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Author has written 13 stories for Inuyasha, Hikaru no Go, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

WoW. I'm amazed and thrilled that my stories from so long ago are still getting hits. I'm back to writing. Hooray. I'd forgotten how much I'd liked it. About a month ago I became a tad obsessed with an old anime called Hikaru no Go. The end result is going to be several stories set in that universe. There won't be any romance in them. The universe doesn't really lend itself to that. Its just I can't read some manga or anime without ideas coming up. Sometimes they just insist on being put on paper.

Major apologies to anyone reading this who is reading (or read) You Lose, Miko. I have done what I swore I'd never do, and dangled the fic for over 3/4 of a year with no finish. I'm very sorry. That should be done in less than a month.

I have always been interested in the ramifications of a person with a "secret" having that secret become publicly known to all the "normals" in their lives. It took me about a year to write "Outed" back and forth to work in my head for Kagome and Inuyasha until it finally came out of my head in the course of an evening. It was rather like Zeus splitting his head with the ax to let Athena out :-)

I've always really liked Inuyasha/YYHakusho crossovers since starting to read fanfic in 2005. In fact I learned about YYH through fanfic crossovers and now own every DVD. Funimation has no clue how much money they made from me reading fanfic. Lately I am tied to Hiei/Kagome pairings because they just really work, but I enjoy reading other Kagome pairings with YYH characters. I have a lengthy HeKa fic in the current contest at "TheDeadliestSins." It was actually a little rushed at the end, but it will be massaged a bit, expanded and posted in chapters. This will be my first CHAPTER FIC. I'm pretty enthused about that.

Japanese textiles are a hobby of mine and I have a number of kimono and haori. The quality of the silk, the dye jobs and the embroidery are just wonderful. Each one is handmade and unique. The haori are particular fun because you can wear them everywhere.

My favorite manga is Pet Shop of Horrors, although Fruits Basket runs a close second. The artwork in Pet Shop is beautiful, and each chapter is a wonderful little morality play on the human condition.

I will never be a hugely prolific writer, but hope people enjoy what I do write. I appreciate and thank every reviewer who takes the time to post a review of any of my fics.

A lot of people have asked about doing a second chapter to Outed. A couple of ideas came to me, but Outed as it stands is such an open and shut fic I hesitate to damage it with a second or third chapter that may not flow as well. As I finish and post the Heka fic, however, my plans are to finish at least one more chapter for Outed and also to write a story about Kurama being outed to Shiori. There are just so many ways for her to take the knowledge that her "son" is an amalgamation of who her son might have been and youko Kurama.

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Outplayed reviews
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Kagome's entire class finds out 'the sickly one' really isn't all that sick and that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Houjo, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
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