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Hey! You can call me Kayda.

I am going to race through the telling you about me part so try to keep up...;P

1.) I have a fiery passion for writing and about every kind of art form...EVER! Drawing, Acting, Writing, Dancing-when I am alone...tehe- and anything else I am leaving out...

2.) I like playing sports-playing not watching. My favs are soccer, swimming, fencing and skiing, oh Oh OH! and gymnastics-how many people do YOU know that can do back handsprings? huh? Huh? HUH? Ok, maybe more then I thought.

3.) And last, but like hell least, I am COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY ABSCESSED WITH VAMPIRES! (looks exasperated)

Most of my righting and ideas comes in bursts, they come from anywhere at anytime, hence the thousands of little post-its’ I have scattered around my house...some are good and demand my full attention till I right them all down. Some whined up being only long scenes. And some are too flipping good to ever put down! I am weak like that. Of course there are the few-HA! few...-that suck so hard they make my eyes bleed from reading them.

That’s all for now, keep an eye out for when I finally get around to posting some of the not crap stories of mine...



ps. check out lil.grudge.girl...SHES INSANE!! like me ;p. GO HER!