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For a very long time, I really didn't know what the hell to say on my profile page. Anyway, now that it seems ppl are reading and liking my story, which is probably the longest damned running fan fic here, I'm encouraged to share with you...just who the hell is this 'Lady to the Sheriff' person anyway?

I'm Donna from Toronto Canada. For 24 years I've been practicing as a L&D RN. This is where a lot of the medical knowledge comes in for some chapters in the story of Lady Nottingham's Secret, although, writing in 12th century terms is still very fresh and new, even for an experienced health practitioner. Found that out when I researched medical/surgical procedures in the 12th century! However, I've been a 'writer' a helluva lot longer than I've been a nurse. I've been thinking up stories in my head as long as I can remember, dabbling in works of unfinished fiction for years, and writing poetry since I was fifteen. Finally I decided I would get serious, and 'Lady Nottingham's Secret' is kind of like my trial run before I sit down and get serious about thinking about writing something good enough to publish. In the meantime, I've found great joy sharing my writing here, and reading other amazing stories here at ff, and even better than that, meeting people who share my love of writing.

I'm a huge Alan Rickman fan - in case some of you didn't notice. Anyway, the Sheriff of Nottingham was my favourite of all his portrayals besides Hans Gruber. Would love to do a Die Hard ff, but think I might have trouble with the German language bit. I'm also a big fan of Robin Hood BBC - and Richard Armitage - HELLO! I'm toying with the idea of doing something for that when I finally finish this story - something to do with Guy, but need some time to think on that. But, since there is a lot more stories, and damn good ones too I might add - written for RH BBC, perhaps I should stick to the character I know best (since I've seen the movie a few hundred times), who has very little written about him here at ff - AR's Sheriff of Nottingham. Luckily, there's a few of us giving him life. If you check out my favourites, you'll know what I mean. ;_)

To the readers who are following Lady Nottingham's Secret, I thank you for reading it, and for your feedback. I do apologize for the length of it, but I am going somewhere with all this. It's also difficult to cut the apron strings from this one, but I'm trying. (thus the reason I had to divide it into two stories).

For anyone confused about the homepage I've listed - well, when I'm not writing, I'm making videos and doing graphics. If you like Alan Rickman, Richard Armitage, or Harry Potter, and want to see examples of fanfic either cannon or AU done in videos, well hell - then you're going to the right place.

Authors Who Influence Me:

Margaret George (you think my ff is long? You outta read her books! But she is the QUEEN of historical fiction. If I can begin to match her, I've done alright.)

Phillipa Gregory

Lisa Appignanesi

Dan Brown

JK Rowling

Stephen King

Anne Rice

Ann Rule

Kathy Reiches

To the readers of Lady Nottingham's Secret, stay with me, it's gonna be a real fun ride. And, especially for the Alan Rickman/Sheriff of Nottingham fans...I have something new for you. I don't usually do this, b/c in all of my works, whether writing, graphic art, or video creating, I usually like to stay focused on one project before I go into another. I call it a Scorpio Thang. But now I think it's time I tried my hand at something new, especially to include more of the characters from Prince of Thieves. My first story is drawing to a close, and so it's indeed time. So now I've added a fic involving Lady Marian and the Sheriff. I know that there's more fans of the enigmatic Professor Severus Snape, but I'm enjoying transporting myself in my writing to the 12th century a little too much. That and the fact that I think I should read all of the books in order to do justice to JK Rowling's characters. So I do hope the Rickman fans will allow themselves to indulge along with me. ; _)


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