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Hello everyone! My name's Nagia... Or rather, Naya as my name should be spelled according to its pronouncination.. . I am a 21 years old girl from Greece and I used to live in Athens... Recently I moved to Zante, where I study protection and preservation of cultural heritage, at university!

Well, I suppose that's enough for myself! :)

Oh! as you have probably already been able to understand, I r-e-a-l-l-y LOVE Final Fantasy (especially FF8)!

hope everyone will enjoy my stories... I really look forward to read your reviews... :)

'Till next time!


I really can't believe it's already been almost a year since I've last been active in here! I've so much catching up to do with old favorite stories, seriously! Well, I really don't know when I'll be able to start posting new chapters for my stories again, as I feel lik eI've lost my inspiration along with the recklesness of teen age, but I'm sure to be back, sice writing is an important part of me that I can't lose! _

P.S. Yep, I changed my pen-name for a third time, as I figured that the one I had was too long-and thus, troublesome to write for other authors, so I figured I'd make it a bit shorter! :)

Noone can predict the future, there are no guarantees

Yours sincerely, Nagia.


Wow! it's been way too long since I've last posted a note! xD Well, sorry for that... Unfortunately, I have a very busy schedule and I'm not good with organizing my time

Good news are that I'm on Summer vacation now and I'm trying my best to keep up with all my fave stories, as well as my own updates!
What that means...? It's simple! Chapter 4 of Angels Really Exist is almost ready to be published! I know it took me really long, but as I explained above, I really can't keep up with everything, along with university lessons, projects, exams, volunteering work and extra philosophy and psychology courses... And I don't want to give up any of it as all those things-no matter how tiring they might seem by the end of the day- make me really happy and feeling like I'm doing something useful with my life.

Oups, sorry! I started rambling.. heheh

I just wanted to apologise for not being around as much as I used to, but I haven't forgotten or gotten tired of fanfiction or the authors and the amazing stories they write and post! And of course, I haven't forgotten about the people who took the time to read and comment on my stories! I'm really grateful to each and every one of you guys! Thank you!

On another note, I deleted the characters bio from A.R.E. as, as I mention on the author's note at the end of the newest chapter that will soon be posted, I've lost most of my notes and ideas about the story, so, from now own, I just think of what to write, as I write it... I don't know if that makes any sense, but to put it simply, I kinda just improvise along the way. The main story won't get off course but some of the characters may change along the way, that's why the bio might seem a bit confusing-thus it's useless now.

That's all for now! :D


Hello everyone! Cristmass is coming and I have a great gift for those who've patiently been waiting for so long! Yeah, the third chapter of "Angels Really Exist" is ready to be published! I hope You'll all enjoy reading it!


everyone, I'm in the very sad posotion to announce that my laptop decided to die...:( so... I currently have no pc and no internet connection as well... that, unfortunately, means no updates for quite some time... :'(

I'm depressed!
I'm really sorry... I hope I'll be able to find a solution soon... 'Till then, I guess I'll just keep writing my ideas the old-fashioned way, pen and notebook!


Hi! I'm back again and with a new chapter finished and aleady updated for "Angels really exist"! YAY!
Writing this chapter was pretty painful, I must admit but I needed the distraction it provided me with.
So, I hope ya all enjoy it!


Hello everyone! I'm really sorry for not updating and reviewing for a long time, but I'm in my first year in university and as I've moved in just a few months ago, I still don't have access to internet. Please, be patient...

I'm even more sorry to admit that I hadn't have the time to write more due to many problems we've been facing with the university and our courses, so I'm in a constant movement.

I'll try to get back in working order soon!


First of all, I want to wish this year brings happiness and lots of inspiration for more great stories!

I've re-written and updated my story "Angels really exist" and Chapter 1 is ready and on it's way to be published!
So, at the first review, it will be up! :)


I want to say a big sorry to all my readers and my favorite authors for not logging in fanfiction for a pretty long time.

My computer broke down and unfortunately, all of my saved files are lost, that includes my stories... :(

I also need to catch up with lots of favorite stories... So I'll probably start reading most of them from the start to remember the plot, as I read many books during summer holidays and it's only so much my mind can take! xD

Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up soon and I'll start reviewing again...

P.S: Christmass are here soon, so I want to wish a big MERRY CHRISTMASS to everyone!
May the new year bring happyness to all of you creative souls out there! .



Firstly I wanna thanks every one who has read and review my stories (and also the people that just read without reviewing!) All of the reviews are amazing and give me lots of confidence and strength.

I'm really sorry I haven't updated yet the first chapter of my newest story (even though it's already finished in my notebook) I hope I'll be able to re-write it at my computer soon...

I must admit that I wasn't really in the mood for anything after the exams to get into university and now with my new job, I rarely have time for anything that I like. So, I'm really sorry.

Thanks everyone that have been waited patiently.


Hey everyone! .

At this period of my life, though stressed because of the upcoming final examinations to get into university, I'm really happy and inspired! So I'm back with a new story...

I know I haven't updated "past chasing after us" but I really have no idea where this story is going so I guess I won't update it for quite a long time...

I want to thank everyone who's reviewed my works so far and stuck up with me... I love all of my readers (I mean those who haven't reviewed as well!) And of course special thanks goes to my greatest inspiration... My Guardian Angel... Thanks to him I was inspired to start writing my newest story... Some of the facts described in the story are real but others are fictional... And the characters are a bit OCC because their personalities are based on people I know... but I tried to stay true to the main characteristics of the original heroes...

I hope you're all gonna like and enjoy it! Your reviews make me happy!


Merry Christmas everyone! :) And a HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of creativity and great inspiration! :)


First of all I want to thank Hoshi Hatake for reviewing "Past chasing after us".Because of that review along with my best friends pleadings, I'll try to start updating this story again during Christmas holidays... But unfortunately, I can't promise anything, because I have no idea of what to write... My head is full of ideas for this story but I'm not really pleased with none of them! But I think I'll be able to update again...! Anyway... Do you want a little spoiler?? OK then...! In the story General Caraway may seem OOC and as every story needs a "Bad guy" (you know, the whole Good versus Evil concept!) at first he may seem as the Bad guy! (But...You'll have to read to know what will happen next!! xD )

As for the new story I'm gonna write after finishing school, my song fic is something like a preview...! So if you've read my "where will you go Squall" songfic you'll know the plot! :)


I hope you all like my songfic! The song is one of my favorites by Evanescence. Whenever I hear this song the story just pops up in my head, so I had to write it! :) I really want to hear opinions, it's my first attempt on a songfic and the truth is that I was a bit afraid to write it (didn't think it would be good-but I'm quite pleased with the result!)


I know... long time no see... I'm sorry... I must admit that I was thinking of discontinue my current story "past chasing after us"... mostly because of the lack of interest and reviews but I changed my mind and I decided to at least try to make it a little better... So, at least I will be able to say that I'm not a total coward who runs away at the first difficulty! so, I'm in the pleasant state to inform you that chapter 3(b) is gonna be soon enough updated!

'Till next time!

I want to thank cerespallas for the review to "past chasing after us- chapter 2"... It was in great help!

(Just please, I want to remind everyone it's my first story ever! And it's quite difficult for me to write in English!! Sorry for the mistakes and I promise I'll try to write longer chapters next time! And to answer some questions, yes, I know that Rinoa's reaction to her father is a little extreme! I guess I was carried a little away by my own emotions for my father and I also wanted to put a little tense to the story... sorry!)

Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks for being honest! : )

That's for now! Thanks everyone and keep reviewing my work! More information in the next chapter!

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