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Author has written 4 stories for Naruto, and Code Geass.


NEW 4/4/09--Well, you see . . . I was writing my Suigetsu story, and then another story intervened, the jerk. It took me quite a while to decide which to finish first, but since my new idea will be significantly shorter than the Suigetsu one, and because I'm currently stuck in this stupid romance scene in the Suigetsu one, I have chosen to go with my new idea instead. Unfortunately all I have written is the Prologue since it took me so long to figure my brain out. Hopefully, however, I will write this with more zeal than anything else before, so it will be done faster! I apologize to anyone who actually looked forward to the Suigetsu one (which is probably no one). I hope my new one will make up for it.

3/13/09--Now that Selena (SpacePirateGirl) has looked over my Code Geass idea, I can post it. It was a quick break from my new multi-chaptered story, which though it is taking forever, I assure you, is on it's way. Once again, thank you for all the support on The Candle Light, my first fanfiction on this site, and I hope I can write with more improvement in the future, thanks to the reviews I received. So until next one-shot or the Suigetsu story, so long.

1/26/09--SpacePirateGirl has plaguerized my profile layout. Well, not perfectly (not a suprirse), but still you can definitely see the similarities. I guess it intruiged or impressed her. Whichever. -.- As for important matters, I finished posting The Candle Light, and am now focusing intently on the Suigetsu past one. You can scroll down to see details on that. Well, that's all. Thanks for reading.
1/24/09--Wow, people, my bad. I abandoned my account because school started cracking down on me. I am horribly sorry (but I am back now, for a time). I am about to update The Candle Light, thanks to o0XOmniousSilenceX0o's helpful reminder. Once again, I'm sorry, but I'm back for a while. Just don't expect too many updates or new stories, because currently I'm more involved in my own original work and homework, haha. Thanks for reading. Talk to you.
7/12/08--Oh!! I forgot to update AGAIN! At least, this time I'll post two chapters, so enjoy. Next week I'll try to post another one-shot . . . If I have time . . . One would think that during the summer I'd have more free time, but I guess not. Well, anyway I'm doing my best to answer all PMs, but I'm busy a lot so don't expect instant replies.
7/4/08--Happy Fourth of July!
6/27/08--. . . I guess I should probably say something now that it's been almost a week. Uh . . . Oh yeah! If anyone has any ideas on some pairings I could do for Naruto, please PM me. I love writing about random couples. And also please review my stories. Please, please, please! Thanks for those of you who have. I owe a ton to you guys.! Constructive criticism really would help so much, and I'd be so, so, so happy. I must improve my writing skill! Besides, I am 100 percent sure to review one of your stories if you give me some advice on one of my stories. And even if you just review, I still might review one of yours. So please and thank you! :-) Thanks for your time! Wow, I just made a long announcement . . . Oh well. Have a nice day.
6/21/08--Ooops!! I completely forgot yesterday was Friday! So sorry for not updating yesterday . . . I just totally forgot. Sorry . . .
6/13/08--Sorry I haven't been reviewing people's stuff. I've been busy completing my first fan-fiction because it wouldn't leave me alone. And now that it's finally done, I'll start posting it! Oh gosh, I'm so glad it's done. -.- I was ready to collapse. Seriously.
5/28/08--I added some new stuff to my profile, so feel free to read.
4/3/08--I just joined yesterday. I hope I can start reviewing a bunch of stories now that I'm registered.


Info On Me:

Hi, guys, I'm splasher. XD

My real name is unavailable for now, I'm a girl, and I'm obsessed with Naruto. I read the manga, watch Shippuden, and watch dub. . . . Anything to do with Naruto, you name, I do. ;) I like writing fan fiction, just as much as I liked reading it. So after hanging out on this site for a while, I decided to make an account, so I could review. Mostly, I just read and write in the fandom of Naruto. I probably won't be posting anything for a while because I prefer finishing a fan fiction before I show it to anyone. I'm writing a major fan fiction at the moment, and it probably won't be finished for a year. . . . Hehe.

By the way, I usually don't review unless I have a suggestion in improving the fan fiction that I want to say. Sometimes I'll review if a story particularly moves me (and it doesn't have to be a depressing type of moving. It can be humor-type moving, drama-type moving, whatever type of moving your fan fiction falls into).

Also, when I do manage to post something, please review! I'm not a review-whore or anything (I write solely for my own entertainment), but I do like to improve my writing skills. That's one of the reasons that I came here in the first place. Fan fiction is a great way to practice characterizations, plot structures, and grammatical stuff. So please review my stories when I post them! Thanks a ton!

