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this is my profile... obviously

heh. hiii!!

I am really sorry to all those that follow my stories. it has been over 2 years since i last updated.. strangely ive still been writing but i havent been posting.
-- some sad news. some of you may have noticed that my DGM story 'Haunted' got removed from ffnet. bit violent. I am releasing a new fanfic this very night! It's a Naruto fanfiction which is an eventual Sasunaru with lovely touches of Kakairu. hopefully ill get around to updating some of our old favourites!

anyway! helloo!

well hi!

sorry ive disappeared off the face of the earth. yet again. i've no excuse of course. im just lazy and ive been getting back into drawing instead of writing, whoopsy-daisy. speaking of which for those that cared; my new deviantart ID, since i ditched edobsessedlover, is now 'maitreDe'. if you care enough to sneak a peek then click the link below:

you can expect updates shortly

love lucifer.

I'm Backkkkkkkk!!

wierdly enough i am actually still alive, not really sure what happened but hey. what the heck.

i dont think its all that likely that people read the profile thing-os but i'm just going to officially apologise to all the people that read anyone of my on-going fanfictions for my MIA (unofficial) status where i didnt warn, mention or inform anyone of my whereabouts. but alas i was not far i had merely locked my computer up so that i couldn't use it for about a month. trust me it felt a longer! DX

but i'm back now and with more liberty than a feral cat.. maybe... not quite. but yes updates will be occuring reasonably frequently now- YAY!!- but while i have the spot light i am just going to make mention of a few changes i will be making:

first of all 'new faces and fresh problems' will be put on hiatus for as long as it takes me to rewrite the whole goddam thing so that it is actually legible. all naruto fanfictions will be removed (once i get off my lazy arse and do it) to be rewritten also. but they are to come after everything else. my sincere apologies to anyone that cares. i wont remove new faces and fresh problems but instead i'll just replace the chapters, though i'm really getting sick of the title. any suggestions are most welcome! thanks very much and i'll see you guys round!


i have decided to let you know a ittle more about me... and yet not really

my name is:... sixpointzerotwotimestentothepoweroftwentythree.

... or: 6.02x10/\23

you got that?

oh and also i'm gonna start doing story requests muhahaha. naruto, dgm and harry potter. any pairings any style any story line, just send me a PM and i'll try my best. you can also request sequels. oh and if you like you tell me whether you would like your requested story to be a. one shot or b. series or you know whatever length really _ and i will note you. i dunno if this is already something that happens on but i thought it would be fun all the same

thanks and remember to sleep at night teehee love to youuuuuuuuuuus


yay! i mades an update!! --runs around in circles-- total crack though... sigh. tralalala ermmm.. i think i should lay off the drunken Allen for a while. which kinda sucks cause i wanted to make him drunk this friday... no spoilers or anything... XD meh im sure no one reads these anywho.. erm well thats pretty much it. kinda molto stressata con la scuola al moment. mi morta ora, per favore. its just school --shudders-- killing me softly with its work controlling my who life with its rules. killing me softly... with homeworrrrrk! righto its almost morning now now so i best do some homework... kidding i do do it.. sometimes cough! bye now!

read my stories! XD


ew, im at school right now. my friends are finishing off their assignments... but i did a crappy job of mine and finished early XD which probably wasn't a good idea, but i hate this subject anyway...

so i was thinking... with all this spare time on my hands... .cough. .cough. i thought i might give a little more... "about me" not that there's much to say actually... but um i think i already mentioned im a chocoholic so im just gonna reinforce that. i have 1 brother two half brothers and one half sister. ages 20, 17, 3 and 1. the 17 year old is my whole brother and yep... ok im bored already so bye now!

im back...?

ignore the post below ("im back") as i am obviously TOO slow in my updating -sigh-

back to school, back to school to that blasted place of white where i'm doomed to stay up all night, working working sleep i shant because time is of the essence and afford it i cant. my year at last and of last thank higher beings for their mercy may it be over soon. before my life is at noon. and i'll leave that hole and start anew, life begins its vicious cycle once more. but hopefully i'll keep my friends close by and make a new one or two.

on a brighter note i finally got a hair cut X3

oh and i don't think i've mentioned it on this profile... but i have another profile on, its a shared one because i'm doing colab work with my friend, fuzyhead21, so you can find us on albuspotter21... i think thats our name : oh well. anyway we're writing a story of Albus Potter if you want to check it out... i'll put a preview on this profile soon-ish... oh so an explaination on the colab shit..? yeah ok so what happens is i wrote the first chapter and sent it via email to my friend... and she writes the second chapter... but i don't know what she's planning. but its not crack and its not enirely random because we both have an idea of the main plot line which we have agreed on... its just all the little tid bits that will be 80 shock horror wtf. nah just kidding its all good... so yeah check us out it you feel up to it- its also a good chance to see our different writing styles... if you would like; she's written a story for twilight if you're a fan... its called "a murderous kind" molto intenso.

va bene, mille grazie per leggere, anche spero che sara' le mie storie e si diverte, per favore. grazie di nuova, arrivederci i miei amici. non so se ci sono ragazzi o sole ragazze ma sorrido.

