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Currently, I am at a complete and total loss. I have no idea why the words won't come to me when I type, so I am furiously going over my outlines trying to make it work. This is really frustrating, because I can't write any fanfiction, even though I can write originals just fine. It angers me because I really, really, want to finish my stories for you guys.

In fact, any future stories will be completely finished before I post them. I really had the knack to write for awhile, and thought I could do it, but now- ugh.

However, below are my plans for my stories.

The Comfort of Persistence - Possibly Scrapped

I was really just writing this on a whim, and I've considered dropping it altogether and just leaving it on my hard drive until inspiration spikes. I just was never into this story to begin with, but I've been reading a lot of Sasu/Saku lately, so perhaps I'll be driven back to the board, but probably not with this story unless I turn it into a oneshot, threeshot, or fiveshot.

Ambiance of Disposition - Hiatus

Now, that isn't saying I won't be working on it, but rather that it is not my priority. It's just a collection of oneshots, so it's not like it's unfinished. I want to reach 100 chapters though, but Cruel Punishments comes first.

Cruel Punishments - Working On

This story I have a certain drive to finish. I have begun tweaking the chapters I have finished to help inspire me in my writing. I know exactly what I want to write I just can't get it down. Rewrites are going well though, so maybe once I finish tweaking the chapters I can fool myself into thinking I'm on the same chapter or something.

Which leads me to another thing, it's summary has nothing to do with the story. I mean, it will, don't get me wrong, but I need to come up with a more tantilizing summary. Anyway, my goal is to get this story finished by December. It's not that it's difficult for me to do a MWF update, I just have to have the inspiration.

Kingdom Come or Dire Atlas - Coming Soon?

This is another LMisa story I want to write, and it's killing me not to get to it, but Cruel Punishments comes first. Unfortuantely, there is now a story that has some of the same element as mine, and I have to carefully review my story to avoid any unintended plagirism anyway. I want to start uploading it by January though. It will be pretty serious, and I expect it to be 300,000 words. I don't intend to upload this one until I have the first 100,000 done, or am comfortable with writing to go ahead and release a few chapters. It'll have a bit more general air to it, but don't worry. The LMisa will be there.

Of course, I'm also in the midst of personal projects. That is not including my mad dash for financial aid and senior year crisis I have going on. Dear God, it's not even September. Did you know I have to take Physics and Pre-calculus? Not bad, but math is not my strong point. Oh lord, I can't even do long division. Well, I normally write really well overloaded, so perhaps around September I will have a bunch of chapters to upload for something.

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