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Author has written 8 stories for Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Metroid, Bleach, and Pokémon.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in video game programming. As an artist, I have an inherent interest in writing stories. As inspiration for my own works, I often find myself dabbling in fan-fiction reading and writing. I have a few reuse characters that any fans I create will see crop up in nearly all of my stories. If anybody notices these characters, I'll write a brief biography on each of them as one-shots in their original universe of conception.

In general, I'm very picky about main characters and pairings. There will be common themes running across my works of fan-fiction, and this is my own, personal choice. I've also noticed that a lot of anime, manga, or video games make the main protagonists (or antagonists depending on the series) rather young. Based on time period or implied laws in the series, age doesn't make much difference. Some series however (coughNegimacough) require...some consideration for age.

I do have some work to show from school. Here you can see the Fallout 3 mod I worked on with in a group.

Unfortunately, I've been absent a rather long time. I have good reason, but I'm not going into too much detail. Needless to say, my mental state has not been quite up to writing. Anyway...

I've had a couple of deaths in the family. You can imagine distress right there. A friend also almost died in a car wreck. Yeah, distress has been a heavy theme for the past year. Beyond that, I flattened a deer with my car - neither my car nor the deer made it. Insurance also did not cover it, so I had to scrap the car and shop for a new one. I assure you, not fun. My father was injured and needed surgery to recover. Do you see where I'm going with this? Summer 2011 to Spring 2012 has been rough.

I do hope my fans continue to read. I will not let any story I have started publishing die. If I have chapters up, I will work to complete them! I hate taking long breaks, but mental state is very important to the whole process.

One more thing, I've started storyboarding an original work that I'll be publishing on Fiction Press. I'll throw up a link when I'm closer to releasing the prologue and, potentially, first chapter.

Because I figured my profile was boring, I thought I'd put in a few personal interests. I'll still keep a chapter-by-chapter update of each of my stories at the bottom, but I figure I'll mention a few anime, manga, and video games I like, what I'm watching, reading, or playing, and what pairings I like from them. Just skip to the next section if you don't want to read anything. I'm keeping things as close to alphabetical order as I can.
(If you'd like to see my opinion on a specific anime and/or manga, feel free to send me a PM/email. If you want a specific question answered on an already displayed anime and/or manga, PM/email your request!)

Aishiteru ze Baby
I think 'sweet as chocolate' is supposed to be a sort of insult in Japan, but this series is so tooth-achingly sweet you can't help but feel your heart go out to the characters! The pairing is so obvious I won't mention it, but they do make a sweet couple. Add in cute Yuzuyu, and you've got yourself a recipe for a loss of teeth! If you can't tell, the anime and manga are very heavy in the romance department, but I thought it was great. In fact, the make-out scene in my School Daze fanfiction was ripped off directly from this series. In any case, the anime and manga end very differently. I can't say I prefer either, however.

I've been watching the anime and reading the manga. Some early readers may remember that I mixed up a character name between Bleach and Naruto. For the most part, I like the characters from this series, and I like this series more than Naruto at the moment. I''ve decided on the Ichigo/Orihime pairing for a variety of reasons, but I'm not keen to some of the other pairings others have seen or built through fanfictions or blogs. The movies are good, and I actually have a hard time choosing between Memories of Nobody and Diamond Dust Rebellion. The filler arcs end up hurting the flow of the story, but it's difficult to move the anime along when the manga is moving at a snail's pace.

Blood: The Last Vampire and its prequel Blood puts and interesting twist on the vampire motif. Saya and Diva are twin sisters, and only either can only be killed by the blood of the other. As yet another interesting twist, either can only mate and produce viable offspring with the other's chevalier. Needless to say, this idea puts an interesting twist into the mix. It's interesting that one popular pairing is between Saya and her chevalier...because they do obviously love each other.

Eureka seveN
The story of Renten Thurston is and up and down tale about romance and kick-butt mecha. The interesting mix pulls itself off well, and it has a ton of pairings to toss around. Renten/Eureka make for both an interesting couple and powerful duo when piloting their Nirvash. It's fun to watch Eureka's evolution from a very dry girl to a very feminine girl concerned with her love interest's opinion and her own appearance. The anime and manga have a divergence point where the story becomes very different, so this series is fully worth both watching and reading.