XD eyes has a cuts manys hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...rarr XD


i'm sure most will have noticed as i have suddenly started to update (albeit slowly) again that i have indeed returned from my glorious trip XD

but that's not really what i wanted to talk about right now... what i wanted to do was inform everyone who may possibly in the very slightest maybe deep deep very deep down in their heart care that i have been placed on a strange kind of diet. if you read down im pretty sure i mentioned that i am a severe chocoholic and am also addicted to coffee. well i just want people to know that i havent eaten any chocoalte for almost three days straight! and the last time i did that i was replacing the missing chocolate with 4 coffees a day, but i'm not allowed any more than 1 coffee a day now. so if you please snaps for me XD im proud of myself i think this is a feat!



'tis not worldly or tree hugging, just about myself cause im self concieted in that way. well i hope not. enough rambling.

i realise now that for some time i have not been updating my stories very much, which is odd because; considering i am on holidays you would think that i would be typing like no tomorrow with all my free time. but alas this could not be. so firstly i would like to apologize to those who care about the fact they are unable to read my stories for the fact that the next chapter is yet to exist in the wonderful world of the wide web. before i lose you to rolling eyes; i would like to inform you readers, reviewers, favouriters and lots of other people that i love just for looking at my stories and sharing your opinions (im really grateful so thankyou so much for that!!) that i will not be able to write for a couple of weeks, maybe even a month. this is because this year a shall be having my first ever white christmas and the beloved home land of anime: JAPAN!! XD for this matter i will have no access to a computer due to the simple fact that i cannot afford a laptop. one day perhaps. but alas it shall be a most splendid christmas away from the sweltering heat of an australian summer, which i have grown up in and yet despise.

so merry christmas and a happy new year and i shall greet you all in the greatest year yet 2009!!

about me...

erm... i love ed, edward elric

im a chocoholic, my ambition in life is to own the entire chain of 'muzz buzz drive through coffee' just so that i can know all their secret recipes!

uhhh i have red hair. unnaturally. i have average height with average weight and average grades... im pretty much as average as you can get.

my age is not calculated in earth years. heh. im a vegetarian, and i eat a lot!

my favourite food is chocolate... but i also like mangoes. my favourite colour is orange, closely followed by lime green, and my favourite drink is a mocha frappe from 'Muzz Buzz' .one of the worst experiences of my life was when i went on camp and had to go 3 days without chocolate... i had terrible with drawal symptoms. my legs wouldnt stop shaking. (okay its not the worst experience of my life but you get me right?)

im very moody.

i like to draw, paint, sculpt, whatever... check me out on;

... if you're interested X3

im a little slow... takes me a while to get things. things like femallen, and mpreg, to me are just --shakes head-- but hey! whatever floats your boat i guess... im all for homo, but hets not too bad. especially naruhina. so cute. allenxlena on the other hand... but LavixLena suits me fine :) in fact i pretty much support that relationship. --if you dont want to read me rant on about relationships now scroll down-- nejinaru's cute sometimes, but sasunaru still sticks as the best in my opinion. though Gaaranaru is one of my favourites as well. but nothing beats some good old Yullen. i've ressurrected my friends love of yullen now. but not necessarily with my own stories but just by telling her about all my favourites XD. -moving on- laven's not too bad i suppose and tykallen is always nice- sometimes... but i unfortunaetly cant help but always make tyki the bad guy in my fics, and lucky is wicked too. yuxlavi, yuvi, whatever you wanna call it- i dont entirely disagree with but i dont really read much of it. i stick to the T rated stuff. sorry to some writers but the M rated stories scare me a little --shivers-- royed annoys me 'cause "ed is mine so back off mustang!!" same goes for winry! and the incestual edxal... dont even go there. sorry if i just offended some writers, its just... me and my brother are pretty close so that kinda thing is a little... awkward. ahem. and then fruits basket! sheesh! dont even get me started there! kyo and hatsuharu. go for it. but i have to say hatsuyuki rocks and yukixkyo... cute. but im a het supporter in that area and it's kyo tohru all the way. how boring i just follow the manga. sigh. back to fma i love royxrisa- cause thats the way it should be :P just like Yullen. once when i hadnt read the manga in a while.. cause it took so freakinglong to update --glares atcomputer-- and i was reading fanfiction... whatever, the usual. and then a new chapter came up Finally! and it was chapter... --checks for chapter-- chapter 170 yep yep and Kanda and Allen were on each others nerves worse than usual and in my mind i actually thought they were dating in the manga and i was like "noooes theyre going to break up!" but then i realised that it was the manga not a fanfiction. but thats how good you guys write!! i actually imagine im reading the manga as i read your stuff. praise to all fanfic authors /\ _ /\

just so you know most of what i just said is bulls!?t i just really felt like ranting /\ _ /\ i did, but the praise bit was true and therefore confusing the manga with fanfiction, was unfortunately also true... how embarrassing

oh yeah... im a girl! heh, and i am also a part time waitress, as well as high school student. i love my work and i hate school.

anyway peace out /\ _ /\

... i still feel like ranting

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