!!

8/12/08 - Ok, I'm am INCREDIBLY upset. My Jonas Brothers story has been deleted. UGGGHHHH!! I'm very mad at Fanfiction for doing that. So, I will now be trying to figure out how to upload the story on I'm definatly not the only one going there for I have gone to the site and seen some fellow writers. I have created an account on Mibba, but if I can't figure out how to upload documents onto Mibba there is another site. It is just for Jonas stories. :) I have also created an account on this site ( and hope to get my story uploaded there. Just so you know, that site has not been finished yet, but you can still become a member. If you were fan of my Jonas story you now know what has happened to it. Like I said, I am VERY upset and I don't know why FanFiction can't just get over it. Whatever. Oh, and the people who like to report the stories, get over your goodie good self and get a life. I will let you know here on my profile if I have been able to upload any stories to one of these sites. Wish me luck!! Thanks to all of my readers and reviewers!!

8/31/08 - Well, I'm back! I found out that Mibba is pretty complecated and so I decided to change my Jonas story. It's the same story only it will be Shane, Nate, Jason, etc. Allie will stay the same. The Grey brothers will have the same characteristics as Joe, Nick, and Kevin, etc. Please read it, it's really good. And I want to apologize to all of the reviewers of Yet Another Jonas, you guys were awesome. And I'm sorry that I didn't let any of you know what was going on. Please forgive me. Well, read and review!! Love you guys!!

11/15/08 - Hey guys!! I know that I have dropped off the face of the planet, but it is because I got grounded and FanFiction got blocked from my computer. Thanks to my dad. So I am on Mibba now. And I am poting the story on Mibba. I still go by girlyworld95, just look for me!! Which by the way, I am using my friend Nia's computer. You might know her from my Grey story. Well, on Mibba they are back to the Jonas Brothers. So YIPPEE!! Well ,go to Mibba and check it out!! Oh, and I totally understand if you guys hate me... ;) Forgive me? :)

Some of my fave groups include: mine(yes I am in a band at church,I sing.), BARLOWGIRL, Casting Crowns, Foreigner,Styx, Jars of Clay, and more.

Fave books: All Harry Potter bks., Marley and Me by John Grogan, Eragon, Raising Dragons bk. 1, The Candlestone bk.2, and more.

Fave movies: She's The Man(always!), 13 Going On 30, all Harry Potter movies, Facing the Giants, Flywheel, Phantom of the Opera, HITOPS, and many more.

I'm sorry but, I only like a few of the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus songs. I don't drool over Zac Efron,he's cute,but I don't freak out every time I hear his name. And my biggest pet peeve about fanfiction is a writer who doesn't look for mistakes in their own story. It's ok every once in a while, we're all human.

Ok, so how many of you knew that Zac Efron will be in the movie Footloose coming out in 2009? I just found out! My best friend's sister just put on that play and the pamphlet that they gave out said it. Cool, right?!

Fave Parings:

Flight 29 Down: Jackson/Melissa, Nathan/Daley, a little Eric/Taylor

Grey's Anatomy: Merideth/Dereck(sp.?)

My WORST subject,and the one that I hate is...Math.

My BEST subject...English and RWW-Reading Writing Workshop.

I usually babysit on the weekends, that's why I'm usually up pretty late typing up the next chap. I look at it this way, I'm getting paid, who wouldn't like that?!

I admit, I would've LOVED if Jackson and Melissa had done something to show just a little more of the affection that they had for one another. Not necesarily(sp.?) a kiss but, something.I'm going to admit...I think Johnny Pacar is HOT!! I love him to death. When I first got started on F29D, I was extremely obsessed, but now I've toned it down a bit. Might as well get back to reality...but I will still be dreaming!! (Don't we all?! :) )

Feel free to PM me if you have any suggestions, directive comments, or anything you feel that I need to know. I love to hear from fellow writers. I'm on my email EVERYDAY!

Ok, Friday I went to see Made Of Honor. The story was great but it was definately for the mature crowd. Who doesn't love Dr. McDreamy?!

I have a couple stories in a notebook and plan to finish them. ENJOY!!

So here is the extra stuff:

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