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hey, im jo schmoe... or higher hunter... but that name will change because i will never make up my mind on a pen name- unless it became emma berkley... hmm i like that name!

i don't write fan fictions but i read them all the time- i write my own stories. I'm not picky with grammar of spelling because mine can be pretty bad. i can be very politically incorrect but i try to be that way in good taste.

if you dont wanna read about me and didnt read the other things above: just skip down to my stories at the bottom of the page.

the first thing i notice about someone when meeting them is where their hands are and how they are standing (I'm a paranoid freak when it comes to being ready for an attack or fight, even with best friends)

i like most late 60s, 70s, and early 80s music: the Moody Blues (70s) Queen, VanHalen, Supertramp, Little Feat, pink floyd, led zeppelin, muse, dream theater, etc. i also like some christian stuff: the News Boys, Toby Mac, John Reuben, Switchfoot, DC talk, Skillet, red, superchick, etc.

i have a account and go by the name of Jo Schmoe there as well and i frequent the twilight as Jo schmoe-

i like all kinds of books except dry history books (unless its the Silmarilion by JRR Tolkien) or Shakespeare.

the Inheritance Cycle- Christopher Paolini

Twilight series and The Host, (i like the Host more)- Stephenie Meyer (it is not Meyers!)

the Seventh Tower series- Garth Nix

Keys to the Kingdom series- Garth Nix

the Abhorson trilogy- Garth Nix

Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit/the Silmarilion- J.R.R. Tolkien

the Talisman/Cell/the Stand/the dark tower series- Stephen King

Alex Rider Adventures/the Power of Five Gatekeepers series- Anthony Horowitz

Pendragon series- D. J. Machale the best book series i have read so far... though, Garth Nix is a close second place

i read the Harry Potter books but they did not amaze me- i only read fan fics of it and only if they are really interesting (lots of action and drama- no fluff)

i like action movies the most but i hold a pretty wide variety- bat man begins, dark knight lord of the rings, the bourn trilogy, charlie and the chocolate factory, Mr. and Mrs. smith, Napoleon dynamite, cloverfield, iron man.

Cillian Murphey rocks (he's an actor) and his first name is pronounced killian- lots of people dont know that- i didnt know that until recently

TV shows- robin hood BBC, stargate SG-1/Atlantis, ninja warrior, battlestar galactica, eurica,

feel free to PM me- if you are mean, ill ignore you (if im in a good mood) or I'll flame right back

i write stories- two of which are fast becoming big, out of control monsters... but i like it that way

this is where you would usually see a list of amazing fan fictions... i have none of those in fan fiction form- mine are all pretty much original and would not belong here :)

and that is me... minus personal details, ha ha.

there is this thing called "the game" i play it, my friends play it, even some of my enemy's play it, Colorado (yes, the state) plays it and i think everyone should play it. if you ever think about "the game" then you have to announce that you have lost the game by saying, "i have lost the game" if anyone around you knows about the game they will think of it when you make your announcement and thus, lose the game. go to ilostthegame . org (minus the spaces) it will give more details about the game and how to play it :)

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