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Disclaimer: I don’t own this format. It belongs to Theresa Green.

Congratulations! You have just purchased a fully-automated StarFilledNightSky unit. To ensure that you get the best possible use out of your fanfiction writer, please read the following carefully before you activate your unit.

Basic Information:

Name: StarFilledNightSky, aka Sky

Date of Manufacture: July 3, 1992

Place of Manufacture: Middle of nowhere USA

Height: Estimated 6” (won’t stand still long enough to measure)

Weight: Estimated average, around 120 pounds (refuses to get on scale)

-Your StarFilledNightSky unit will come with the following accessories:

Three pairs of slightly baggy jeans

Two t-shirts

One pair of flip flops

A long sleeve shirt

Three hoddies

One pair eyeglasses

Several books

One laptop computer

Several packages of ramen

One makeup kit to hide bags under eyes

Three sketch books

Several drawling pencils and erasers

Note: When you first unpack your StarFilledNightSky unit, she may not wish to get out of the box right away. This is mostly likely because most units tend to be really shy and hate almost all direct human contact. However StarFilledNightSky units will come out once she sees that everything is alright. If you wish to get your unit out sooner, then just make some ramen. That will gain your units trust. We have also found it takes the unit longer to trust male users. Further tests are needed to confirm why though.

Do NOT try to force your unit out of the box as it may unlock the Angry mode.


If you have gained your StarFilledNightSky units trust, then she will mostly likely perform the following functions. However if your unit doesn’t trust you then she will just sit there and glare at you:

Fanfiction Writer: Your StarFilledNightSky unit will write almost any type of fanfiction, however quality is sometime horrible. (Note: This can sometime trigger the depressed mode. Look at the next section for more information.)

Artist: Your unit is fairly skilled at art and willing to draw you anything that you want. If your unit becomes attached to you, then you will mostly likely find your room covered of her pictures for you.

Teacher: While at first if may not seem like it, the StarFilledNightSky unit is quite intelligent. She can teach you loads of things and give you help with your homework. Or if you’re an older user with children, she will gladly help them as well.

Babysitter: While the StarFilledNightSky unit can be really shy, she adores children. So if you ever need a babysitter, no need to leave your kids with the crazy cat lady down the street. This unit if fully capable of giving your children the best care possible.

Maid: The StarFilledNightSky unit is a fairly clean unit, and hates being anywhere near a mess. So if you’re a messy individual after a few weeks you will notice that your house in considerable cleaner, and that it’s not getting any messier.

Your StarFilledNightSky unit comes with the following 7 different modes:

Shy (default)

Affectionate (locked, once unlocked becomes new default)





Angry (locked)

Shy mode is pretty self explanatory. In this mode your unit with mostly stay in the shadows and ignore you. In this mode your unit will refuse to do anything for you. Even after the Affectionate mode is unlocked, you will still see your unit go into this mode when around new people, or if you do something to lose your units trust. (Note: If you lose your units trust, which is extremely hard to do as your unit is loyal, it is very hard to regain your units trust.)

One the Affectionate mode is unlocked your unit will perform its main tasks for you, and several others if your nice enough. Your unit will also become more talkative and will mostly follow you everywhere. We’ve found some units even suffer from separation anxiety. If this problem occurs you may need to take your unit to a therapist.

In Amused mode your unit will smile a lot. The StarFilledNightSky unit is very conserved so it is rare to hear your unit laugh even though she thinks something is very funny.

In the Stressed mode, your unit has been doing a lot of work and feels like she’s about to blow. You may find that your unit will even snap, or rarely hit you in this mode. In order to return to the default mode you will need to give her some time alone. In a couple hours she will either return to the Affectionate mode, or sometimes the Bored mode.

When in Bored mode, your StarFilledNightSky unit will go around looking for something to do. If you feel pestered by this unit then you can easily ask her to draw something or give her a book, that will get her out of your hair and deactivate the Bored mode.

Depressed mode is triggered when your StarFilledNightSky unit encounters something upsetting, or suffers from disappointment. The best way to get the unit back into Affectionate mode is to just to spend some time with her. Also cake or strawberry jam helps as well. If left alone the Depressed mode will only get worse.

If left in Depressed mode too long or you do something to betray your units trust, the StarFilledNightSky unit will enter Angry mode. Normally this mode stays locked. And for good reason. The only way to exit this mode is to wait for the fit of rage to end or reset your unit. In this mode your unit will break things, scream, and curse. By this time your unit will not usually be able to be talked out of this mode. However this mode has only a one percent chance of being unlocked so you should be fine.


It is recommended that you let your StarFilledNightSky unit bath herself. She is a very shy and private person and you bathing your unit will only lead to the embarrassment of her.


The StarFilledNightSky unit is an insomniac, and only sleeps a couple hours a night in a new place However as she becomes adjusted her sleeping schedule will turn into periodic short 10 minute naps a day at a time. She needs to eat at least twice a day, and will eat almost anything. However she loves ramen noodles, but she only allowed to have them twice a week, or whenever you need to bribe her to do something.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’ve had my unit for a couple days now, and I haven’t seen her sleep once. Is this something I should be concerned about?

A: See the key word there is seen. Your unit has probably been sleeping and your not aware of it. But the StarFilledNightSky unit is an insomniac and at first won’t sleep that much.

Q: It’s been ten hours and my unit still won’t get out of the box. I’ve tried the ramen and nothings working.

A: Give her sometime. She’ll come out when she wants too, and when she does it will be worth it. Just don’t try to force her out of the box. It could unlock the Angry mode.

Q: My unit it currently rocking back in the forth in the fetal position in a dark corner. What’s wrong?

A: It sounds like your unit is really stressed out. What have you had her doing that’s got her this way. You should really let her calm down or else she’s going to crack.

Q: My unit is bugging the crap out me, complaining that she is bored, what can I do?

A: Did you even read the manual? Just give her something to do, and she will exit the Bored mode.

Q: My unit refuses to wear shoes and socks when we leave the house. How do I get her to wear them?

A: The StarFilledNightSky unit hates shoes and socks and will not wear them under conditions. That is why she wears flip-flops. Forcing her to wear them, might cause her to enter the Depressed mode. However if its absolutely necessary for her to wear shoes, she will if you ask her nicely, with a bribe.

If you have anymore questions about your unit feel free to send a PM.


With proper care and treatment your StarFilledNightSky unit will live for many fun filled years to come. But if you get tired of this unit just tell her that the girl down the street just bought an Fai unit and she will be gone in a flash.

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