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Yes, yes. We are, as you guessed, the same Nerys and Ssserpensssotia. :)

We just felt it was imperative to spoil the world rotten with our mindless creativity and created this account for the stories we are going to write together. Well, I didn't want our joined shit on my account and Serpie didn't want it on hers, so there you go...

Anno 2011, we multiplied! A third (or first?) S joined us: Da Amazing Serpent In Red. Apparently, she likes to fry her brain cells, too.

'Serpie, the Dark Lord is asking me what the beep is up with the LION!!'

"Yes, explain it now, foolish muggle," Lord Voldemort hisses quietly, twirling his yew wand around.

'I don't know, my Lord, SHE posted it,' Nerys says, pointing in the direction of Serpie's home.

A crack of Disapparation follows and Nerys is home alone again.

'WTF? Yo, Nerys! Stop whispering with our master behind my back! I've had enough Crucios as it is. Plus, what is wrong with the lion?? He's very sweet. He looks wild and crazy because he read a couple of stories on ff. AND he's Voldie's animagus form.'

Serpie moves to the North Pole.

Serpie made a test ... and scored Gryffindor as House number two. Muahahhahaa!! Now, we understand the LION! Serpie is a closet Gryff.

Nerys made a test ... and scored Gryffindor as House number two AS WELL!! With the same Gryff points amount. MUHAHAHAHA...I at least had more Ravenclaw points than you! Undercover Gryffinpuff!!

Now I'll go and think some cool dress up for Hermione. It's a very important thing for our Maryione...snickers...and sticks out a tongue at Nerys-poo...muhahahaha

"Pfftt... At least my Slytherin points were higher and my Hufflepuff skills lower." ;p Nerys questions the validity of the twelve questions sorting test and demands a thorough investigation.

Meanwhile, the Dark Lord paces to and fro in his scary, Dark Lord's Place. "I know where those silly women should be sorted into: St. Mungo's," he decides, hissing. "Not updated their other fics and wasting everybody's precious time with this idiocy. It's bad enough that - that... Jo individual pretended I lost. But now, I have to read that I wrote poetry on the Astronomy Tower!!" In his fury several pieces of furniture get blown away at once, while two cloaked figures meet in the corridor before the door to the Dark Lord's Chambers.

"Severus? Aren't you supposed to be dead?" Lucius Malfoy asks surprised.

"Just cause JKR wrote it, doesn't make it so, Lucius. But who knows ... it can always happen today," Snape says darkly and he nods toward the room that is being trashed on the inside.

The two Death Eaters remain standing outside in the hall, too afraid to enter. "We could come back later," Lucius suggest fearfully.

"Then, Nerys and Serpie could have written yet another chapter," Severus responds quietly, dreading the future of fanfic as we know it.

"We should kill those Muggles, before they get us all killed," Lucius mutters.

"Wonderful idea, Malfoy, wonderful. Let's go find them; now!

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