Full Metal Alchemist
This series is made of awesome and win. I love Edward/Winry and Roy/Riza. The story is interesting, and the seven sins as the Homunculi make everything interesting. The only problem I really see is what happens to poor Rose in the original anime, but I suppose things end up working out. Well, the other major problem I see is separating Ed and Winry. The main reason I'm writing a fanfiction based on this series is the injustice I see done to this great anime couple. I try to keep the universe straight while dealing with the characters and their issues. My only real difficulty among cannon characters is Armstrong. I don't think I use boisterous characters very well, and he's among the few I like.
As a final say, Brotherhood was, in my humble opinion, a superior anime. It followed and tied-in with the anime directly. I really loved everything about it.

Moe Moe Kyun! That is all.

Last Exile
I know you've heard this one before, but bear with me. An orphan boy is living with a childhood friend (and later love interest) making mail deliveries with his aircraft or earning reputation in massive races. He gets pulled into a massive war after rescuing a young princess. It's full of old plots, but the story is so good you might forget.

Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha
The show was rather hilarious, and Vivio was such a woobie. Well, two woobie destroyers of worlds ended up in the same family because Nanoha adopted her... Arguably three if you support the yuri pairing. I ain't revealing what I prefer! Anyway, the magical girl genre is, in general, blown out of proportions by joining it with the mecha genre...without humongous mecha for the main characters to beat each other senseless in. Instead, the main characters, for all intents and purposes, are those mecha in itty-bitty packages! They even get the chance to beat up on some mecha through the course of StrikerS. Oh, and Vivio is kawaii!

Mahou Sensei Negima
The anime was too short! I cry! If I were forced to pick, Negi/Nodoka make the best couple. You just have to give them...a few...years. The series is highly entertaining, and it is far too beyond 'ecchi' to be considered decent. I digress, but has anybody noticed how much skirt-flipping goes on in this series? Still, it is hilarious, and the situations are just way too far fetched. I made myself want to watch again...

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Among comedies, this one is pulled in a surprisingly playful manner. Haruhi is the 'god' of the Melancholy universe, and her boredom creates massive ripples. It's a wonder anybody survives her mood swings...

In my opinion, the manga that have been created from the Metroid universe are great. Among games, the side-scrollers are the best, but Prime is among the scarce first-person shooters I can play (read: like). Samus Aran has always been among my favorite heroines, and she often inspires many of my female, original characters.

The great manga came to an abrupt and dissatisfying end. It had a very deep and intriguing story, and it thankfully lacked unnecessary battle. The last point, however, killed it. The romance plot was intriguing, but it looked like it was heading towards a harem. Though, the Mandrake girl is still just too cute!

A tale of the Minami family is a random slice of life following of three girls. All three are cute in their own right, and the romance plot does a good job of being somewhat background. Each of the girls ends up being in at least a love triangle. Haruka takes the cake with at least a love hexagon. Even with the complicated relationships, the manga and anime manage to balance it with their everyday lives. Though, the gender confused Touma (tomboy) and Makoto (crossdress, slight tomgirl) are hilarious. Admittedly, they aren't gender confused (Makoto has puppy love eyes for Chiaki, and Touma is best friends with Kana).

I've been disappointed by this series recently. Asuma didn't need to die, especially not as a simple plot device; he was an awesome character. The Sora arc was terrible, and Sora was terrible. Obviously, I like Naruto/Hinata. In fact, pretty much any other pairing using Naruto or Hinata disgusts me. Gai/Lee (they are character clones) disturb me, and I tend to strongly dislike them. If you are fans of theirs or don't like seeing them randomly attacked, don't read my fictions. That said, I tend to treat the characters I use to the best of my abilities to use them, no matter how much I may like or dislike them.

Outlaw Star
Gene, Melphina, Jim, Aisha, and Suzuka make for among the most interesting science fiction, space mercenaries ever imagined. I've got some ideas for a fanfiction on this one, and I've some general ideas outlined. I love Gene/Melphina, so I want to do them justice.

I like both Rockman and Rockman.EXE series. It's very hard to talk about robot pairings for a variety of reasons. One, I don't like pairing robots with humans. Two, Rock (Megaman or Mega) and Roll are supposed to be brother and sister, both built by Hikari-sensei (Dr. Light). On the otherhand, Rockman.EXE doesn't quite have this problem. While there is still a case in the Rock/Roll area, I can talk about Netto/Meiru very easily. Needless to say, that pairing is my favorite for Rockman.EXE. However, some may notice I have a fanfiction lined up for this series. Interestingly, the main character is actually an original character.

