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Author has written 9 stories for Bleach. got in the way of writing, and I haven't really been on here in awhile. My intention had been to remove the Ichi-Ruki story where they were going after terrorists, but after seeing the response I've gotten about how it's offensive, I am debating on keeping it up. You will soon see my decision. All of the nasty defense of a stupid religion OVER the concern of how that religion inspired some horrific acts is APPALLING TO ME. And yes I said religion is stupid. Not only yours attention hogging islam. All of your mumbo jumbo is a waste of perfectly good life as far as I'm concerned. If I belonged to a religion that inspired such a HATEFUL act I'd get the FLICK out of that religion, ASAP. The fact that so many would rather defend a religion that condones HONOR KILLINGS, that considers women to be LESS than a man, that MURDERS over free speech when it's directed against their stupid prophet is nothing short of LUNACY to me.

FYI I'm set on that opinion. NO religion defender will change my mind. So go waste your time doing something else.

TO THE FANS of my writing:

Sorry about that, I just had to let it out since I get so mad when I remember 9.11 I remember it very clearly. I had a friend who was supposed to be at the WTC that day THANKFULLY she slept in and wasn't there. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

I don't know when I'll next write. I suppose it's when I find Kubo inspires me to. His writing IMO has gone downhill since I first fell in love with IchiRuki...I hope he is able to save face. Because even I find it sad-but I have to also catch up, I know I'm several chapters behind. I should catch up soon though so no worries. Maybe I'll even find some inspiration while I'm at it.

There could also be something else that might inspire me. Love. I wonder if that will be the case.

We shall soon find out.

to all my fans xoxoxo

to all the haters-middle finger or shoe in your face, whichever you find more offensive.

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