If you need to contact me for any reason, I answer all PMs (eventually, at least). So feel free to send them.


How I Do Reviews:

Basically if I review your story even once, I'm reading it until it's done. Most of the time, I will review every single chapter if I can find something to be improved, but . . . I'm not very up-to-date when it comes to reviewing. I know for a fact that one fan-fiction has eight chapters, yet I've only reviewed three. I will eventually review every chapter of your fan-fiction if I have something to say; it simply takes me a while to gather my thoughts for a decent comment.

I just thought I would let everyone know that before I feel bad for not reviewing frequently!


What I'll Post this Friday:

Nothing for now, unfortunately. Though I'm really into this new anime called Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. I'm almost done watching that, so maybe I'll post something for that, too.


Stories I'm Planning on Writing:

As you are reading this, you will discover how much I love original characters. I feel that writing fan-fiction is giving a new aspect of the cannon universe, and in my opinion the easiest way to do that is to create one's own characters! Almost all of my fan-fictions will include original characters, or they will be very strange and different compared to the actual cannon universe. I doubt I will receive as many reviews as some other people, but, as long as I make myself happy, I will . . . well, I will be happy!

Anyway I don't really know the titles of any of these yet . . . It could take me days to brainstorm a good title after I'm finished writing them. But I list what they could be about.

-X- A Naruto fan-fiction on Suigetsu Hozuki's past. It will include several original characters and some romance as well. Basically it will be set from the time of Suigetsu graduating the Kirigakure academy to him being captured to Otagakure. If I do not get it posted before Kishimoto possibly writes about Suigetsu's real past, I will probably still post it anyway. Expect it to be very, very long. It covers a long amount of time, after all. This will have a third-person omniscient narrator.

-X- Another Naruto, multi-chaptered fan-fiction about an inside look at the Sound Village. This fan-fiction will be in first person, and the main character will be an original character. The story will be set from right before Sasuke arrives in Otogakure to about a month after. (posted)

-X- Several Naruto one-shots on random couples chosen by the luck of the draw (and yes, I really do pull them out of a hat). (I.e. Kabuto x Ino, Kiba x Sakura, Suigetsu x Tenten, ect.) I started a Kabuto x Ino one before realizing that these are very difficult to pull-off! I'm not sure if I'll actually post any of these because I don't feel satisfied with them.

I have several other ideas actually (including Anko's past with Orochimaru), yet I'm not completely sure if I will even write them, let alone post them.


Anyway, I thought maybe if I put up something like this, you'd get to know me a bit more:

Favorite Animes:
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R1 and R2,
Death Note,
Moribito: Guardian Spirit

Favorite Couples:
Code Geass: Lelouch x C.C, Suzaku x Euphemia (or Nunnally since Euphemia... yeah), Gino x Kallen, Ohgi x Viletta, Tohdoh x Chiba . . . Yeah, all the classics really.
Naruto: NaruSaku, SasuSaku, SasuKari, SasuTen, SuiKa, ShikaIno, KibaHina . . . Pretty much any couple though. These are just my favorites.
Bleach: Ichihime, Renji x Rukia . . . That's pretty much it.
Death Note, Air, Moribito: Guardian Spirit: I don't really have favorite couples in these.
InuYasha: Both Inuyasha x Kagume, and Inuyasha x Kikyo, depending on my mood, but Kagume most of the time, Miroku x Sango, Sesshomaru x that vampire lady (sorry, I seriously forget her name), and Kohaku x Rin (-squeals!!) . . . Yep.

Favorite Characters (not in any specific order)
Code Geass: (M) Lelouch, Gino, Jeremia, Tohdoh, and sometimes Suzaku. (F) C.C, sometimes Kallen . . . Man, I guess I don't really like the female population in this anime. Oh WAIT! Knight of Twelve, she's cool. And Marianne. And ocassionally Shirley.
Naruto: (M) SASUKE, KIBA, SUIGETSU! The ultimate trio! And Shika, of course, too. (F) Tenten, Shippuden Sakura, Karin, Ino . . .
Bleach: (M) RENJI. Yep. That's all. Oh wait, I kinda took a liking to Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra, too. (F) Orihime. The end. Wait, maybe Momoe, too. Can't decide.
InuYasha (I'm skipping the other 3): (M) SESSHOMARU! InuYasha. And I know I'm strange, but sometimes Naraku looks hott (not that I like him at all). (F) Kikyo, Sango, Rin.


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Scarred reviews
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Code Geass - Rated: T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,388 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 18 - Follows: 1 - Published: 4/13/2009 - C.C., Suzaku K. - Complete
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