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Hey there. Gosh, I haven't really been on this site in about three years. Anyways, I'm sixteen, a junior in high school, and as you can see I used to be a major Percy Jackson fan. Right now, I'm not reading to much young adult lit anymore, but I will always love the PJO series. They are what got me into reading, writing, and the history of ancient cultures. I'm now hoping I can go to college and study anthropology. Believe it or not, Percy Jackson has played an embarrassingly big role in my life. Because of that I have decided to keep my pen name on here.

I just spent some time reading over some of the stories I published when I was fourteen. I've got to say, they're a little embarrassing to me now. So much has changed since then. Things about myself are different and I would like to think that my writing is much improved from what it used to be.

I was actually thinking of taking those stories down, just because they seemed a bit fangirlish. They show how young I am, and my inexperience. But I've decided to keep them up in honor of my eighth grade self. After all, I did put an effort into them! So go ahead and take a look if you want!

In the mean time, I'll keep reading and writing. I don't write fan fictions anymore. Everything I write is my own, so unfortunately I can't share it on here. Anybody know a good place that I could?



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Percy Jackson & The Olympians

The amazing survey!

Bow or Sword?


Favorite PJO character:

Percy Jackson

Favorite PJO pairing:


Gods or Titans?



Percy Jackson and the Olympians Survey

1. Which book from the series was your favorite? Why?
The Sea of Monsters, because it was set on a boat. I really liked that you got to see some of Percy's powers at sea in this one. This is when you really get to understanding the prophecy and what's awaiting Percy. Plus, there was a good chunk of the book that was mostly just Percy and Annabeth, and you know I can't resist this couple! This is before all of their love issues set in. Before things got complicated with Rachel, Luke, the hunters and all that jazz.

2. Which Olympian god/goddess is your favorite? Least favorite?
Favortie: Athena. Least Favorite: Hera

3. Which half-blood/mortal in the series is your favorite? Least favorite?
Favorite Half-Blood: Percy Jackson.

Least Favorite Half-Blood: Luke.

Favorite Mortal: Sally Jackson

Least Favorite Mortal: Rachel Elizabeth Dare

This or That-

Percabeth (Percy and Annabeth) or Lukabeth (Luke and Annabeth)?

Annabeth or Rachel?

Thalia or Luke?

Riptide or backbiter?

Wisdom or the Sea?
The sea

True or False (opinion based)



I have read one of the books in less than 4 hours.

I wish that when Annabeth kissed Percy that they weren't about to die and he would've kissed her back.
False about the first part (I think the fact that they were both about to die made it more romantic) and true about the second part.

I have written fanfiction for this series.
Yes. Three. Check them out!

You know you're obsessed with PJO when:

You sometimes catch yourself saying, "Oh my Gods!"

You find yourself quoting Chiron when giving advice to people.

The Percy Jackson books got you totally hooked on mythology, and you have read many other books on mythology, like Troy.

You have tried to figure out your fatal flaw.

You have read the series at least four times.

You write fanfiction about the characters.

You wish high school boys were really as sweet as Percy Jackson.

You have wondered if you are a half-blood.

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