Rurouni Kenshin
Himura Kenshin is a hapless wanderer, or so he seems. In his adventures, he picks up such allies as Kaoru, Yahiko, Sanosuke, and Megami. The seeming motley crew run into random misadventures mixed in with some real skill fights. The best parts of the anime are when things get really heated up because Kenshin is fighting figures capable of standing toe-to-toe with him.

In a word, laugh-out-loud! Okay, I technically used three words, but Lina Inverse is deserving of your undivided attention. The series is hilarious. The series is a riot. If you haven't watched it yet, what are you waiting for?!

The Stars saga consists of Prologue: Birth, Crest of the Stars, and Banner of the Stars. It is a science fiction tale taking place in the distant future. It takes place some time after humanity created a slave race to serve its purposes, and this created race discovered self-awareness and fought for independence and freedom.

There are few Tales games I dislike, but my favorites are (in order) Phantasia, Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesparia. The pairs, in order, are Cless/Mint, Lloyd/Colette, Luke/Tear, and Yuri/Estelle. All these games have a very open ending, and I'm tempted to pick up pen and paper to each. However, as Lloyd/Colette is one of the most endearing couples I can think of, I'm making certain to at least try writing this one. It'll be my first (I've already got a base/prologue chapter outlined).

Majutsu no Index and Kagaku no Railgun are both excellent series within their own right. I prefer Railgun. As both are ongoing (manga) and I'm only up around Chapter 20 or so, I'm reserving a full review. I haven't even begun watching either anime, but I'm looking forward to it. Now, let's see if the yuri raep attempter ever learns not to mess with a Level 5 "onee-sama"...

Honestly, the endings to both the anime and manga were disappointing. The Tenchi solution does work and could have been pushed better, but I definitely prefer Rito/Haruna. Rito is a bit indecisive, but he never loses his feelings for Haruna despite Lala basically jumping into his life and declaring herself his wife. The word play for Trouble is certainly correct, as the many women in his life simply lead to misadventures. With Darkness out now, the manga (and TBR anime) is now officially not over! Though, they stepped up the 'ecchi' quite a bit. The story remains strong and entertaining.

The infamous phrase 'Love and Peace' was born in this series. Vash the Stampede is a laugh riot as he is pulled into misadventures by his lovely assistant, Meryl. Don't let her know I said that. She might try to kill me. Anyway, Nicholas D. Wolfwood is among my all-time favorite characters, and it's too bad he leaves Milly behind. His death, however, is carried out nicely and not like some random plot device. He dies a character with dignity. However, I'm also rooting for Meryl to see Vash again, so I'm crossing my fingers about sequel rumors I've heard.

Among science fiction anime, this one takes the cake for some original ideas. A colony ship meets a disaster where a council of eight, 'distinguished' people (seven men and a woman) decide to separate men and women on two, different planets. Needless to say, I don't want to live in this society. The idea of 'mating' is introduced fairly early in the series. On the men's world, men are born in factories, and their genes determine their role in society. On the women's world, a Foma and Ohma pair together to raise a child (don't kill me on the spellings, please - I'll look them up later...). Hibiki/Dita make for an interesting pairing, and I have my Third Stage fanfiction with a beginning draft outline.

Chaotic Century and Zero are the only series worth mentioning. Personally, I prefer Chaotic Century with Van and Fiona.

Now onto the writer's block! (bad joke...)

The stories I currently have in the works are... They are in alphabetical order by series name.

Bleach: Twilight of Mixing Time

Full Metal Alchemist: Fate, Alchemy, and Bridges

Metroid: What's a Name?
Does a Metroid even need a name? A little humor involving Samus Aran and Metroids.

Naruto: Memoirs of a Hokage
Minato and Kushina are two pranksters who just want to live life large. In a series of one shot fan fictions, they discover just what it means. The timeline is inconsistent, and some stories may occur before or after any previous story events. Our job is to confuse readers!

Naruto: School Daze
This arc has come to its conclusion. The Path We Walk continues the strange divergence. In School Daze, Sasuke declared Uchiha plans far more convoluted than they needed to be, and that included his. Naruto also discovered Hinata's feelings, and she learned of the Kyuubi. There is much more in store for Naruto and his friends as the journey continues...

Naruto: The Path We Walk

Rockman.EXE: TBA
...description to come...

Tales of Symphonia: TBA
...description to come...

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