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Hmm, what to say. I'm currently 22 years of age (as of 12-15-2004), and enjoy the finer things in , really though. I'm no author, as you can see I have no stories written (believe me, it's best this way). I'm very much into FFVII fandom, and will always be, unless they kill off Yuffie. Then you'll suddenly hear in the newsabout some crazed game fan who bombed the Square-Enix headquarters...

Oh yeah, if Tifa doesn't get Cloud in the end, I'll be extremely depressed. I love Aeris, but it's Cloti all the way.

BUT, enough of that. Here are my likes...

Video Games (RPG's in particular)

Anime (Tenchi Muyo, Kimagure Orange Road, Kare Kano, OnegaiTeacher/Onegai Twins)

Music: Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Video Game music, Anime music... among some other stuff, like someRock, Alternative, Classical,etc.)

My favorite characters are Yuffie (FFVII), Tifa (FFVII), Vincent (FFVII), Ryouko (Tenchi Muyo!), Mayuka (Tenchi Muyo! A Midsummer's Eve), Madoka (Kimagure Orange Road), and way too many others to think of.

I'm here on, because I wanna see more well-written Yuffentines, and that's basically it. I'm hoping for more chapters of 'Sink To The Bottom With You' (Hurry up Cat! Hope you're okay), and more FFVII fanfics from Guardian1, who has the best fics ever: 'Sunshine In Winter', and 'Much Ado About Yuffie', as well as the greatest Kingdom Hearts fic's I've seen.

Other than that, I just lurk, and hope to find more GOOD Yuffentines. People, please stop writing garbage. Write something with some substance, or at least something that's going to make us laugh. Take notes from authors like Guardian1 and Catalina. They have "Mad Skillz."

Ah, as for me writing... I'd like to write, seeing as I have some awesome ideas for fanfics, but I'm no writer, and don't want to clutter the market with even more craptastic fics. :) Maybe one day, I'll write a shortfic on a scene between Yuffie and Vincent, or something similar.

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