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Hello everyone =D

Just a few details of me (:

My namee is: Jimena

I am: 15 years old

I am from: Veracruz Mexico (ooii here is SO HOT!x3 I love the weather rainy and cold ;D )

Favorite books: the TWILIGHT saga =D Harry Potter, Elsewhere, Nicola and the Viscount, The knight in rusty armour, Isabel Allende's trilogy (city of the beasts..etc), Captive Bride, Little Women,Waking the Princess, Romeo and Juliet,like water for chocolate, PS I love you, and I will soon read more good books (:

Favorite music: this may sound weird, but classical music is mostly my favorite. I like alternative too, Like my favorite band ... Panic!at the disco ! (: .. Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Mendelssohn, etc! but yeea Beethoven rocks!
Yiruma... he is so good! and a new British string quartet..eScala: AMAZING! four girls playing the electrical violin!!pretty, isn't it?

Interests:I lovee (literally) la belle epoch.. Idk if that's how you spell it.. but yea I love it.. Like 19OO? with waltzes and balls and long dresses, you know, not retro.. but antique.
Meeting new people! oh yeaa knowing about diferent places and POV's and all that.. (:

Activities: Football, Facebook, Flameenco, Fanfiction, (so many f's xD) and my favorite ones are : READING, LISTENING MUSIC, WRITING and DRAWING random things x)

Favorite Quotes from:
Twilight .. And so the lion fell in love with the lamb
New moon... Forbidden to remember.. terrified to forget.. That's a hard line to walk
Eclipse.. agh so many! : Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever.. every single day of forever... Will you marry me?
Harry Potter.. ooh hard.. hard.. IK! : NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH! xD teehee;)

and i dont know what else =D haha I study High School now I guess, 9th grade isn't it? well here it is 3rd of Secondary(=

PM me if you need something ;D

oh and there's a word I love.. want to know it? do you do you?! HAHA LOL i love it


Here is some random stuff i find here and there. xD

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pleaasee reead my story;D and review (:

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