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Okay, now that I remembered HOW to get into my account..;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I can re-update as soon...trails I find my printed hard copies... and between packing to move for an apartment and everything, I couldn't find a hole in the ground if it was the size of the Grand Canyon and I just dug it myself moments before... -_-;; Anyway, hope to update before the 3 year mark!..slowly backs away, before making a run for it

You an artist? Know anyone who is? Got work you wanna share to the world, or someone's persuading you to, but nowhere to put it? Don't worry, same with me. I have a full fledged website dedicated to not only my artwork, but the artwork of my peers for final recognition by the masses. You have full copywrite, and all rights to the creation, as is a mutual honesty and loyalty among the artist's realm. Feel free to sign up and send a scanned version of the art of any type or media to me and we'll get it up for preview. Hopefully, I can give everyone their own page(s). For further interest, check out the site:

"Arctic Inferno"

Another role play soon to come for all wolf lovers, especially those into the anime "Wolf's Rain", soon to come is:

"Wolf-cat Wilderness of Aztalan"

Don't worry, there is plenty enough anime on the side for all you lovers out there!

Heya all!
Name's Kris, but I like people to call me Silver, though. I'm now an 19 year old, Mexican-American girl who's got a love for writing, dreaming, and expressing myself by means of art. Dnation to being legal... looks like I can't pick any more fights. Even more now, in the commemoration of a good friend, a "little brother" and someone who always made me smile and taught me more than just to write, but to live. My good friend Joshua Lee Williams of Chicago, the chance encounter of a meeting met online in June 16, 2002. May he soar for eternity. December 1986-February 2004.

I live in Nebraska, at the moment, and attend high school as a SENIOR! GO '05! I'm a band and honors student, and I take great pride in my work and education... even if I slack and procrastinate in the last area... ;;;; T_T!;;; Yeah, well... so what! I'm the fifth eldest in a family of seven brothers and sisters.

I first heard about this sight by a friend of mine who also publishes her stories here. She goes by Essencial Magic and she writes Harry Potter fanfics. I seriously recommend her if you do enjoy reading Harry Potter stories because she is a very good author.

Mobil Suit Gundam Wing is the Toonami show that has inspired my dreams, which in turn inspire my stories. Too bad they had to take it off the air These dreams only exist in my head, but I wanted to share them with others. I could never tell someone my dream, because then it just looses all of its fascination and excitement. Thus, I write. This is also so you can enjoy them as well as my close friends.

I also liked to watch other Toonami shows such as Sailor Moon, Reboot, DBZ, 08th MS Team, and Zoids, Wolf's Rain, Yami no Matsuei, Trigun, Inuyasha, Case Closed(Dectective Conan), Witch Hunter Robin, Gundam Seed, and have a boat-load of mangas in interest. They each caught my attention and fascinated me for some reason and I just kept watching them/reading them.(ahem= HOT BISHIES AND AWSOME CHARS WITH COOL PLOT LINES!) I'm easily fascinated.giggles

LIKES: (general)
reading fantasy books and stories,
quiet, peaceful places that you can go to to escape reality,
music, both playing and listening,
art: creating my own masterpieces,
hanging out with my friends,
bike riding,

LIKES: (story wise)
dramatic events that end up in miracles
stories that deal with the tests on friendships

DISLIKES: (general)
snobby people,
people who care nothing for others,
playing sports,
(I will play if I have to or feel in the mood and I do get very competative, but I prefer to watch them)
large crowds,
speaking in front of people,I was never too fond of being the center of attention
my annoying little sisters,

DISLIKES: (story wise)
someone who has absolutely no idea what they're writing
a story with no definate, or a poor plot

I hope all who read my stories and poems will enjoy them and review. I'm trying to help develope my skill that an English teacher of mine helped me to find. This skill was found when I joined the Power of the Pen team. I officially started off as an alternate for one of my teammates. If they couldn't make it to a contest, I would substitute and write for them. My writing improved and I was boosted up to an actual writer, not just an alternate. I did fairly well, and I wish I could do it again.

A couple of my stories that will be posted later are actually requests from a friend. He has this weird thing, but he likes my stories so he asked me to write a couple of them for him. I'll be sure to notify you of these stories, but the idea was his, he just had me develope it into a story. I added my own twist on them, so they are kind of mine. Please don't flame me if you don't like the way they end, this is a pre-warning. I will be sure to point them out. I don't do cross-overs. I just can't write them. Please read and enjoy, I look forward to all reviews and even e-mails to my inbox. Enjoy!

Injigoku: ~rolls eyes~ They think you're so innocent... ~evil snickers~

Silver: giggles They think so... have fun reading my tormenting stories... poor guys, never knew what hit 'em... looks to the now terrified Gundam five Hey boys... let's play...

Injigoku: ~smirks~ Oh, they like to run... I always loved a chase...

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Unexpected Help by Dream Keeper reviews
Not a lot I can say without giving away the plot.... But a mysterious kid shows up and warns the g-boys that Relena is being targeted by an assasin and it all snowballs together from there.... Okay, when you read it you'll get the picture.
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A short poetic 1st person story. Duo wakes one night, in pain, surrounded by nightmares and there is no escape.
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Heaven's Angel reviews
A revamp of what was, the guys find themselves up a river without a paddle until Trowa lets himself fall into capture to spare the others sometime. Now with an escape, enemys after his life, and an odd hostess, life as he knew it wasn't isn't as planned.
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A Diamond So Dark... reviews
Heero, Duo, and Quatre are enrolled in a private school. Trowa and Wufei decide to sit this school session out. A new organization is brewing. Can they escape capture and stop the new organization, or will the G-boys have more than just OZ and the Alli
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Sometimes, dreams made reality aren't best. Quatre's dreams may just predict the future, and a gruesome one at that. Can they stop it? Will they take it seriously? Or will the world and space lose its only protectors? Read and find out...
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Starting Anew: Heero's Journal reviews
A/U Up until the last part, which does get R if not X. To understand, please read Innocence Restored first. Heero's trying his new life living with Cathy to keep safe, being in the now child-like state. This is his journal...
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Innocence Restored reviews
Can be NC-17 at times or even R! Prewarning! Heero's been helped to escape from capture but can his friends truly help him? He's been changed, but for the better or worse? Can he manage a different life after the torment that no one can imagine OZ did
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Strength Of Friendship reviews
Is the strength of the Gundam Pilots friendship enough to save their fellow comrade and help him in his time of depression and need? Or will anger and frustrations tear the five friends apart?
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A Trowa POV. This one is about my favorite character, Trowa Barton, and how he's not the only one that who's ever felt the pain of being alone...
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Let Me Kiss Away Your Fears reviews
A short POV, it sounds like a Relena but this is actually from my best friend's point of view. Go Andi! Heero is her fav. character, a cute lil' POV for any who like Heero.
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