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Just wanted to say thanks for all my great reviews :) I wanted to finish this story and it pisses me off that I haven't updated in forever :( Just wanted to let you guys know...if you happen to look up my profile here, that I'm working on a story for my game now so all my free time will be dedicated to that. Maybe one day I"ll get my inspiration back for this fic...


Hellsing- ( I would have really loved to have seen some Alucard and Seras moments!) Favorite pairings- Alucard/Seras, Pip/Seras

Naruto ( I really want to see Sasuke return to the village and confess his undying love for Sakura...well I can dream right?) Favorite Pairings- Naruto/Hinata, Sasuke/Sakura, Neji/Tenten, Gaara/Hinata, Kakashi/Rin, Jairaya/Tsunade, Orochimaru/Anko, Shizune/Kabuto

Rurouni Kenshin ( Loved Shishio and Yumi, too bad that there are not too many fanfics for this couple, they are my favorite!) Favorite Pairings- Shishio/Yumi, Battousai/Karou

Fushigi Yuugi (Well the only couple I liked in this show was Nakago and Soi, it was just so sad, I mean Nakago carrying around Soi's dead body, I think that Nakago should have at least kissed Soi at the end though. Favorite Pairing- Nakago/Soi

Witch Hunter Robin-Love Amon :D

Blood-Haji is hot too :D


Phantom of the Opera-(Erik was such a tragic hero and I think that he deserved to find a woman who could really love him...which is why I hate Christine/Erik pairings! Favorite Pairings-Erik/Meg, Erik/New Character ( Someone other that Christine!)


Favorite Pairings- Hades/Persephone, Psyche/Cupid

Fairy Tales that I like-

Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella


Prince of Persia-Warrior Within- I loved this game! This was the first game that I played though so I missed the first one which sucks since now I do not have a PS2 and cannot play it until I get one ugh!

Prince of Persia-The Two Thrones- I loved the dark prince, too bad that he had to die though.

God of War- This was a very cool game the graphics and backgrounds are beautiful and since I love mythology it was the best game for me! Only thing I did not like which I am sure that the guys did, well at least my brothers did lol I am sure that you can guess it...that damn sex game!

God of War 2- I just loved it when Kratos ripped off that guys wings! Another great game, which I had my doubts since I loved the first one so much I didn't think that this one would measure up but it did! And the way that this one ended I am eagerly awaiting the next one. Oh yeah and lets not forget another sex game! Which ya know to be honest it is not the actual sex that gets me it is that there are two women! I would like to see Kratos with one woman throughout the game that he is romantically interested in but...what the hell am I saying? this is God of war after all! But still I would like that lol

Evil Dead- A Fistful of Boomstick- Oh man I loved this game! Well seeing as how I loved the movies, crazy as they are, I just knew that this one was going to be one of my favorites and lo and behold it was! I just loved Ash's smart ass comments all through the game it was just too funny! Lets see my favorite stage would have to be Civil War Dearborn though, since you get to time travel lol

Metal Gear Solid-Snake Eater- This is without a doubt my favorite game ever! Snake is such a cool character(oh yeah its actually Big Boss) anyway he is so cool. Now I know that these games are considered more movie than game but the story is just so good that I did not mind all that much. Ocelot is younger in this one and I really liked him even though he was a bad guy. I loved the romance going on between snake(big boss) and eva too, actually that is probably what made me like this game soo much lol! Oh yeah I totally loved the ending well one scene anyway lol

Shadow of the Collosus- This was a great adventure game! The music in this was truly beautiful. My biggest complaint though with this one was the ending...yeah I hated it! Can't really say though since it would give it away for anyone that wanted to play it...but I thought it sucked!

Tomb Raider-Anniversary-Loved everything about this one!

Tomb Raider-Angel of Darkness-Loved this one too, oh and I really wish that they would come out with a sequel to this one since it had a hot guy in it and you could tell that he was interested in Lara(you even get to play him in a stage or two) but unfortunately too many guys that play Tomb Raider hated the guy since it was not them I guess lol! So we will probably never see the sequel...dammit.

PS3 Games

Heavenly Sword- This was a really fun game, The funnest part for me was aiming the arrows with your controller, now aiming the cannon balls was another thing altogether lol I thought that it had a great storyline, but yeah the ending was not so great for me.

The Darkness- Pretty decent game, I loved the fact that the Darkness could actually talk to you throughout the game, and that the ending was easy. Only complaint would be all the f bombs though, and let me tell you that there is a bunch!

Uncharted-Drake's Fortune- Loved it! Music was great, storyline was great, oh and the graphics was awesome! I liked the guy who done Drake's voice I thought that he did a good job, oh yeah and I hear that he does the voice for the new prince in Prince of Persia 4( which I have not played yet!) I liked the Indiana Jones feel to this one.

Metal Gear Solid 4-Guns of the Patriots-Okay this has spoilers...sorry! This one was a big letdown for me, there I said it lol! Okay why was it such a letdown you might say? Well Snake and Meryl don't get together!! No instead she gets with the guy that shits all the time! Although the reason for him doing that was pretty good though. I don't know all through these games there has been a sense of romance and well in this one Snake did not get any! poor man I mean I really thought that he was going to find a cure or something that would make him young again but damn it! it did not happen, so I am pissed lol! Oh yeah and Eva dies!!

Bioshock- Did not like at all! I was disappointed with this one also I mean I was hearing everywhere that this was such a great game and all and well I hated it! I really did not know what the hell was going on at all and the main character never says anything, we don't even get to see his face! Well I did like that fact that it was a city under the water but that was about it, oh and the only way to get ammo basically was to hack the shit out of a ammo machine and it was so hard!

Tomb Raider-Underworld- I really liked the motorcycle stage it was very cool. Although I about crapped my pants in the underwater stages those damn sharks! The ending kinda sucked though I mean all through the game she is looking for her mom and when she does find her...well I was hoping for something else is all I'll say!

Dante's Inferno-Really cool game! Poor Dante...I felt sorry for him and then again..I didn't, Motherfucker cheated on his woman! lol He pays for it though so no worries lol

Well there you have it my likes and dislikes, If you take a look at some of my favorite stories you will find that I love lemons!! And yes I know that makes me such a bad person :D

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